Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Curvy Sissy

There is nothing I enjoy more than a slender, waif-like Sissy.  Their skinny little arms so pretty and weak.  Their slender little bodies so defenseless...

But not every Sissy can be carved into lithe little ballerina.

When Sissy Pamela came into my clutches, he was a bit older and a bit larger than the Sissies I usually work with.  But I thought he had potential and so I went to work on him.  Sissy Pamela was brought to me by his wife.  He thought that after he was transformed, that he would return to his wife for a lifetime of lesbian bliss.  Of course that was never going to happen.  His wife was tired of her Sissy husband and had already taken a new lover -- a real man -- and so Sissy Pamela was all mine, no strings attached.

And I was delighted with the results!  Sissy Pamela is a deliciously curvy Sissy.  It cost a fortune in plastic surgery bills to get the look exactly right.  His soft white flesh contrasting so prettily with the lingerie I dress him him.  His big soft boobs practically spilling from his bras.  His pretty round ass jiggling ever so slightly when he walks around in his high heels.  Delicious!

After nine months of training and surgery, his transformation was complete.  I told him that his wife had come to pick him up and take him home.  He was so excited!  I squeezed Sissy Pamela into the very sexy outfit you see at the right.  I had it custom made for him.  It's not comfortable but he does look gorgeous in it!  His hair and make-up were done just perfectly.  And then I paraded him into the lobby area where his wife was waiting -- sitting on her handsome lover's lap!  At first, poor Sissy Pamela was too confused to be completely humiliated.  It took a lot of explaining to convince him that he wasn't ever going home, that his wife had left him, that she now had a real man for a lover, and that everyone was now laughing at him.  Tears were flooding down Sissy Pamela's face when he finally realized that all of his dreams -- and his freedom -- were gone forever.

But here's the best part.  Who do you think would be most interested in a soft, curvy, fleshy, jiggly Sissy?  Big black men, of course!  Sissy Pamela has been an excellent investment for me because I can whore him out morning, noon and night to a long list big black bulls who can't get enough of my voluptuous creation.  My best clients are a group of five Offensive Linemen for the local NFL team.  They "visit" Sissy Pamela -- together -- at least twice a week. 

As a captive sex toy for powerful and demanding black men, poor Sissy Pamela's life is a horrifying nightmare of nearly continuous forced sex and abuse.


  1. Linda, "My curvy sissy" is a work of art. This is my favorite blog. Period. You are a genius! This post is so erotic! Every sentence is devastating. I would love to see an entire story based on the future life of this sissy. While a petite sissy is cute, being forced to be a full figured sissy would be extremely humiliating. Thank you for sharing this great blog with your fans. I am sure that you spend alot of time on it. John at

  2. Oh, I love it! Love it, love it!

  3. this is 1 of the best yet id so love to be a women for a mistress

  4. Not a bad situation to end up in after being rejected by his wife. A beautiful and curvy sissy taking care of strong powerful black men.

  5. Maybe Sissy Pamela could be put on a weight gain diet to make those contours even more dramatic. I'm sure his 'dates' would like that. And his wife and lover could stop by occasionally to remind him of what he has lost.

  6. My panty-waxed-ass " sissy would be put on a very, very, restricted Diet!" And a very tight Of Cor-set hurts " bitch!" Tight fitting spike heels too!" Suffer Slut!" Mistress Kathy

  7. what a delicious erotic mind you have!! Wonderful, but wish there was more details.....