Monday, November 15, 2010

Graduating Sissies

It was Graduation Day at the Sissy Academy!

After nine months of intensive behavior and body modifications and training at the Academy, the six Sissies had been fully transformed.

None of the Sissies had "enrolled" in the Academy voluntarily.  Three were deposited at the Academy by vengeful wives, one by  an angry stepmother, and two had been runaway teenage boys kidnapped from the bus station.

The training and transformation process had been brutal and relentless.   Any resisitance or display of masculine behaviour was swiftly and harshly punished.  Extensive plastic surgery was performed and hormones administered against their will.  Perfection was required in all classes at the Academy, from hair and make-up, to ballet, to housekeeping, to "techniques for pleasing your man sexually."

After nine months at the Academy, the poor Sissies were deeply confused and disoriented.  Despite their resistance to the training, all of the Sissies felt a unsettling sense of pride for having satisfied their trainers and graduating.  They all smiled as they posed for the group photo following the awarding of diplomas.

And of course, all of the Sissies were looking forward to going home -- or at least being free again.  Silly Sissies!  That wasn't going to happen.

At 6:30, the post-Graduation cocktail party would begin.  What the Sissies didn't know was that at 7:30, the Sissy Auction would begin.  And by 9:00, all of the Sissies will have been sold to their new Masters and whisked away to their new homes and new lives.  For a lucky few, a life as a Sissy housewife might await.  But for most, a life of servitude and humiliation awaits, serving their new Masters as Sissy slaves, Sissy maids and Sissy whores.


  1. For some this would be an improvement over their previous life and for the rest it is probably what they deserve.

  2. oh my i hope you grab me for the next semester and fulfill my fantasy. "karen"