Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sissy Trainer Answers Your Questions

Here's a question I am often asked by other Sissy Trainers...

"Dear Mistress Linda,
I have always been so impressed and envious of how deliciously skinny and delicate your sissies are.  How do you do it?"

Well, it's really very simple.  The answer is one little word:  Starvation!

When I take delivery of a new sub-male, I immediately put it on a diet that I promise will yield the results you want:

      1 serving Special K
      2 ounces skim milk
      tea with lemon
      1 apple
      1 "Light n' Fit" yogurt
      mixed greens with lemon juice
      club soda

That's less than 400 calories a day!  On that diet you will be impressed how quickly the pounds and inches -- and the will to resist your demands -- melt away!

For some extra fun, have meals with your sissy.  Treat yourself to bacon and eggs or a sizzling steak and enjoy how your sissy suffers as he watches you eat your savory and satisying meal.  

Some trainers have argued that my sissy diet doesn't have sufficient protein.  Not true.  My sissies get plenty of protein from the blow jobs they give!  Swallow every drop, little sissy, it's good for you!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sissy Ginger's Tears

Poor little Sissy Ginger tried to fight back the tears as he stepped off his Master's plane.   Wearing nothing but his prettiest bra and panties, Sissy Ginger walked to the Jeep that was waiting at the edge of the runway.  His Master's guards and driver were enjoying watching the humilated and completely exposed Sissy make his way to the waiting car.  
Six months ago, the Master had forced his sissy to undergo extreme feminization surgery and training.  The sissy's face had been sculpted into a thing of great beauty.  His body carved into graceful, delicate curves.  The massive doses of hormones had given the sissy small, soft, lovely breasts that were now filling out his elegant French brassiere. 

Sissy Ginger's lips were very sore from the collagen treatments he had just received earlier that day, but that was not why he was crying.  Nor was he crying because he was forced to parade around outside in front of his Master's rugged and leering employees wearing only his pretty lingerie.  No, Sissy Ginger was crying because he knew that he would probably never be allowed to leave his Master's private island.  He was now trapped here to serve his perverted and cruel Master as his permanent sexy sissy love slave.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Name -- Same Great Captions!

Hello all you Masters, Mistresses and Sissies,
As you can see, I've changed the name of the blog to make a bit more descriptive.  Hopefully with a new and improved title, it will be easier for people interested in this type of material to find us.
Please -- PLEASE -- become a Follower and leave Comments.
And a big THANK YOU to MJ for leaving several supportive Comments!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Stepmother's Sissy

After my father's death, my evil stepmother sent me away to feminization clinic in Brazil.  There, over the course of 18 months, I was forced to undergo a total transformation from a normal teenage boy to sexy submissive sissy.  The feminization clinic was part hospital, part bizarre finishing school and part hellish concentration camp.

I was awakened extra early today and taken to the salon, where over the course of several hours my hair and make-up were done in a very glamorous style.  Then I was brought back to the Administration building where my trainers dressed me in this very fancy lingreie. 

As several bracelets were slipped on my wrist, I heard my stepmother's voice coming from the next room.  I had not seen her since she had imprisoned me in the clinic a year and a half ago.

"That's right, Sissy, your Stepmommy is here.  She can't wait to see what we've done to you!  Time for your big debut," one of my trainers said with a cruel smile.

"Well hurry up and get out here!" my stepmother commanded from the next room.  "Don't be shy -- no reason for my new stepdaughter to be bashful in front of her stepmother," she cackled.

I was frozen with fear, horrified by the idea of parading aroung in front of her in my bra and panties, my complete sissification on full display.

"Get out there and behave yourself -- or else," the trainer threatened, brandishing the cattle prod he always carried. 

I swallowed hard and braced myself for the humiliation that awaited me.  I nervously parted the beaded curtain that hung in the doorway and made my entrance to the other room.  There was my horrible stepmother, seated on a sofa snuggled up close to a man I had never seen before.

My stepmother squealed with delight when she saw me.  "Oh my Gawd!" she exclaimed.  "It's even better than I could have dreamed.  Look at you, you pathetic sissy faggot.  What a little sissy slut you must be, prancing around in your girly undies for everyone to see."

"Isn't this wonderful, Roberto," my stepmother said to the man next to her,  "Now that my loser stepson is gone forever, I will inherit all of his father's millions.  We are rich, Roberto!" she said giving him a big hug.

"Well, time to go home Sissy.  Today you start you new life as my personal handmaiden, my own fulltime servant tending to my every need.  Won't that be wonderful?" she teased.

"We will dress her and bring her to your limo," the trainer helpfully offered.

"Oh heavens no," my stepmother replied.  "She doesn't need clothes.  She looks so lovely just the way she is.  Come along Sissy, get in the car.  A new life awaits!"

A Sissy Anniversary Surprise

Things had difficult at home for several months.  My wife had known about my interest in crossdressing for several years and had seemed pretty accepting.  However, recently she had been getting very annoyed about how much time -- and money -- I was spending on my crossdressing habit.  She said it was interfering with our relationship.  She insisted that I scale back on my crossdressing activities but I didn't listen.  But as our tenth anniversary approached, she seemed to relent.  As a peace offering, she gave me the most lavish nightgown set as my anniversary gift.  My present included sexy matching shoes, stockings, a sparkly necklace and a gorgeous new wig.  My wife even arranged for a make-up artist to come to the house who not only did my hair and face, but also managed to attach my breast forms in a way that made my cleavage look real.


At a few minutes before 8:00, I was ready.  I looked and felt so sexy and feminine and happy.  I turned the lights down low, lit some candles in the master bedroom and struck a sexy pose.  At precisely 8:00, as we had agreed, my wife knocked on the bedroom door.  "Come in," I said in a soft and sultry voice, my heart racing with excitement.

As my wife entered, she immediately turned on the bright ceiling light.  At first I was upset that she was spoiling the romantic mood I had created.  But that's when I saw that there was a tall and handsome man standing behind my wife.  I was paralyzed with shock. 

"Oh my God!" my wife laughed, "I can't believe my sissy husband is actually wearing that ridiculous get-up.  What a pathetic sissy faggot I married."

The man threw one arm around my wife's shoulder and started filming me with a video camera that he held in the other.  "How did you ever convince him to dress up like that?  This is the funniest thing I've ever seen.  Smile for the camera, Sissy!" he taunted.

"Oh believe me," my wife explained, "he doesn't need any convincing to dress up like a little sissy princess.  And now, Sissy, you can dress up whenever you want because now I have a real man to keep me company.  Maybe if you're lucky, someday you can get a real man too!"  They both doubled over with laughter when she said that. 

"Come on Sissy, do a sexy little dance for the camera.  I'm sure that would be a big hit on YouTube!"

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sissy goes to the bad part of town

All dolled up and wearing one of his prettiest party dresses, Mistress drove poor little Sissy Sabrina deep into the bad part of town.  It was already past midnight and the streets were mostly deserted.

Without a penny or a credit card in her purse, Sissy Sabrina would have to find her way home somehow.

"Please Mistress," the Sissy pleaded.  "Don't leave me here.  This area is so dangerous and we're miles from home.  I can't be out in this part of town dressed like this -- especially this time of night.  I'll be completely defenseless.  Please, Mistress, please!"  Sissy Sabrina started crying, overcome with fear with what was about to happen to him.

"Hush now,"  Mistress demanded.  "Nobody wants to hear a Sissy complain.  You look so pretty and so dainty, I'm sure some man -- or men -- will offer to help you.  Maybe you'll meet a nice man who will be happy to drive you home in exchange for wrapping those pretty lips around his big hard cock and slurping down all his cum!  Or if you're really lucky, maybe some man will take you home with him, keeping you safe in his bed until morning."  The Mistress was laughing at her own cruel joke.

"Now get out of the car, you sissy faggot, and I'll see you at home in the morning -- maybe."

Making a Perfect Housewife

Sissy Candi was an occassional crossdresser who liked going to the local drag bar on Saturday.  Sissy Candi was young and pretty, but also shy and nervous.  He kept mostly to himself, nursing a glass of white wine while watching the drag show and the scene aroung him.

That's exactly how Master Drake found Sissy Candi when he sunk his claws into him.

After luring Sissy Candi to leave the bar with him one Saturday night, Master Drake imprisoned the poor innocent sissy in his home. Master Drake forced Sissy Candi live as a woman 24/7. 

Through relentless beatings and mind games, Master Drake stripped Sissy Candi of any sense of confidence or self.  He lives now in a continuous state of nervous fear and dependence.  Poor Sissy Candi. 

Master Drake forcibly transformed Sissy Candi from a part-time crossdresser who enjoyed exploring his feminine side on Saturday nights to a full-time Sissy Housewife.  Master Drake insists that Sissy Candi act and look like an obedient, docile and devoted 1950's-style housewife who lives only to serve and please her "Husband."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello Boys and Gurls!

Dear all Masters, Mistresses and Sweet Sissies,
Since starting my blog less than 3 weeks ago, I've posted about 25 sissy-themed captions and the blog has been visited over 80 times -- from  14 countries!  Isn't that wonderful!?!  80 hits make me think that there are some people out there that are enjoying my captions.  That makes me feel good.   I think my captions are a little different from what you see on other sites;  I love taking an image of breathtaking glamour and femininity and crafting a little story of sissy transformation to go with the image.
IMPORTANT:  I would really like to have many more Followers.  And I really need more of you to leave Comments.  Your feedback is very very important to me.  Having more Followers and more Comments would encourage me to create more Captions.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sissy on the Beach

Master Rick brought his captive Sissy Shelley to the beach for the first time. Sissy Shelley rarely left the mansion; he had been Master Rick's captive and sissy love slave for three years.

Today, Master Rick wanted to show off his little sissy on the beach. Sissy Shelley's body was totally hot! The hormones and surgery he had forced on his sissy had transformed him from a skinny young man into the ultimate in sissified beauty and perfection.

Master Rick dressed poor little Sissy Shelley in a skimpy bikini. His big, soft boobs were shamelessly on display for everyone on the crowded beach to see. His tight bikini bottom barely hid his tiny useless sissy cocklet.

Master Rick walked down to the water and dove into the surf, leaving Sissy Shelley alone on the blanket. Sensing an opportunity to escape, Sissy Shelley leapt up from the blanket and started sprinting down the beach, his huge tits bouncing madly as he ran. Master Rick saw his prized sissy captive making a run for freedom. Master Rick raced after his sissy and tackled him to the sand.

Master Rick pinned his sissy to the sand. Sissy Shelley knew better than to try to fight his powerful, muscular Master. With his hard body on top of the little sissy's lithe little frame, Master Rick whispered into Sissy Shelley's ear, "That was a very very stupid thing to do. You should know better than to escape. You are my sissy sex doll, now and forever. Trying to escape was a very bad thing to do. Tonight you are going to be punished -- severely -- for your misbehavior.

Sissy Shelley felt Master Rick's cock getting hard in his swim trunks.

Oh look at that," said Master Rick with a smile. "Thinking about beating you tonight is making me hard. Tonight is going to be lots of fun -- for me."

Master Rick pressed his lips onto his sissy's pretty mouth and kissed him very very hard, plunging his tongue deep into the sissy's mouth.

"Time to go home, you bad little sissy."

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reluctant Sissy Bride

The Colombian drug lord had waited a long time and paid a quarter million dollars to have this Sissy made for him. His heart raced and his cock swelled the instant he laid eyes on the equisite Sissy bride sitting before him.

Two years ago, the drug lord had been betrayed by a former business partner. He thought long and hard about how he would get his revenge. And so he arranged for the kidnapping of deceitful partner's only teenage son and to transform the spoiled brat into his very own Sissy wife.

"Well done, Arturo, well done," the drug lord said to the Sissy's trainer and surgeon.

"Yes," Arturo replied. "He is stunning, isn't he. He makes such a lovely bride. It's such a shame that he has been so resistant to the transformation, to his new body and his new life. It has been necessary to either keep him drugged or in restraints at all times. He is horrified -- nearly to the point of insanity -- by what we've done to him. It's unfortunate."

"Quite the contrary, Arturo. I'm delighted that the forced sissification has been torture for him. This couldn't be better!" the drug lord said with glee, enjoying the sweetness of his revenge.

"The Sissy's drugs are wearing off," Arturo explained. "I knew you wanted him awake and lucid for your wedding ceremony. His hands are tightly bound behind him; I suggest you keep him in restraints when not drugged. After the ceremony, let me know if you want him drugged for your wedding night."

"Oh goodness no!" replied the drug lord. "I will just tie him to my bed. I want my little Sissy to be able to enjoy his first night in bed as my little Sissy wife."  

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sissy Birthday Surprise

My Mistress seemed to go to extra effort when she dressed me this afternoon. She had me try one several dresses until she decided that she liked how this one looked best. My Mistress seemed so happy and excited as she did my hair and my make-up. She absolutely giggled with delight as she pinned the big pink hat to my tresses. My Mistress had told me that she was planning a fun outing today to celebrate my birthday.

She was in such a good mood that I worked up the courage to ask her a question. "Mistress," I asked softly, "where are we going today?"

"Oh, you are a curious little Sissy, aren't you?" she replied, "Why don't you try to guess where we're going."

"Well," I replied tentatively, "based on how I'm dressed, maybe we are going to the Smithtown Garden Show, or maybe we are going out for tea, or to a matinee..."

"Oh my goodness, no!" exclaimed my Mistress. "There's a double header scheduled today and you're going to spend the afternoon at the baseball stadium. The stadium will be packed with rowdy, drunk fans. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

I nearly fainted. "Oh please, PLEASE, don't make me sit in the stands dressed like this. I'll look rediculous. Everyone will stare and laugh at me."

"Oh don't be silly. You look lovely. The men in the stadium will enjoy looking at you. But I didn't tell you the best part -- during the seventh inning stretch, the Jumbotron cameras will focus on you while the announcer leads the crowd in singing, "Happy Birthday, Sissy Tiffany!"

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sissy Goes Downtown

The poor little sissy was shaking with nervousness. "Oh settle down now," the Mistress/Wife ordered. Sissy Tina was fully made-up and his hair was done perfectly and dressed in an elegant, impractical, and attention-getting pink suit. Best of all -- at least for the Mistress/Wife -- was the matching pink hat, purse and shoes.  Sissy Tina had burnt the breakfast toast last Wednesday and had to be punished.

"I have such a fun day planned for you," the Mistress/Wife said with a cruel smile on her face. "First, I am going to drive you into town, and drop you off at the corner of Market and High Street at 10:00. And from there you can begin your exciting day downtown." Sissy Tina started to feel dizzy knowing that a major humiliation had been planned for him. "From there you can walk to Kim's Salon where "Sissy Tina" has an appointment for a manicure at 10:30. Then at 11:15, "Sissy Tina"is expected at the Lancome make-up counter at Macy's where the girls there will fuss over you and help you look your prettiest. Oh, while you're at Macy's, be a dear and pick up some sexy boxer briefs for my hunky boyfriend Mark. At 12:30, they are expecting "Sissy Tina" at Victoria's Secret for a bra fitting." Sissy Tina thought he was going to die -- but the Mistress/Wife wasn't finished yet.

"Then I need you to stop at the photographer's studio and pick-up the photos from my vacation with Mark in Bermuda. Go through all the photos very carefully and pick out the three most romantic photos of Mark and me together and have them framed while you wait. Don't worry, I'll let you have one of the framed photos for your room."

"Then you'll have to hurry, because I've reserved a table for "Sissy Tina" at Cafe Moulin at 2:00. You'll be sitting alone at the table by the big window in the front where you'll be on display for all the passers-by to see. Mark and I will be sitting at another table enjoying watching you."

"But Mistress," Sissy Tina pleaded, "please don't make me walk all the way across town dressed like this. Everyone will stare at me -- nobody dresses like this. And please don't make me go into all those shops telling everyone that I'm a Sissy." Sissy Tina was near tears.

"Well," said the Mistress/Wife, "perhaps this will teach you to be more careful when you make breakfast for Mark and me in the future. Now stand up straight, put a smile on your face and get in the car."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sissy Goes to the Museum

My Mistress enjoys visiting museums on the weekend.  First she dresses me in a manner guaranteed to attract lots of attention and makes sure that my hair and make-up are far more glamorous and girly than any real woman would have.  The clicking of my towering high heels on the marble floors echos loudly as we walked through the endless galleries.  I feel so nervous and uncomfortable knowing that everyone is staring at me during the hours we spend there.  My Mistress likes to make me stand for prolonged periods in front of statues and paintings of nude men, as if I am intensely, unnaturally interested in them. 

Invariably a couple of men will approach the two of us and my Mistress always encourages their advances, which for me is both terrifying and humiliating.  This usually leads to an evening of cocktails, dinner and eventually making-out in the back of taxis.  Sometimes we are invited back to the gentlemen's hotel rooms where, I have learned over time, I eagerly -- whorishly -- offer a blow job to man I am with as the best way avoid having him learn that I am just a sissy, not really a woman.

Sissy's Night Out

Every Saturday night was "date night."  Tonight I would be going out with my Wife/Mistress and her boyfriend for dinner at a fancy restaurant, then to a night club for more cocktails and dancing.  My Wife/Mistress went to great lengths to give me the look she liked best.  After spending hours helping me with my hair and make-up, my Wife/Mistress painfully laced me into my corset, giving me the narrow-waisted look she enjoyed.  Sky-high heels and a fancy, tailored and attention grabbing dress completed my look.

I would be instructed to sit and eat in silence while my Wife/Mistress and her lover flirted and laughed and groped each other during dinner.  At the dance club, I would be perched on a stool, on display, positioned where I would have to watch my Wife/Mistress and her man dance and make-out on the dance floor.  I was only allowed to speak if some unsuspecting man approached to buy me a drink or ask me to dance -- and if that happened, I was not permitted to decline. 

New Sissies for the Harem - Part 2

The Prince insisted that the sissies in his Harem (all 12 of them!) be trained in the art of seductive dancing in order to entertain and arouse the Prince and his guests.  The sissies in the harem were very motivated to perform well -- sissies who failed to develop and demonstrate perfected dancing skills were severely beaten and demoted to serving as sex slaves for the Prince's guards.

New Sissies for the Harem - Part 1

As one of the wealthiest oil barons in Saudi Arabia, the Prince had unlimited funds with which to build his Sissy Harem.  Frail and effeminate boys were lured from ghettos in Europe and Asia with promises of jobs in the Prince's palace.  What actually awaited these unsuspecting boys was a lifetime of captivity and a 24/7 program of feminization.  After a year of hormones, surgery and intensive training, the thoroughly feminized boys "graduate" to become part of the Prince's Sissy Harem where their lives are focused solely on attaining sissified perfection and pleasing their Prince and Master in every way.  Here we see two of the Prince's favorite Sissies about to engage in some hot Sissy passion for the Prince's entertainment.