Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sissy Weddings!!! Short Gowns for your Sissy

Many of my clients, wealthy men who pay me to select, train and prepare Sissy Brides for them, are such traditionalists!  They give me strict instructions that they want their Sissy Bride presented to them in a classic, long, flowing bridal gown.

But sometimes I encourage my clients to consider another approach.  I think a Sissy Bride in a short gown can be simply adorable!   Here are a few photos of some recent Sissy Brides that I dressed in pretty, pretty short gowns.

Dressed in a short gown, a Sissy Bride can look so cute, so feminine, so dainty.  I love making my pretty little Sissies show off their long, skinny legs -- and their sky-high heels -- wearing a short gown.  A short bridal gown will make your Sissy Bride feel very exposed and defenseless -- it can serve to make the entire wedding experience even more frightening and humiliating for your sweet little Boy Bride!

And of course, there are advantages for the Husband/Masters too.  In a short gown, it is so much easier for the Husband/Master to lift up his Sissy Bride's skirt and petticoats and expose his little bottom.  The horny Husband/Masters I know don't want to waste any time before fucking their little Sissy Brides after the wedding.  Some don't even wait until they get back to the hotel room -- they fuck their little Sissy Brides right at the Reception in front of all their guests!