Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sissy Pets -- part 2

Sissy Timothy hated going to his ballet lesson.  He was in a class of 9 and 10 year old girls.  He was forced to wear a peach colored leotard and a ruffled tutu.  Master always watched his ballet lesson, enjoying Timothy's humiliation as well as ensuring that Timothy was trying his hardest to learn to dance.

After class ended, Master took Sissy Timothy to the mall to go dress shopping.  Poor Sissy Timothy was still wearing his leotard as they walked into the dress departmant at Macy's.  Master found a sales lady and explained to her, "My Sissy and I are going to take a cruise together and I would like to get him some cute dresses to wear to dinner.  You know, something sweet for a Sissy."

"I think I understand what you might be looking for," the helpful saleslady said.    She disappeared for a few minutes and returned with an arm load of dresses.  "Let's see if any of these will work."  She proceeded to hold the dresses up in front of poor embarrassed Sissy Timothy, while his Master commented on which ones he liked best.  Having Master's approval on three of the dresses, the saleslady grabbed Sissy Timothy by the wrist and dragged him back to the ladies fitting room.  And to Sissy Timothy's surprise, she joined him in the room and closed the door behind them.

"Now, let's get you out of that leotard," the saleslady said.  Sissy Timothy hesitated.  "Come, come now," the saleslady chided, "Nothing to be ashamed of.  No 'men' in here," she said with a grin and a wink.

Sssy Timothy's face turned bright red as he squiggled out of his leotard.  The saleslady couldn't suppress her laughter when she saw Sissy Timothy standing there in his training bra and Hello Kitty panties. 

Sissy Timothy tried on the first of the dresses, a short, floral dress with a mostly open back.  He almost started crying when he saw his reflection in the mirror and how completely sissified he had become.

"Oh, that's adorable!" the saleslady said.  Let's go show your...gentleman friend."  Again, the saleslady grabbed Sissy Timothy by the arm and dragged him out of the fitting room.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sissy Pets -- Part 1

During the past two years, there has been a hot new trend for Sissy owners and collectors. Instead of ordering big breasted, totally transformed artificial girls, some Masters are now ordering partially transformed Sissies. Allowing no surgery and often no hormones, these Masters like to own a forcibly sissified boy who they keep in a permanent state of sexual limbo and torment.   Although these Sissies sometimes have long hair and wear make up, these femme boys are not allowed to pose as girls. They are  Sissies. They are often dressed in cute little Sissy outfits and don't even get to have a girly name.  I call these things "Sissy Pets."

"Sissy Timothy!"  Master bellowed in the crowded restaurant, attracting as much attention as possible. Sissy Timothy scurried back to the table having checked his Master's coat.   Poor Timothy's face was bright red, feeling every eye in the restaurant staring at him as he raced back to his Master's table. The other restaurant guests laughed seeing Timothy in his humiliating sissified state.  His outfit was Sissy perfection -- a silky blouse with an oversized collar,  shorty-shorts, sheer anklet socks and platform sandals.  He was near tears having his sissification being displayed so publicly.

Master ordered their dinners in a loud voice.  "I'll start with a vodka Martini and then I'll have the steak. My Sissy will have a glass of skim milk and the mixed greens, no dressing. I need my Sissy to keep his girlish figure!" he added to the delight of everyone in the restaurant.

While they waited for their food, Mster took out his cell phone and snapped his fingers twice. Sissy Timothy leapt to his feet and immediately began to massage his Master's broad shoulders, while Master conducted some business on the phone.

When their food arrived, Master put away his phone and told Sissy Timothy to sit.  "Sissy, I have some fun plans for us for tomorrow."  Sissy Timothy looked up from his salad with dread.  "After your ballet lesson, I thought we would go to the mall and buy you some pretty new dresses.  Wouldn't you like that?"

"Yes, Master, I would like that very much.  Thank you," Sissy Timothy obediently replied, horrified by the idea of it.  The other restaurant guests listened to the conversation with amusement, fascination and confusion.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Custom Ordered Sissy

For the Sissies that I transform for my own fun and amusement, I typically go for a slim, slinky look.  You know, teeny little waist, skinny arms, long lean legs...Mmmmm.  And with this look, I usually go for feminine, lady-like bosom, a B-cup or maybe a C-cup. 

But when I get a custom order for a Sissy, the buyers almost always seem to want really, really big boobs.  Well, the customer is always right -- and I don't disappoint my customers!

Sissy Angelique came to me voluntarily three years ago.  He wanted to be transformed into a pretty girl and had dreams of opening a beauty salon.  Well, half of Sissy Angelique's dreams came true; he is indeed very, very pretty now.  As for returning home to open a beauty salon, well, that was never going to happen. 

I had an order for a Sissy with really big tits.  And I saw that Sissy Angelique had the right physique to look awesome with an enormous rack.  Of course, he totally freaked out when I told him what I was going to do to him.  But by then it was far too late for him to regain any control of his fate.

My client was delighted when I presented Sissy Angelique -- and those huge boobs -- to him.

And now, everywhere Sissy Angelique goes, he attracts stares and lewd comments from men and disgusted looks and derisive comments from women.  And his Master delights in showing off his Sissy's majestic boobs in public, allowing his Sissy to wear only the skimpiest, most revealing tops.  Sissy Angelique begs his Master to allow im to wear a bra and to cover up his massive tits.  But why would his Master agree to that?