Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sissy's Anniversary Surprise

Mistress Royale told me that she had a "big surprise" planned for my second anniversary.  You see, it was exactly two years ago today that I fell under the control of Mistress Royale.  Since that day, she has been transforming me into a sweet, sexy Sissy plaything.

I had no idea what my "big surprise" might be.  I had hoped that she might give a present -- maybe a pretty locket with her picture inside or maybe a lacy nightgown.  Or perhaps she might invite some other Mistresses to bring their Sissies over for a Sissy tea party.

When it was time for my "big surprise", Mistress handed me a box containing a very sexy lingerie set, with a black, cropped cami top, a matching garter belt and fishnet stockings.  Once dressed in my outfit, she instructed me to put my arms behind my back.  When I did so, she tightly cuffed my wrists.  And then she blindfolded me.  I was getting excited.  I was feeling sexy and was so pleased with all the attention that Mistress was paying me.

She led me, cuffed and blindfolded into the next room, where she told me my anniversary present awaited.

When my blindfold was removed, I found myself standing in front of five, half-naked black men.  "He's all yours, boys!" Mistress Royale said to the muscular bulls.  And to me she said, "Happy Anniversary, Sissy!  I hope you enjoy your surprise!" 

I was horrified and so scared when I realized what was happening.  I turned to run for the door but the men quickly surrounded me and grabbed me.  There was no escape.

Mistress turned to leave and said, "Have fun boys!  Remember, the only rule:  no visible marks.  Other than that, you can do what you want to him.  Oh, and don't forget, I'm filming all this so I can post it to the internet later."  And with that, Mistress was gone.

"This is one sweet Sissy!"  one of the men said. 

"I can't wait to jam my big black cock up this little white Sissy bitch's ass!" said another.

The men started stripping off their pants, exposing their monstrous cocks.  Their hands were now all over me, and some started kissing me.  I could feel a stiff cock starting to dribble as it began to slide between my ass cheaks.

I started crying and begging them not to hurt me.  But one of the men slapped me hard across the face and snarled, "Shut the fuck up, Sissy!"

Another one said, "Yeah, a Sissy's mouth isn't for talking.  It's for sucking black cock!"

All the men roared with laughter when he said that. 

And so my "anniversary surprise" nightmare began.  I was the little white sex toy for five big black studs who beat me and gang raped me for two straight hours, filling me with gallons of their hot sticky cum.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Sissy's New Bra

Sissy Monica looked down sadly at his expanding breasts.

Mother had started her Sissy son on a rigorous feminization program ever since finding a collection of graphic forced feminization magazines under his bed.  "Is this what you want, you pathetic faggot!" she screamed when she found his secret stash.  "I can make this happen to you, you know.  You're not much of a man anyway are you?  You're a pathetic excuse of a male, just like your father was!"

And from that day day forward, Sissy Monica was forced to live his life as a girl.  Sissy Monica was so ashamed of Mother's discovery and so scared of her temper, that he didn't fight back. 

At first, he continued to go to high school as a boy, transforming back into a Sissy girl as soon as he got home.  Mother filled Sissy Monica's closet and drawers with pretty girl clothes and taught him how to put on make-up and fix his hair.  At first, to make Sissy Monica look really girlish, Mother filled the cups of his bra with realistic silicone breast forms.

But that was months ago.  But since then, after Mother's strict regiman of dieting, figure training and hormones, Sissy Monica's body had started to change. 

Recognizing these obvious changes in her son's body, Mother gave Sissy Monica a very exciting gift.  It was a padded bra.  Mother ordered him to put it on.

Sissy Monica slipped the straps on over his skinny shoulders while Mother watched.  He expertly fastened the clasp behind his back.  To his horror, Sissy Monica realized that his own boobs neatly filled the cups of his new bra.  You see, Sissy Monica no longer needed to wear the breast forms -- his own breasts had swollen quite dramatically in the last few weeks.  Sissy Monica now had a curvy, womanly bust with just his own boobs in his own padded bra.

"Ohhhhh!" Mother cooed, "Look at you!  My little Sissy Monica has blossomed into a real lady!  Tomorrow let's go shopping for a cute swimsuit for you!"  Sissy Monica started to cry, realizing that he would be stuck forever as a Sissy girl and never again be able to live his life as a boy.

Sissy Monica never returned to high school after that day.  But later that spring Mother and her "daughter" Sissy Monica went on a 10-day Carribean cruise during which Mother delighted parading her reluctant Sissy Monica in the prettiest and most revealing cocktail dresses and swimsuits, putting her Sissy's new cleavage on display for all to see and admire. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sissy's Sexy New Lingerie

 "Oh Sissy Belinda!  Come here!" my Wife shouted from her bedroom, ringing a bell that could be heard throughout the house.  I had been dreading this moment all night. 

Four hours ago, before going out on a date with her new boyfriend, my Wife handed me a box from a fancy lingerie shop downtown.  "There is a very pretty new bra and panty set in the box.  I want you to be wearing this and looking your sexiest when I get home.  And I want you wearing this pink bow in your hair.  And this lacey glove.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I meekly replied.  And while my Wife was out on her date, I dressed in the outfit as ordered.  I carefully tucked my pathetic little cockette away to ensure there would be no unsightly bulges.  I worked very hard to make my hair and make-up look sexy too.

My wife had returned home about an hour ago and was entertaining her new lover in the Master bedroom.  I had been waiting in silence in the laundry room, which was now also my bedroom.   And now I had been summoned.

I raced up the stairs to my Wife's master bedroom because my Wife hates to be kept waiting.  There I found my Wife and her lover sitting in bed naked, breathless from having just made love.

"You see, Charles, you didn't believe me.  This is my Sissy husband.  I call him Belinda now," my Wife explained to her muscular and handsome lover.

"No way!" he exclaimed in disbelief.  "That hot chick was your husband?"

"Well, unfortunately, technically he still is my husband, but you neededn't worry about that."  Then to me she said, "Well don't just stand there, Sissy Belinda.  Show us what you got.   Give us some sexy poses and show us what a pretty and pathetic little Sissy you've become.  I want to take some more photos of you."

As instructed, I struck several provocative poses, while my wife snapped away with her camera.  I could see the sheets cover Charles' lap begin to stir as I did my thing.  Obviously he was enjoying my performance and getting excited.

"And Charles, Sissy Belinda doesn't just look and act like a girl.   Oh no, he also sucks cock like a girl.  Isn't that true Sissy?"

"Yes Ma'am," I replied shamefully.  This was not the first time that my Wife had brought a lover home and forced me to "entertain" him.

"Well then, don't just stand there. Get over here and wrap your lips around this," she commanded as she threw back the sheets.  I gasped with when I saw her lover's monstrous cock.  My wife roared wife laughter seeing the shock on my face.  "Get busy Sissy!"

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Curvy Sissy

There is nothing I enjoy more than a slender, waif-like Sissy.  Their skinny little arms so pretty and weak.  Their slender little bodies so defenseless...

But not every Sissy can be carved into lithe little ballerina.

When Sissy Pamela came into my clutches, he was a bit older and a bit larger than the Sissies I usually work with.  But I thought he had potential and so I went to work on him.  Sissy Pamela was brought to me by his wife.  He thought that after he was transformed, that he would return to his wife for a lifetime of lesbian bliss.  Of course that was never going to happen.  His wife was tired of her Sissy husband and had already taken a new lover -- a real man -- and so Sissy Pamela was all mine, no strings attached.

And I was delighted with the results!  Sissy Pamela is a deliciously curvy Sissy.  It cost a fortune in plastic surgery bills to get the look exactly right.  His soft white flesh contrasting so prettily with the lingerie I dress him him.  His big soft boobs practically spilling from his bras.  His pretty round ass jiggling ever so slightly when he walks around in his high heels.  Delicious!

After nine months of training and surgery, his transformation was complete.  I told him that his wife had come to pick him up and take him home.  He was so excited!  I squeezed Sissy Pamela into the very sexy outfit you see at the right.  I had it custom made for him.  It's not comfortable but he does look gorgeous in it!  His hair and make-up were done just perfectly.  And then I paraded him into the lobby area where his wife was waiting -- sitting on her handsome lover's lap!  At first, poor Sissy Pamela was too confused to be completely humiliated.  It took a lot of explaining to convince him that he wasn't ever going home, that his wife had left him, that she now had a real man for a lover, and that everyone was now laughing at him.  Tears were flooding down Sissy Pamela's face when he finally realized that all of his dreams -- and his freedom -- were gone forever.

But here's the best part.  Who do you think would be most interested in a soft, curvy, fleshy, jiggly Sissy?  Big black men, of course!  Sissy Pamela has been an excellent investment for me because I can whore him out morning, noon and night to a long list big black bulls who can't get enough of my voluptuous creation.  My best clients are a group of five Offensive Linemen for the local NFL team.  They "visit" Sissy Pamela -- together -- at least twice a week. 

As a captive sex toy for powerful and demanding black men, poor Sissy Pamela's life is a horrifying nightmare of nearly continuous forced sex and abuse.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Sissy for the Entire Family to Enjoy!

When my Father ran off with another woman two years ago, my Stepmother became crazed with anger.  I knew that she had never really liked me and now that Father was gone, I knew that I would bear the brunt of her rage.  

I remember the day that she decided that she had too many boys to raise.  You see, she already had four sons of her own, all of whom were big and strong and brutish and mean.  Over dinner one night, Stepmother announced that from that moment on, that I would be a girl, her "daughter".  She said that I was already "girlish" to begin with and that I was probably a secret "sissy faggot" anyway, so turning me into a girl would be easy.  Her four sons roared with laughter when she said this, while I ran from the kitchen in tears and hid in my room.  I was so scared of what was going to happen to me and so ashamed to be called names like "Sissy" and "faggot" in front of my half brothers.

My life changed completely.  From that day forward, I was continuously with my Stepmother.  I even slept in a small cot in her bedroom.  I no longer went to school.  All of my old clothes were thrown away.  I was allowed to wear only my Stepmother's old dresses.  I even had to wear her underwear and her high heeled shoes.  My days were spent in dresses and make-up, cooking for and cleaning up after my four half brothers.  Stepmother punished me harshly if my chores were not done perfectly or if my behavior was not completely feminine.  I was taken to see several doctors and given shots and pills and soon I started to notice changes in my body.

After a while, I didn't mind so much the tiring and demeaning chores I did all day.  But I dreaded the end of the day when the boys would return home.  They relentlessly teased me, calling me names, slapping and pinching my butt, grabbing and squeezing my growing breasts.  It was awful.

Whenever Stepmother and the boys went into town to go to a restaurant or see a movie, I would be left behind.  Stepmother said that I couldn't be trusted to behave properly unsupervised, so I would be tied up in the storage room over the garage whenever they went out. 

Tonight, Stepmother was taking the boys into town for dinner.  Because Stepmother was angry with me for something I did or didn't do, she made me take off my dress and undies before being imprisoned in the garage attic for the evening.  The boys loved staring at me being paraded through the house naked by their mother!  The attic was so cold and uncomfortable.  I sat there for hours with nothing to do but to think about what a nightmare my life had become.

But at least tonight, I was alone.  That was better than being groped and abused by the boys.  Whenever Stepmother was out -- or any other time the boys could get me alone -- they would do things to me.  And make me do things to them.  It was horrible and disgusting and painful.  The boys used me a like a real girl, pumping gallons of their hot, sticky cum into to me and all over me.

The oldest one, Carl, was the worst.  He was mean and stupid and huge.  He not only liked to fuck me, but he really enjoyed hurting me at the same time, slapping me, pulling my hair, twisting my arms up hard behind my back.  Well at least the boys were out tonight.  Or so I thought.

That's when I heard Carl's heavy footsteps clumping up the stairs to the attic.  "Guess what, Sissy?  I came home early tonight.  So you and I can have some fun together and nobody will bother us.  Won't that be fun?"  He was already unzipping his jeans as he approached me.  I scrambled to me feet in a useless attempt to get away from him, but my hands were tied and I had no where to go.

He grabbed me with his huge rough hands.  He squeezed my boobs really hard and licked my face all over with his disgusting, drooly tongue.

"You are all mine tonight, Sissy," he hissed into my ear as I started to cry.