Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Sissy Girlie-Boy - Part 5

"Get on your knees," Manny instructed.  I did as he said.  He stood and said, "Take off my pants."  I struggled to unbuckle his belt because my hands were shaking so much.  "Hurry up," he said.

I managed to unzip his pants and pulled his pants down.  And that's when I saw it -- the most enormous cock I had ever seen.  It must have been 10 inches long and really thick.  It sprang to life, right in front of my face, as I freed it from his pants.  I fell backwards from the shock of seeing this monster.  "Get up, you stupid Sissy!" Mommy screamed, as she kicked me.

I hurried back to my knees.  I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to do next.  But Manny made it perfectly clear.  "Suck it, bitch," he said, grabbing the back of my head and pulling me hard into his crotch.  At first I didn't open my mouth, but then Manny roared, "I SAID SUCK IT, YOU SISSY BITCH!"

Terrified I opened my mouth and put Manny's massive tool inside.  It tasted terrible.  I couldn't believe this nightmare was really happening to me.  But anyway, I must have been doing something right, because Manny started moaning as he pumped his big dick in and out of my mouth, his hands firmly holding my head in place.  "Mmmm, yeah," Manny said.  "That bitch has one sweet Sissy mouth."

"Jackie's really enjoying that, isn't he!" Mommy said with evil delight.

"Come on, Manny," Frank said impatiently.  "Let's go, I need to get back to work."

"Get up on the couch," Manny instructed, pulling his cock from my mouth.  "Get on all fours, like a Sissy doggie and stick your ass in the air."

I did as he commanded.  Manny roughly yanked my tight panties down.  I could feel him rubbing the tip of his cock inside the crack of my ass.  I knew what was coming next.  I squeezed my eyes tightly shut and prayed for this to be over.  And then I felt Manny start to push his big rod into my lubricated bottom.  As the tip of his cock started to enter me, it was painful and horrible but I thought I could tolerate it.  But then he started to push the rest of his massive dick into me.  I screamed in pain as inch after inch of his massive cock drilled deeper and deeper into me.  I was sure that his cock was going to rip me apart from the inside.

"For God's sake, Jackie, SHUT UP!" Mommy shouted over my own screams. 

"Yeah, shut up, Jackie," Manny repeated, laughingly.

The next thing that I remember, Manny wrapped his big arms around me, one around my waist and one across my chest.  With his steel rod pumping inside of me, Manny lifted me off the couch.  I was literally suspended beneath him as he banged away at me.  I continued to scream in pain and begged him to stop.  Still carrying me beneath him, Manny turned away from the couch and towards Frank and Mommy.  It was horrible being fucked by this giant -- but it was made even more horrible that I was now face-to-face with Mommy while it was happening.  And that's when Mommy slapped me -- hard -- across the face.  "Stop that awful screaming!" she shouted into my face.

And then Manny started breathing really hard.  His arms wrapped more tightly around me -- so tightly I could barely breathe.  I knew what was about to happen.  His pumping became harder, almost violent.  His big hard cock became bigger and harder.  And then he came.  I could feel his hot cum blasting into me.  I started to cry.

After a minute, he pulled out of me and literally dropped me on the couch.

"Not too bad," Manny reported to Frank as he left the cubicle, without even looking at me after dumping me on the couch.  "But he gonna have to shut the fuck up.  No one wanna listen to all that."

"Get cleaned up," instructed Frank.  "Customers will be showing up soon."  To Mommy he added, "That Sissy better not make so much noise with my customers."

Mommy just glared at me as I continued to cry.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Sissy Girlie-Boy -- part 4

Mommy helped me into the other dress.  "Yes, I think this dress will be good for your first night at the bar," Mommy said.  It was awful.  It was strapless like the other one, but this one was leather and had a shiny zipper right between my teeny little "boobs."  I thought I looked really trashy.  "Please, Mommy, PLEASE don't make me go to the bar dressed like this!"  I begged.  Mommy whacked me hard with the hairbrush she had just used to do my hair. 

I hated the idea that I was being primped and prettied to spend the evening in some bar where strange men would be staring at me and...well doing other things to me. 

"Oh, I almost forgot!"  Mommy said.  "Quick, lift up your dress and bend over."  I did what Mommy asked.  She yanked down my tight panty and jammed the tip of a tube of lubricant up my bottom and squeezed the tube.  I shrieked as the icy cold gel was blasted into me.  "You'll thank me for that later,"  Mommy said. 

Mommy handed me a small purse that had my make-up and the rest of the lubricating gel.  "We're late,"  Momy said.  "Get in the car."
I continued to plead with Mommy to change her mind.  I said I would do anything -- anything -- if she would change her mind.  But she just ignored me and pushed me into the car.

When we arrived at Frank's Hideaway, it was about 7:00 -- two hours before opening time.  Frank was there and he told Mommy that I looked perfect.  He seemed really happy.  "OK," Frank said, "Let's try her -- I mean him -- out."  Then Frank shouted into the back, "Hey Manny, come out here."  Manny was a giant of a man -- huge like a football player.  He had a thick neck, huge hands and a dark complexion.  "Manny's our bouncer here.  He also helps me audition all the new girls.  Manny meet Jackie."
I just stood there until Mommy poked me.  "Nice to meet you, sir," I whispered nervously.

"Manny, take Jackie into the back and let's see what's he got," Frank said.

"Never done it with no Sissy before," Manny rumbled in his deep bass voice.  "Come on, Jackie, let's go."  Manny grabbed my hand and pulled me into the back.  I was very scared but I was completely out of control of the situation, so I tried to just endure what was happening to me.  To my horror, Frank and Mommy followed Manny and me into the first of the little rooms in the back.

Manny sat down on the couch and said, "OK Jackie, let's go."  I had no idea what that meant or what I was supposed to do. 

"Don't just stand there!  Go over to him," Mommy snarled as she shoved me hard, nearly making me topple off my high heels.  As I stumbled over to where Manny sat, he grabbed my arm and pulled me onto his lap.  He wrapped his huge arms around me and started kissing me.  Hard.   I tried to pull away as he jammed his huge tongue into my mouth, but his arms were wrapped tightly around me like a steel cage and I was completely immobilized.  "OK, Jackie, enough kissy-kissy fun.  Let's see what else you can do," Mommy commanded.

"Get on your knees," Manny instructed.  I did as he said.  He stood and said, "Take off my pants."  I struggled to unbuckled his belt because my hands were shaking so much.  "Hurry up," he said.