Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Sissy's Permanent Reminders to be Obedient

When I get a custom order for a Sissy, the buyers often specify that they want really huge boobs on their new Sissy.  Well, the customer is always right and if that's what they want, then that's what they get.

But unless I'm working on such a custom order, I typically go for a more subtle, slimmer look.  I think a smaller bust can make the Sissy appear younger and more delicate.

But sometimes I get a Sissy that is really hard for me to break.   And nothing makes me angrier than an uncooperative Sissy who insists on fighting his transformation.  Well, when I get one of these, I always get the last laugh.

For these little bitches. I sometimes make an exception and "reward" them with simply rediculously huge tits!

Sissy Lacey was a particularly difficult case.  Throughout his captivity, he kept insisting that he was a boy and that he would never let me transform him into a sexy little Sissy sex toy.  Wrong!

It took a while, but after enough beatings and massive doses of hormones, Sissy Lacey eventually succumbed to his fate as a feminized Sissy faggot.  But first, I had the doctors give him a pair of simply massive boobs. 

You should have seen the little Sissy bitch's face when he awoke from surgery and saw what I had done to him.  Priceless!

So now, this bad little Sissy has a permanent and very visible (and very uncomfortable!) reminder that Sissies MUST obey their superiors at all times. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mother's Sissy Creation

Ever since Mother caught me dressing in her undies, she has been forcing me to dress up and act girlish every day after school -- and all through the weekends.  I am no longer permitted to spend time with my friends -- all of my time is spent with Mother.  She has been training me to act and move and talk like a girl.  She is making me grow my hair and my finger nails very long and she had my ears pierced.  She even plucked my eye brows to look pretty.  Even though I dress like a boy at school, I am mercilessly teased and bullied by the other kids who can see how girlish I am becoming.  The other boys call names like "Sissy" and "Faggot."

Yesterday, Mother announced that I was ready to "go public."  I didn't know what that meant -- but I soon found out.  After school, Mother worked on my hair and make-up for a couple of hours until she was satisfied that it was perfect.  Then she zipped me into bright blue halter dress that she had bought for me.  The dress was very silky and slinky and sexy.  She doused me with perfume and put some of her fancy jewelry on me.  Once I was all dolled up, Mother handed me a little clutch purse and ordered me into the car.  We drove downtown to a fancy French restaurant where we ate dinner.  I was so nervous.  I could tell people were staring at me -- especially the men in the restaurant.  Mother ordered a Cosmopolitan for me to drink to help me calm down.  Throughout the evening, Mother whispered instructions whenever I did something that was less than lady-like perfection.  I survived the experience and we drove home.

Today, when I got home from school, Mother told me that we were going back to the same restaurant.  The whole process of getting me ready started over again. Hours were spent on my hair and make-up.  Then she squeezed me into strapless black cocktail dress.  It was so tight I could barely breathe.  Worst of all, I felt practically naked.  Dressed like this I was certain to attract even more unwanted stares from the men at the restaurant. 

As we pulled up to the restaurant, Mother said, "Oh, and one more thing.  Tonight you'll be having dinner with a man named Mike Carson.  He's a 45 year-old businessman who is really into 18 year-old girls -- like you, or so he thinks!  That's right, Sissy -- tonight you're going on your first date with a MAN!  I'll be at the next table watching everything, so you had better behave perfectly.  And don't forget, Sissy, after paying for an expensive dinner, a man expects a little action from his date -- and you had better not disappoint!' 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sissy Gets Ready for his Master

The Sissy heard his Master open the front door and enter the home.  "Oh dear," the Sissy thought to himself.  "My Master is home early and I'm not at all prepared for him."

The Sissy quickly ripped the flowery dress he had been wearing off his delicate frame.  He ran to the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of "Feminine Lubricant" and leapt into the bed.  He tore off his little lacy panties and rammed the tube of lubricant into his "Sissy Pussy."  He gave the tube a hard squeeze and he gasped as he forced half of the tube's icy cold lube up his "pussy."

Lubricated, the obedient Sissy positioned himself as instructed on the bed just as his Master entered the bedroom.

"Well, look at you," the Master said with great satisfaction.  It looks like you've been waiting for me and my cock all day.  Is that true?"

"Oh yes, Master, yes," the Sissy panted in reply, as he was trained.  The Sissy felt a wave of relief, having narrowly avoided a severe beating for not being ready for Master's return home.

The Master approached the bed.  He rubbed his sexy Sissy's soft bottom, and then gave it a stinging slap.  He laughed at the pain he inflicted on his Sissy.  He unzipped and lowered his pants.  His huge cock sprang out and he mounted his defenseless little Sissy love doll...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sissy's Night Out

I am a life-long crossdresser.  I had thought that I was so lucky to have a supportive and understanding wife.  Every Saturday night, my wife and I go out to restaurants and dance clubs as two girls.  After years of practice and lots of help from my wife, I have become completely passable as a woman.  It is so exciting being out in public as "girlfirends" with my wife. 

But tonight, as I was finishing my make-up for our "ladies" night on the town, my wife announced a change of plans.  Tonight we weren't just going out as two girlfriends, as usual.  Tonight, we were going out on a DOUBLE DATE! 

At first I just laughed, but then, to my horror, I realized that she was completely serious.  She had everything all arranged.  Her date was a handsome and successful plastic surgeon that she knew -- it was the same doctor that did her boob job last year!  For me, my wife informed me, she had found (on the internet, of course) a "big and muscular" truck driver that was totally into Sissies like me.  We were first going to have dinner at the French restaurant by the river, and then dancing at the club at the Hyatt. 

Then my wife dangled two Hyatt hotel keys in front of me.  Oh my God!  She had reserved two hotel rooms.  "That's right, Sissy," my wife sneered.  "Tonight we are both going to spend the night with our 'boyfriends.'  Since it's a first date for you, that makes you a slut!" she said with a big laugh.  "Of course, I've been sleeping with my boyfriend for months -- but I guess you didn't know that."

I was in shock and I was terrified.  Tears started to well up in my eyes -- both from the news that my wife had been sleeping with another man and from the fact that I was being forced into a weird sexual encounter with another man.

"Oh don't look so sad!  We'll have a great time.  You'll just LOVE being out with a big strong man.  Now put a smile back on your face and finish doing your make-up right this minute!" she commanded.  "Mmmm, yes that's nice.  Use lots of lip gloss.  That pretty mouth of yours is going to get a lot of use tonight!"

"Now hurry up and grab your purse.  Our boyfriends are waiting for us downstairs.  Let's go, Sissy!"

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sissy Trainer Answers Your Questions #3

Here is a problem that another Sissy Trainer recently asked me about:

"I am not ready to let my Sissy go full-time.  I want him to continue working at his job because I still want to get his pay checks.  But if I let his hair grow long and sexy, I'm afraid that he'll lose his job.  What should I do?"

Well, obviously wigs are always an option.  And the newest wigs can look very pretty and very natural.  But I try to avoid wigs whenever possible.

In many cases, your Sissy can look sweet and femme, even with short hair.  Here's a photo of a Sissy with short hair that I feminized a couple of years ago.  Isn't he darling!  In fact, this little Sissy wanted desparately to grow his hair out long, but I wouldn't let him.  I told this little Sissy that he wouldn't be allowed to grow his hair long until he learned to Deep Throat my boyfriend's enormous cock without gagging.  Remember Sissy Trainers -- you can always find new and fun ways to punish your little Sissy bitch!

Keep trying, little Sissy Faggot.  Maybe someday you will learn to give a blow job properly and I'll let you grow your hair out long and pretty.  Practice makes perfect, Sissy!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Sweet Sissy Nest

While some Sissy Trainers I know prefer to work with just one Sissy at a time, I prefer to train mine in groups of two or three.

I find that in groups, forcibly transformed Sissies form an odd and powerful dependence on one another.  A weird bond is forged among Sissies as their masculinity and ability to think for themselves is stripped away, replaced with fear, uncertainty, obedience and confusion.  My Sissies cling to each other like sweet little Sissy Sisters.

I force my Sissies-in-Training to do everything together -- eat, dress, bathe, accept punishment -- everything.  Here is a photo of my latest crop of Sissies-in-Training snuggled up close for their afternoon nap.  The twin bed that the three of them share becomes a cozy Sissy nest.  Isn't that sweet!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sissy Dream becomes a Nightmare

I had thought that my wildest dreams had come true. But in reality, my life had become a horrible nightmare.

At first my lovely wife had been so supportive and accepting of my crossdressing. She encouraged me to dress often and helped me to perfect my feminine appearance. She pushed me to take my crossdressing "to the next level." It was so exciting! I let my blonde hair grow long and even started on hormones. Eventually, I quit my job and start living as my dark and exotic wife's fulltime "girlfriend."

For my birthday, my wife gave me the most incredible gift ever -- she arranged for me to get breast implants and facial surgery. Wow! She said that loved me so much and that she wanted me to become sexy and beautiful for her. I scheduled the surgery as quickly as I could. And I was delighted with the results -- the doctors carved me into a pretty little blonde sex kitten. I was so excited about returning home to be my wife's perfectly feminized Sissy girlfriend.

But when I returned home, I discovered that Matt Johnson, my wife's old boyfriend, had moved into our house!  My wife declared that from now on, she and I were no longer married to each other -- now we were both "married" to Matt.  My wife explained the new rules that would govern the rest of my life:  I was to be completely obedient to Matt (who I had to call "Sir" or "Master Johnson"), and serve him in any and all ways.  Matt was a powerfully built man, with an insatiable sex drive and an enormous cock.  Every night and every morning, Master Johnson brutally fucks my ass or my face, while my wife torments and gropes me.  And then I have endure watching in silence as he fucks my wife. 

I am trapped in a never ending Sissy nightmare.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Scared Swimsuit Sissy

"Don't look so sad and worried, Sissy!" my Mistress said to me.  "You look lovely!"

I tentatively emerged from the bedroom wearing the tight and sexy swimsuit my Mistress had purchased for me.  I had never been outside in public in anything so skimpy and revealing.  I was scared to death to leave the safety of our hotel room.

"All those hunky men sitting around the pool will go absolutely crazy when they see you parading around the pool area looking like that!" Mistress said with delight. 

I was horrified by the image Mistress painted.  Mistress had chosen a hotel that was packed with men attending the big convention in town this week.  The pool would undoubtably be crowded with rowdy, horny men, just like Mistress said.

"Maybe if you're lucky, some beefy stud will offer to rub sun tan lotion on you.  Now hurry up and grab your towel and put on your sandals.  I don't want to keep all those hot men waiting!"

Monday, November 15, 2010

Graduating Sissies

It was Graduation Day at the Sissy Academy!

After nine months of intensive behavior and body modifications and training at the Academy, the six Sissies had been fully transformed.

None of the Sissies had "enrolled" in the Academy voluntarily.  Three were deposited at the Academy by vengeful wives, one by  an angry stepmother, and two had been runaway teenage boys kidnapped from the bus station.

The training and transformation process had been brutal and relentless.   Any resisitance or display of masculine behaviour was swiftly and harshly punished.  Extensive plastic surgery was performed and hormones administered against their will.  Perfection was required in all classes at the Academy, from hair and make-up, to ballet, to housekeeping, to "techniques for pleasing your man sexually."

After nine months at the Academy, the poor Sissies were deeply confused and disoriented.  Despite their resistance to the training, all of the Sissies felt a unsettling sense of pride for having satisfied their trainers and graduating.  They all smiled as they posed for the group photo following the awarding of diplomas.

And of course, all of the Sissies were looking forward to going home -- or at least being free again.  Silly Sissies!  That wasn't going to happen.

At 6:30, the post-Graduation cocktail party would begin.  What the Sissies didn't know was that at 7:30, the Sissy Auction would begin.  And by 9:00, all of the Sissies will have been sold to their new Masters and whisked away to their new homes and new lives.  For a lucky few, a life as a Sissy housewife might await.  But for most, a life of servitude and humiliation awaits, serving their new Masters as Sissy slaves, Sissy maids and Sissy whores.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Frightened Sissy

Poor, frightened Sissy Vicky.

His Master had just returned home and Sissy Vicky knew that he had been drinking heavily.  And when Master was drunk, he always got very rough with his little Sissy. 

Sissy Vicky greeted his Master at the door as he had been trained.  His drunk Master tore the dress off of his Sissy and started slapping the little Sissy around for no reason.  Then Master started to loosen his belt to use it on Vicky.  When Vicky saw this, he started to run.  Racing through the house, wearing just his bra and panties and his high heeled sandals, Sissy Vicky looked for someplace to hide.

Vicky hid in the guest room shower, hoping that his Master wouldn't find him there.  With some luck, his drunk Master would pass out before finding where his Sissy was hiding.

Just then, the Master kicked open the locked bathroom door.  "A Sissy NEVER runs away from his Master," he roared.  "Now I am VERY angry with you!"

Sissy Vicky started to sob, knowing that his enraged Master was going to beat him mercilessly.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Sissy Plaything

How did this happen to me?

It all started out innocently enough.  I visited a "tranformation/make-over" service called Jessica's Salon I found on Craig's List.  It was wonderful!  I had been a crossdresser for several years but was never satisified by how I looked. But after visiting Jessica, everything changed.  She could really make me look beautiful.

I started going about once a month -- and then twice a month.  Then Jessica told me that I should start coming twice a week -- for free!  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  So I started visiting twice a week.  But after a couple of months, I started to notice some changes in my body.  My skin was becoming softer and my chest and hips started to get rounder, fuller.

Just as I was starting to get worried about these changes, Jessica announced that since this "Preliminary Feminization" had gone so well that I was about to undergo "Extreme Feminization."  I told her that I was uncomfortable with the changes to my body and that I wanted to stop.  She just laughed.  "Oh, but you can't stop!" she said.  "I have big plans for you!"

Her big plans included keeping me drugged and chained for nine months while I was subjected to massive hormones and forced comestic surgery.  I was beaten into assuming the role of a submissive Sissy plaything for horny men.  I was given enormous breasts and was forced to prance around in nothing but sexy underwear.

Six weeks ago, Jessica sold me to Mister Philip.  Mister Philip is a successful hedge fund manager who can afford anything and what he wanted more than anything was a Sissy sex toy.  He is such a pervert.  He is turned on by the knowledge that I am not only trapped as his possession and prisoner, but that I am also trapped in a woman's body and in the role of his girlish love toy. 

And so a now live as Mister Philip's sexy plaything, catering to his every sexual desire.  He owns and controls every aspect of my being.  And there is no hope of escape...ever.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sissy Inspection

Before taking final delivery of his newest Sissy, Mr. James gave it a thorough inspection.  He unbuttoned the Sissy's blouse and squeezed and played with the Sissy's enormous breasts.

"Mmmm, that's nice," Mr. James said, enjoying the weight of the Sissy's boobs in his hands.  "So soft..." 

The Sissy sat there -- obedient, passive and still -- just as he had been trained, while his prospective new owner fondled and groped him.

Mr. James pulled aside the Sissy's lacy bra to expose one of his big pink nipples.   Mr. James put the Sissy's nipple into his mouth and started sucking on it.  The Sissy started moaning with pleasure at this as he had been instructed.

Mr. James smiled at this and said, "Oh my, aren't you a dirty little Sissy whore!"

The Sissy said nothing and stared at the ground, suffering from both the humiliating sting and the undeniable truth of what Mr. James had just said to him.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dressing for Sissy Success

 It's a very exciting moment when your Sissy is ready to be sent off for his first day of work.  I have made arrangements with a few local businesses to hire my Sissies as receptionists and secretaries. 

I have a wonderful arrangement with these local businesses.  For $3.00 per hour (paid directly to me of course) they get the services of a meek and eager-to-please Sissy.  I ensure that all my Sissies are well trained and so it is a real bargain for the employer.  And of course, if the boss wants some "extra service" from his newest employee, well that's fine with me.  I don't care if my Sissies spend half their day on their knees under the boss's desk with a big cock in their mouth.  As far as I'm concerned,  the boss is always right!

The only condition I place on the employers is that I insist that everyone in the workplace know exactly who and what my Sissies.  Sure, many of my Sissies could pass as just another genuinely female bimbo -- but that's not what I want.  I want everyone to know -- from the other girls in the office, to the big hunks on the loading docks, to the salesman that visit the office -- that the sweet little thing serving them is a Sissy.

When it's time to send your Sissy off to work, I think choosing the right wardrobe is terribly important.  Your Sissy's outfit needs to scream femininity.  It needs to be sexy and impractical.  It needs to show off your Sissy's new curves and as much cleavage as possible.  It also needs to be something no genuine woman would wear to the office.  In fact, I try to dress my Sissies in a way that infuriates and insults the other women in the office, making the Sissies' life just as uncomfortable as possible.

Dressed this way, there is no way that your Sissy's life won't start to get complicated.  Some man is going to start hitting on your Sissy -- maybe a Salesman visiting the office, maybe one of the janitors -- who cares.  And my Sissies are trained to never --  never ever -- say no to the advances of a man.

So here are a few of the outfits I have picked out for my working Sissies recently.  It can be so much fun to dress up your little working Sissy like this and then enjoy the show!

A Sissy and his Sister

Sissy Sandra sat on the beach with his twin sister Emily.

"Say Cheese, Sandra!" Emily's husband Mark called.  Sissy Sandra turned toward the camera as Mark snapped another picture.

Poor little Sissy Sandra.  He was a pathetic, quivering shell of a person.  Fortunately his sister Emily took good care of him.

Their parents died when they were little children and they were sent to live with their Aunt Jenny.  Aunt Jenny had some serious issues with men and didn't like the idea of having a boy in the house.  So she decided that her little nephew Sammy would become her neice Sandra.  From that moment on, Sissy Sandra's life became a bizarre nightmare.

Aunt Jenny decided that Sandra should emulate his sister Emily in every way.  Sandra was not permitted to have wants or ideas of his own.  When Emily wanted Barbie dolls for Christmas, they both got Barbie dolls.  When Emily wanted to take ballet lessons, they both took ballet.  When Emily wanted to get her nails done, they were both taken to the salon for manicures.  Whatever outfit Emily put on in the morning, Sandra would have to put on his matching outfit.  Sissy Sandra was raised as a girl, a copy of his sister, in every way.

And of course, when Emily entered puberty, Aunt Jenny arranged for hormones for Sissy Sandra.  And before sending her twin "neices" off to a women's college in New England, Sissy Sandra underwent facial surgery and had breast implants to better match his beautiful, sexy sister.

Raised in this way, Sissy Sandra had no personality of his own.  He knew no existance other than to be exactly like his lovely sister.  After years of living in fear of the severe punishments he would receive if he didn't look, act, sound and even think like his sister, poor Sissy Sandra didn't know any other way to live. 

And so, Sissy Sandra lived with his sister and her husband.  Emily was very kind and gentle with her Sissy brother, helping him to be as feminine and beautiful as she was herself.  Poor Sissy Sandra could only feel peace and contentment by knowing he was almost identical to his exquisite sister.

But what sister Emily didn't know was that her husband Mark was taking advantage of this situation.  He had convinced Sissy Sandra that whenever Emily was away, then Sissy Sandra had to become Mark's "wife".  It made perfect sense, Mark explained.  To be like his sister, Sissy Sandra had to do EVERYTHING his sister did.  And so, whever Emily left for an hour or a day or a week, Sissy Sandra would be ordered into the Master bedroom to be Mark's surrogate "wife", doing all sorts of nasty things that Mark could never ask his wife Emily to do.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sissy's DisneyWorld Vacation -- Part 3

Stepmother and I awoke early and drove to the Magic Kingdom.  My visit to the other parks had been...unusual.  In the end,  I guess I had fun -- even though Stepmother made me go dressed as a girl.  I had dreamed of visiting DisneyWorld all my life and so far it was even better than I had imagined.  And Stepmother had never been nicer to me than she had been over the past couple of days.  But today we were going to the Magic Kingdom -- the very heart of DisneyWorld.  Stepmother had me dressed as a girl again.  I was wearing the black tank top and capri pants that I had worn to Epcot.  At least I wasn't wearing the flowered sundress she made me wear yesterday!

As we approached the Magic Kingdom we drove past a giant banner that read "Happy Halloween!  Disney Costume Contest at 3:30 and Parade at 4:00!"  I had forgotten that today was Halloween.

Stepmother drove past the entrance to the Magic Kingdom parking lot and drove up to one of the big hotels at DisneyWorld .  We parked and went into the hotel.  I kept asking Stepmother where we were going but she wouldn't answer.  That's when I noticed that we were following signs to the "Bippidi Bobiddi Boutique".  When we arrived at the "BBB" I discovered what it was:  It is a little "salon" where Disney employees dress little girls up in Disney Princess costumes and make-up for their visit to the park -- this is all true.  And Stepmother was registering me for an appointment!

"Well hello there.  You must be Alice," said a perky lady in a Fairy Godmother costume.  "Good thing you made a reservation," the lady said to Stepmother.  "We've been booked solid for today since August!  All the girls want to be dressed as Princesses on Halloween. " 

I was terrified.  What was Stepmother doing?  Was she crazy?  There was no way I was going to put on some kind of costume and go to the Magic Kingdom.  Besides, this was for little girls -- like 5 year olds -- not for teenagers.

"Stepmother," I whispered urgently, "I don't want to get dressed up in a costume!  I'm not doing this!"

Stepmother roughly grapped me by the arm and dragged me to a quiet corner.  In a low and threatening growl she said to me, "Don't you dare argue with me.  Who do you think you are?   You are going to do whatever I tell you to do.   Or do you want me to show your father the photos and video of you prancing aroung Disney Studios in your pretty little sundress?"

Oh no!  Anything but that!  I was completely trapped.  I couldn't say a word.  I just stared at the floor, completely defeated. 

"I thought so," Stepmother said with a wicked smirk.  "Now start co-operating and don't make me angry.  And besides," she continued with a softer voice, "We're far from home and no one will ever know."

And so I went back to the lady at the front desk.  "Is everything alright, sweetie?" she asked me.

"Yes," I replied softly.  "I just thought that I was...too old to do this."

"Oh nonsense," the lady replied with a laugh.  "We get big girls in here all the time -- especially on Halloween."

  "Now, who do you want to be dressed up as today?  Snow White?  Cinderella?  Ariel?" Stepmother asked.  I could see that she was enjoying my humiliation.

"I...I...I..." I just could think or speak.

"Oh I know," the salon lady said.  "All the teenage girls want to be Alice in Wonderland.  And your name is Alice, isn't it?"

"Oh yes, that sounds perfect!  Don't you agree, Alice?" Stepmother replied.

I just stood there, numb.

Before I knew what was happening, I was led back to a small cubicle where a couple of ladies started working on my outfit and my make-up.  First they pinned a long curly blonde wig on me and put me in an outfit with a short skirt and stripped tights.  Stepmother made me pose for some photos before announcing that she wanted to see a different outfit and a different wig.

Then they tried a long straight wig on me.  Stepmother took more photos.  I was close to tears.  But my nightmare continued. 

No, my Stepmother said, she didn't like this one either.  She also shot me a look that clearly said to put a smile back on my face -- or else.

Then the ladies brought out a longer, more feminine Alice in Wonderland costume.  The dress fell to just below my knees and it had puffy short sleeves.  The outfit included a flouncy petticoat and a ruffly apron that was tied snuggly around my waist. They added a long wavy blonde wig with a big velvet bow.  The final touch was a pair of high heeled Mary-Janes.

"Perfect!" my Stepmother proclaimed when they showed her this look.  "Oh Alice," she gushed.  "You look just lovely!"

And so we left the salon and walked through the hotel and entered the Magic Kingdom.  It was awful.  People kept coming up to me to take photos -- and Stepmother insisted that I oblige.  I was made to pose with strangers while friends and family snapped photos.  It seemed like an endless parade of teenage boys wanted to have their picture taken with me.  Most threw an arm around my shoulders.  A few grabbed my ass or surprised me with a kiss as their photo was taken.

With all the attention and posing for photos, I didn't even get to go on many rides.  We mostly went on the kiddie rides like Small World and Teapots and Dumbo.  Stepmother wouldn't let me go on the more exciting rides.

At 3:30, Stepmother brought me over the to the back of Cindarella's castle.  It was time for the costume contest.  I told Stepmother that I didn't want to watch the contest, but she wouldn't listen.  But then I realized that I wasn't watching the contest, I was entered in it.  I was up on a big stage while hundreds of cameras flashed and people clapped.  And to make a long story short, I won first place in the the teenage girl category. 

Before I knew what was happening to me, I was standing on a parade float standing next to the tennage boy winner -- a tall, dark haired boy named Eric who dressed up as Prince Charming.  We we instructed to stand on the float, to wave to the crowds, while holding hands!  I tried to find some way out of this embarrassing ordeal, but of course Stepmother wouldn't hear of it.

So there I was, dressed up in a pretty Alice in Wonderland costume, being featured in a parade going down Main Street USA at DisneyWorld.  Thousands of people were staring at me, clapping and cheering.  Of course, thousands of cameras and video cameras from all over the world were capturing my moment of shame.  And all the while I was holding hands with big tall teenage boy.  Oh dear!

And just when I thought my parade nightmare was ending, as we stepped off the float there was a crew and cameras from the Disney Channel there to interview me.  They asked me dozens of silly questions and I gave short, simple answers in my girlish voice as I tried to sink into the floor.  And then they asked, "So, Alice, what do you think of your Prince Charming?  Isn't he handsome?  It's every girl's dream to be with a handsome Prince Charming, don't you think?" 

Oh God! "Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh," I stammered, "Yes, I guess so."  I blushed a deep crimson.

After what seemed like hours, I was released from the TV filming.  Stepmother and I went back to the salon where I returned my costume and changed into my other clothes.  I was exhausted, humiliated and very angry with Stepmother for doing that to me.  At least this ordeal was over.  I was so happy that we were on our way back to the hotel.  That's when Stepmother said, "I was talking to Eric's parents and since the two of you looked so cute together, we've decided that we will all go out to dinner together tonight.  Isn't that nice?"

"But Stepmother!" I shrieked.

"Oh don't worry, Alice sweetie," Stepmother answered.  "I picked up a really cute dress for you to wear tonight!"


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sissy's DisneyWorld Vacation -- Part 2

We got up early the next morning.  Today we were going to Epcot!  I asked Stepmother for the clothes that she had bought for me yesterday.  "Of course,"  she said, "I got you a nice shirt and some jeans to wear today."

Well, I opened the bag and was horrified by what I found.  "But this is a GIRL'S tank top.  And these aren't boy's jeans -- these are girl's capri pants!"

"No shit," replied Stepmother.  "Now put them on and let's go.  Or don't you want to go see Epcot?  And don't you want some more 'nightie fun' with me tonight like we had last night?"

"But, but, but,"  my head was spinning. "I can't go to Epcot dressed like a girl!"

"Of course you can.  No will know but me.  Now hurry up  and get dressed."

Well, I did as she commanded.  Once I had the tank top and capris on,  she put a little make-up on me and brushed out my hair.  "There!  You look lovely!  Just another teenage girl at Epcot.  Now let's go!"

We did go to the park and no one seemed to notice that I wasn't a girl.  In fact, it seemed like a lot of boys (and a lot of grown men) were staring at me.  Stepmother said that they were staring because I was so pretty and they were imagining having sex with me.  Yuck!

After a while I began to relax and focused less on the fact that I was dressed like a girl.  And Stepmother was really nice to me all day.  She must have taken 200 photos of me that day!  All day long she called me Alice and seemed to really be enjoying having me dressed up like a girl in public.

We were exhausted from our busy day when we returned to the hotel.  We took quick showers and I didn't protest when Stepmother told me to put on my nightie.  Stepmother brushed out my hair and did  my nails.  I enjoyed being treated so gently by her -- even if it was a little strange to be dressed as a girl.    After we turned off the lights, Stepmother once again started carressing me and whispering in my ear what a pretty girl I was.  I lay back as she gently stroked my stiff little cock through the silk of my nightgown.  In just a few moments she made me cum -- all over my nightie.  She raised the cum-covered hem of my nightie to my mouth and made me suck my cum off of it.  "That's a good little Sissy," Stepmother said.

The next day we went to Disney Studios.  This time Stepmother handed me a flimsy little sundress and some flip flops to wear.  I tried to protest but of course, in the end I did what Stepmother told me to do.

I was really nervous and uncomfortable wearing the little dress.  I felt like everyone -- especially all the boys -- were staring at me.  I felt half naked.  I worried all day that my skirt wouldn't stay down and everyone would see my panties. 

Stepmother and I had a wonderful time at the park.  She told me about a thousand times how cute and pretty and sexy I looked in my little flowered dress.  She took tons of photos and even some video of me having fun in the park wearing my pretty dress.

And of course, at the end of the day, Stepmother and I returned to our hotel for what she called "nightie fun."  I was in heaven.

The next day we were going to the Magic Kingdom...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sissy's DisneyWorld Vacation -- Part 1

I was so excited that my Stepmother was going to take me on vacation -- to DisneyWorld!  I had always dreamed of going to DisneyWorld.  Our trip was planned for late October when I had a short break from school. 

I really don't like my Stepmother.  She is not nice to me.  Ever since she caught me once trying her clothes, she has insisted that I wear girls clothes at home whenever my father is away -- which is very often because he is in the Navy and is sometimes away for months at a time.  She says that I am a pathetic Sissy Faggot.  She makes me cook and clean and she beats me for making even a tiny mistake.  She made me practice my make-up, my voice, my walk -- everything -- so that now I can really look and act like a girl.  She hasn't let me get a haircut for nearly a year and now my hair is starting to get pretty long.

Anyway, I thought the vacation might mean that maybe my Stepmother was going to start being nicer to me...

On the day of our trip, the limo came to the house very early.  Everything seemed to be in a big, frantic rush to get out of the house.  Unfortunately, in our rush, it seems that my suitcase was left behind.  Stepmother was very, very angry with me, saying that it was all my fault that my suitcase was left in the house.  She slapped me hard across the face, calling me a "Stupid Sissy Faggot" -- right in front of the limo driver, who just laughed at my humiliating treatment.  There wasn't time to go home and get it so Stepmother said that she would have to get me some new clothes when we got to Florida.

When we arrived at the hotel and entered our room, I saw that it only had one big bed, not two smaller beds.  When I asked Stepmother about it she just said that this was the only room the hotel had available and that it wasn't a problem and that would just share the bed.  That sounded very strange to me...

I hung out in the hotel room while my Stepmother went shopping for some new clothes for me.  She seemed very happy when she returned.  We ate room service for dinner.  When it was time to get ready for bed, Mother noted that since I didn't have any pajamas I would have to borrow one of her nighties to sleep in.   She handed me  a pretty, clingy black silk nightie that was trimmed with lace.  I didn't argue because she had been so angry with me earlier.  I put it on and she gushed about how pretty and sexy I looked in it.  She insisted on putting my hair in a ponytail and taking some photos of me -- which she often did when she had me dressed as a girl.  She put the camera away and I climbed into bed. 

A few minutes later, Stepmother emerged from the bathroom -- wearing the exact same nightie!  That was so strange.  Why would she pack two identical nighties for a vacation to DisneyWorld?  I was beginning to think that my suitcase wasn't left behind by accident...

Stepmother turned off the lights and climbed into bed.  She snuggled up very very close to me, rubbing her hands all over my silk covered body.  She whispered in my ear that I was beautiful and that it made her excited to dress me up like a girl.  It made me very uncomfortable and frightened and confused to be cuddled and carressed by Stepmother like this.  But I was also getting excited from her touch.  My little cock became stiff and Stepmother wrapped her long fingers around it.  She stroked my cock and whispered in my ear, "I am going to start calling you Alice.  Cum for me now, Sissy Alice!"

And I did.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

An Adopted Sissy Daughter

At first, I was so happy when I learned that Mother had arranged to adopt me.  She seemed like a very nice lady.  I hated living in foster homes.  Since I was smaller and skinnier than the other boys in the foster homes, I was often bullied and beaten. 

But I started to worry during the drive home from the adoption agency.  Mother kept saying things like, "You are such a pretty girl," and "I'm so happy that you are now my daughter," and "I'm glad your hair is already long..."  I wasn't sure what to do or say.  I didn't want to be rude to my new Mother.

But she when she wouldn't stop talking about me like that, I finally spoke up, "But I'm not a girl!" I shouted.

"Oh don't be silly, Mother replied.  "You ARE a girl!"

When we got home, Mother showed me to my new room.  It was decorated in pink and white, with pictures of flowers on the walls and dolls everywhere.  And the closet and drawers were filled with girl clothes.  Now I was getting pretty upset about this situation.  I protested again, saying that I was a boy and that didn't want to live in a girl's room with girl stuff and that I wanted her to stop saying that I was a girl.

Well, that was a big mistake.  Mother grabbed me and stripped off all of my clothes -- Wow! She was really strong.  She threw me over her knee and spanked my bare bottom hard for what seemed like an hour.  All the while she yelled at me saying, "Listen here, little missy.  I say you are a girl and that means you are a girl.  I don't care if you think you were a boy but from now on you (whack!) are (whack!) a (whack!) GIRL! (whack! whack! whack!)"

When she was done spanking me, she roughly shoved me off her lap and onto the floor.  "Now you just stay here and think about all this until I call for you."  She picked up my boy clothes off the floor and left my room. 

I had never been so scared or confused in my whole life.  As I lay there, naked on the floor, I started to cry.  I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. 

About 20 minutes later, Mother called out, "Victoria dearest!  Come to my room!"

I was still naked.  I decided to grab a pair of pair a girls panties from the drawer and I walked to Mother's room.  When I entered, Mother was sitting at her vanity, also wearing nothing but panties.  Her huge breasts were on full display for me.  "Look at us," she chirped.  "We're both wearing panties.  We're twins!"

She walked over to me.  I was trembling and staring at the floor, afraid to look directly at her.  She wrapped her arms around me tightly and pressed me against her enormous boobs.  They felt so soft.  "I'm sorry I had to spank you, Victoria.  I hope you learned your lesson and never disobey me or disagree with me again."

I nodded in agreement.

"Good.  You are going to enjoy being a girl and being my daughter.  It will be a wonderful and exciting experience for you.  Together, we are going to turn you into a lovely young lady."

I gulped.  This was crazy -- but I kept my mouth shut.

"And very soon you will get to have your own big, soft breasts, just like mine.  Won't that be wonderful, Victoria?!" She said.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Good Sissy Knows How to Please His Master

Sissy Daisy made final preparations for his Master's return from work.  Sissy Daisy's corset was tightly laced, his 4 inch sandals were strapped to his feet, his hair and make-up were perfect and the dinner table was set.

The last thing Sissy Daisy did was to daintily pat his perfumed dusting powder on his back and shoulders.  Sissy Daisy knew that doing this pleased the Master.

With all preparations complete, Sissy Daisy stood at the front door and awaited his Master's return.

Sissy Daisy heard his Master's car pull into the driveway and his little Sissy heart started beating hard.  As the Master entered the home, Sissy Daisy looked to the floor and gave a well-practiced curtsey.  "Welcome home, Sir," he said.

The Master grabbed his Sissy in his strong arms and kissed him hard.  "I'm horny," the Master announced.  The Master roughly dragged his Sissy into the kitchen and bent him over the kitchen counter.

The Master quickly dropped his trouser.  With one hand he firmly gripped the back of his Sissy's neck, pushing the Sissy's face and chest hard against the cold hard granite of the kitchen counter.  With his other hand, the Master lifted Sissy Daisy's skirt, exposing the Sissy's soft, round bottom.    

In a single, cruel motion, the Master rammed his monstrously huge cock all the way into Daisy's tight Sissy pussy.  Sissy Daisy screamed with pain and tears began to flow from his pretty mascara'd eyes.

The Master bent over his Sissy's back and started kissing and biting the back of his Sissy's neck and shoulders while his huge cock continued to thrust in and out of his Sissy.  Smelling the perfumed powder on his Sissy's shoulders, the Master said, "Mmmmm, you smell good."

Sissy Daisy smiled through his tears, knowing he had pleased his Master.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sissy Trainer Answers Your Questions #2

Here's a problem that some other Sissy Trainers have asked me about:

"What do you do if you can't get your Sissy to sign the papers authorizing breast implant surgery?  I've been able to force my Sissy to do just about everything but I can't get it to sign the papers the hospital requires.  What can I do?"

Yes -- that can be a problem.

Well, first off, I never have this problem.  I have a little "don't ask, don't tell" arrangement with some excellent plastic surgeons in Mexico.  As long as I provide the cash, they are happy to do whatever I ask to the "patients" I bring them.

But most Sissy Trainers aren't as lucky as I am and need to get their Sissies to agree to the surgery -- very inconvenient if your Sissy is being forcibly femininized against his will.

Here's my advice:  If your Sissy won't agree to breast implants -- FINE!  Let him parade around completely flat chested.  Force him to wear outfits that emphasize his lack of boobs -- no padding, no bra.  If you do this right, before long your Sissy will begin to feel incomplete and self conscious about being flat chested and absolutely beg you for the breasts he's lacking.

And once he signs on the dotted line, be sure to outfit him with some sweet DD's -- that's what he gets for not cooperating in the first place!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sissy Salon Fun

Your Sissy will spend many, many hours at the beauty salon, having his hair, his make-up and his nails done.  You may even choose to have your Sissy waxed and maybe massaged!

These hours in the salon are a very important time for your Sissy.  Here are some tips for getting the most out of this time.

Most importantly, everyone at the salon must know who and what your Sissy is.  My experience is that the gals who work in the salon will take much pleasure in having a sweet little Sissy to play with.  Your Sissy will find their kindness and acceptance both pleasant and humiliating, as it will powerfully reinforce how unmanly your Sissy has become.

The salon's other clients must also know the truth about your Sissy.  And in my experience, these women are often disgusted and horrified by the idea of a Sissy sharing their salon.  These gals can be relied on to brutally insult and humiliate your Sissy.

Today, my Sissy has just had his make-up done (check out those eye-lashes!) and his hair put up in curlers.  As I enter the salon, my Sissy obediently drops his eyes to the floor.

"Well take a look at you," I say in a loud voice that everyone can hear.  "I hope you've been a good little Sissy while the girls were doing your hair and make-up."

"Yes, Ma'am," my Sissy meakly replies.

"Those curlers need to stay in for another hour.  No point just sitting around here.  Come along, let's go shopping at the mall.  Grab your Sissy purse and go get in the car."

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Sissy's Education

"Quit your pouting and change your attitude right this second, missy," scolded my stepmother.  "Look at the time and you're not even dressed yet!"

"But you promised!" I cried.  "We had a deal.  You said I could go to college in the fall if I let you treat me like a daughter all summer.  Well, I did everything you asked.   I travelled all over Europe with you pretending to be mother and daughter.  I let you dress me up like a girl every day.  I even learned how to do my hair and make-up like a real girl."

"Wasn't that just delightful," she replied.  "And you looked so cute in your swimsuit on the beach in Capri..."   

"And," I continued, "I think you've been putting female hormones in my food."

"You figured that out, did you Einstein?" my Stepmother sneered.  "What gave it away?  Was it those B-cup boobs or the fact that your little 'thingie' doesn't get hard any more?  Now hurry up and put one your dress.  The car will be here soon to take us to the airport."

"But I'm not going!" I screamed.  "You can't make be go to a girls' finishing school!"

"Oh, I can and I will!" my stepmother shot back.  "Now you listen to me you little faggot sissy.  I know you like to dress up like a girl.  I know you've been trying on my things when I'm not home.  Don't try to deny it."

I hung my head in shame.  "We've already discussed this a hundred times," I said, defeated.  "Yes, I like to wear girl things occassionally.  I like to pretend I'm a girl once in a while." 

"Well, then, what's the problem?  I'm letting you live out your dream and pretend to be a girl all the time.  I'm even willing to spend a lot of money to send you to school to be the very best girl you can be!  Now one more word out of you and I will tell your father that you're a little sissy that likes to dress up like a pretty girl!"

Oh no!  Anything but that.  My stepmother held the trump card and she knew it.

"Oh my," my stepmother said, " the limo is already here.  Get your dress on and let's get you to school."

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sissy's First Date

The girls at the salon had great fun with me today, spending hours on my hair and make-up.  They even gave me a bikini wax.  All afternoon they chattered excitedly about my big date tonight -- my first date with a man!  I am absolutely terrified and disgusted by the whole idea.

After discovering my crossdressing secret two years ago, my wife has been forcing me to become more feminine and subservient.  She has used diet, hormones and coercion to transform me from a closeted crossdresser to a pathetic, full-time sissy under the complete control of my wife. 

My wife no longer accepts me as her husband and has recently started entertaining her new lovers in our home,  And now she has told me that I also need to have male lovers! 

That is why I have been all dolled up for my big date tonight.  My wife arranged everything.  She picked the man ("Very tall, very muscular -- a real alpha male!" she said), picked the rerstaurant and ever reserved a hotel room for afterwards.  I have been instructed to please him in every way and that I may not come home until morning.  Also -- I will be in big trouble if he doesn't ask for a second date.

My wife insisted on snapping photos while I got dressed.  She had me perch on the chair and pose for some sexy photos in just my underwear.  I forced myself to smile so as not to anger her.  She made it very clear to me that she expected me to be enthusiastic and charming at all times -- regardless of how I actually felt. 

"Enough prancing around in your sexy undies," my wife siad.  "Let's get you into that pretty dress I bought for you.  You are going to look so pretty tonight!  Your handsome date will be simply delighted!"

Just as my wife finished zipping up my form fitting dress, the doorbell rang.  "Oh, he's here!" my wife exclaimed.  I felt faint and wanted to run and hide -- but I had no where to go.  My wife handed me a cute clutch purse and pushed me towards the door.  "Now, be a good little sissy and do everything I taught you.  And maybe next week we can go on a double date with both of our boyfriends.  See you in the morning!" 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sissy Trainer Answers Your Questions

Here's a question I am often asked by other Sissy Trainers...

"Dear Mistress Linda,
I have always been so impressed and envious of how deliciously skinny and delicate your sissies are.  How do you do it?"

Well, it's really very simple.  The answer is one little word:  Starvation!

When I take delivery of a new sub-male, I immediately put it on a diet that I promise will yield the results you want:

      1 serving Special K
      2 ounces skim milk
      tea with lemon
      1 apple
      1 "Light n' Fit" yogurt
      mixed greens with lemon juice
      club soda

That's less than 400 calories a day!  On that diet you will be impressed how quickly the pounds and inches -- and the will to resist your demands -- melt away!

For some extra fun, have meals with your sissy.  Treat yourself to bacon and eggs or a sizzling steak and enjoy how your sissy suffers as he watches you eat your savory and satisying meal.  

Some trainers have argued that my sissy diet doesn't have sufficient protein.  Not true.  My sissies get plenty of protein from the blow jobs they give!  Swallow every drop, little sissy, it's good for you!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sissy Ginger's Tears

Poor little Sissy Ginger tried to fight back the tears as he stepped off his Master's plane.   Wearing nothing but his prettiest bra and panties, Sissy Ginger walked to the Jeep that was waiting at the edge of the runway.  His Master's guards and driver were enjoying watching the humilated and completely exposed Sissy make his way to the waiting car.  
Six months ago, the Master had forced his sissy to undergo extreme feminization surgery and training.  The sissy's face had been sculpted into a thing of great beauty.  His body carved into graceful, delicate curves.  The massive doses of hormones had given the sissy small, soft, lovely breasts that were now filling out his elegant French brassiere. 

Sissy Ginger's lips were very sore from the collagen treatments he had just received earlier that day, but that was not why he was crying.  Nor was he crying because he was forced to parade around outside in front of his Master's rugged and leering employees wearing only his pretty lingerie.  No, Sissy Ginger was crying because he knew that he would probably never be allowed to leave his Master's private island.  He was now trapped here to serve his perverted and cruel Master as his permanent sexy sissy love slave.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Name -- Same Great Captions!

Hello all you Masters, Mistresses and Sissies,
As you can see, I've changed the name of the blog to make a bit more descriptive.  Hopefully with a new and improved title, it will be easier for people interested in this type of material to find us.
Please -- PLEASE -- become a Follower and leave Comments.
And a big THANK YOU to MJ for leaving several supportive Comments!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Stepmother's Sissy

After my father's death, my evil stepmother sent me away to feminization clinic in Brazil.  There, over the course of 18 months, I was forced to undergo a total transformation from a normal teenage boy to sexy submissive sissy.  The feminization clinic was part hospital, part bizarre finishing school and part hellish concentration camp.

I was awakened extra early today and taken to the salon, where over the course of several hours my hair and make-up were done in a very glamorous style.  Then I was brought back to the Administration building where my trainers dressed me in this very fancy lingreie. 

As several bracelets were slipped on my wrist, I heard my stepmother's voice coming from the next room.  I had not seen her since she had imprisoned me in the clinic a year and a half ago.

"That's right, Sissy, your Stepmommy is here.  She can't wait to see what we've done to you!  Time for your big debut," one of my trainers said with a cruel smile.

"Well hurry up and get out here!" my stepmother commanded from the next room.  "Don't be shy -- no reason for my new stepdaughter to be bashful in front of her stepmother," she cackled.

I was frozen with fear, horrified by the idea of parading aroung in front of her in my bra and panties, my complete sissification on full display.

"Get out there and behave yourself -- or else," the trainer threatened, brandishing the cattle prod he always carried. 

I swallowed hard and braced myself for the humiliation that awaited me.  I nervously parted the beaded curtain that hung in the doorway and made my entrance to the other room.  There was my horrible stepmother, seated on a sofa snuggled up close to a man I had never seen before.

My stepmother squealed with delight when she saw me.  "Oh my Gawd!" she exclaimed.  "It's even better than I could have dreamed.  Look at you, you pathetic sissy faggot.  What a little sissy slut you must be, prancing around in your girly undies for everyone to see."

"Isn't this wonderful, Roberto," my stepmother said to the man next to her,  "Now that my loser stepson is gone forever, I will inherit all of his father's millions.  We are rich, Roberto!" she said giving him a big hug.

"Well, time to go home Sissy.  Today you start you new life as my personal handmaiden, my own fulltime servant tending to my every need.  Won't that be wonderful?" she teased.

"We will dress her and bring her to your limo," the trainer helpfully offered.

"Oh heavens no," my stepmother replied.  "She doesn't need clothes.  She looks so lovely just the way she is.  Come along Sissy, get in the car.  A new life awaits!"

A Sissy Anniversary Surprise

Things had difficult at home for several months.  My wife had known about my interest in crossdressing for several years and had seemed pretty accepting.  However, recently she had been getting very annoyed about how much time -- and money -- I was spending on my crossdressing habit.  She said it was interfering with our relationship.  She insisted that I scale back on my crossdressing activities but I didn't listen.  But as our tenth anniversary approached, she seemed to relent.  As a peace offering, she gave me the most lavish nightgown set as my anniversary gift.  My present included sexy matching shoes, stockings, a sparkly necklace and a gorgeous new wig.  My wife even arranged for a make-up artist to come to the house who not only did my hair and face, but also managed to attach my breast forms in a way that made my cleavage look real.


At a few minutes before 8:00, I was ready.  I looked and felt so sexy and feminine and happy.  I turned the lights down low, lit some candles in the master bedroom and struck a sexy pose.  At precisely 8:00, as we had agreed, my wife knocked on the bedroom door.  "Come in," I said in a soft and sultry voice, my heart racing with excitement.

As my wife entered, she immediately turned on the bright ceiling light.  At first I was upset that she was spoiling the romantic mood I had created.  But that's when I saw that there was a tall and handsome man standing behind my wife.  I was paralyzed with shock. 

"Oh my God!" my wife laughed, "I can't believe my sissy husband is actually wearing that ridiculous get-up.  What a pathetic sissy faggot I married."

The man threw one arm around my wife's shoulder and started filming me with a video camera that he held in the other.  "How did you ever convince him to dress up like that?  This is the funniest thing I've ever seen.  Smile for the camera, Sissy!" he taunted.

"Oh believe me," my wife explained, "he doesn't need any convincing to dress up like a little sissy princess.  And now, Sissy, you can dress up whenever you want because now I have a real man to keep me company.  Maybe if you're lucky, someday you can get a real man too!"  They both doubled over with laughter when she said that. 

"Come on Sissy, do a sexy little dance for the camera.  I'm sure that would be a big hit on YouTube!"

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sissy goes to the bad part of town

All dolled up and wearing one of his prettiest party dresses, Mistress drove poor little Sissy Sabrina deep into the bad part of town.  It was already past midnight and the streets were mostly deserted.

Without a penny or a credit card in her purse, Sissy Sabrina would have to find her way home somehow.

"Please Mistress," the Sissy pleaded.  "Don't leave me here.  This area is so dangerous and we're miles from home.  I can't be out in this part of town dressed like this -- especially this time of night.  I'll be completely defenseless.  Please, Mistress, please!"  Sissy Sabrina started crying, overcome with fear with what was about to happen to him.

"Hush now,"  Mistress demanded.  "Nobody wants to hear a Sissy complain.  You look so pretty and so dainty, I'm sure some man -- or men -- will offer to help you.  Maybe you'll meet a nice man who will be happy to drive you home in exchange for wrapping those pretty lips around his big hard cock and slurping down all his cum!  Or if you're really lucky, maybe some man will take you home with him, keeping you safe in his bed until morning."  The Mistress was laughing at her own cruel joke.

"Now get out of the car, you sissy faggot, and I'll see you at home in the morning -- maybe."