Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Sissy Neighbor -- Part 1

Andy has lived next door to me ever since I can remember.  We've been in the same grade and attended the same schools since kindergarten.  Andy has some big secrets that only my mom and I know.

Andy has always been...different.  I have known that he is a sissy for many years.  When we were little, he used to come over to my house almost every day after school.  He never wanted to play boy games or run around outside. Instead he loved staying inside with me, playing with my Barbies together, having tea parties with me and my stuffed animals, playing dress up in my mother's closet -- that sort of stuff. To me he was just like a sister and best girlfriend all in one. My mother saw all of this.  She was concerned about Andy and his sissy tendencies. But she was more concerned about his home life.  Andy's parents were a mess -- his father unemployed and abusive and his mother a big drinker.  There was always a lot of yelling going on in their house. Mom was happier when Andy was at our house.  At least she knew he was safe and felt cared for here.

As Andy got older, to other kids at school he just seemed to get weirder. When we got to high school, he had let his hair grow long and even partially bleached it.  He was also incredibly skinny and his clothes were all black and goth. He usually kept the hood of his black sweatshirt pulled up over his head.  And even if you did see he long hair, he kept it pulled back in a sloppy pony tail in a way that made him look more like a rocker than a sissy. He really kept to himself; he didn't have any friends except for me. The other kids thought that he was so odd that they didn't even bother to tease him. But I knew he wasn't so strange. He just had a secret life that he wanted to protect and being a loner was the best way to do it.

You see, almost every night, Andy disappears and his alter ego, Anita, comes alive.

Andy has told his parents that he works as a dishwasher at a restaurant on the other side of town six nights a week -- Tuesday through Sunday.  They don't bother to check up on him and since he contributes the $300 every week to help pay for the family's rent money, no one complains.  But Andy doesn't wash dishes at a restaurant.  Andy, or rather Anita, is one of the hostesses at Club Satin, an expensive "gentlemen's club" downtown. And he doesn't earn $300 per week. He earns about $1,500 every week.  It's true.

And when he's all dolled up at Anita, no one would ever know that "she" is really a "he."  I mean, just look at this photo!  He's incredibly beautiful as a girl!

How does he do this with no one else knowing?  Because my mom and I help him.  He leaves his house around 5:00 in the afternoon and drives his beat-up used car over to my house where he pulls into our garage. He then takes the next hour or so changing from Andy to Anita.  And he is absolutely amazing with make-up and his hair. He keeps all his supplies at our house: his make-up, his dresses and shoes, his bras and panties, his jewelry, his padding for his hips and boobs, the works.

His ratty pony-tail gets combed out into a pretty style that just brushes his shoulders.  His lips are crazy full and sensual.  He eyes look huge and sexy underneath his heavy false eyelashes.  Then around 6:00, when he is ready to head to work, he lets mom and me admire the finished product.  We are always incredibly complimentary about how pretty he is.  I know he likes hearing the support especially from my mom.  She tells him to "be careful" every time before he gets back into his car and drives to the club. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Boyfriend for my Sissy Husband -- The Conclusion

By the time Danielle woke up, it was already dark out.  His eyes were blurry and his head -- and his ass -- hurt. A lot. He managed to read the clock on the end table and it said 9:25!  Danielle had told is wife that he would be home by 6:00! He had been asleep for several hours. What had happened?  Danielle fumbled for a light switch.

"Martin?  Martin?  Where are you?  Did you know it is after 9:00?  I really need to get home now.  My wife is going to kill me!  Martin?"  But Martin was nowhere to be found.  Martin was long gone Danielle had slept because Martin had crushed several Ambien tablets and put them in Danielle's champagne.

Danielle ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.  He looked awful.  His make-up and hair were a total mess.  And there was Martin's cum caked on his face and in his hair.  "Martin!  Where are you?" he wailed again.  He looked for his purse so he could at least comb his hair and fix his make-up but he couldn't find that either.

But he did find an envelope propped up against the champagne bottle with "Danielle" written on it. Danielle opened the envelope and pulled out the letter inside and started reading it:

Dear Stupid Sissy Slut --
By the time you read this I am long gone.  How does it feel to have my semen drying deep inside your sissy ass-pussy and in your throat and on your face?  Does it feel like you've been used as a worthless sissy cum bucket?  It should.  Because that's exactly what you are.
I made you tell me that you loved me. You shouted it while my dick was up your ass! But I want you to know that you meant nothing to me.  You are just a weak, worthless sissy bitch.  Your only value is as a place for real men like me to leave our sperm.
I can't believe how easy you were to manipulate.  You believed every word I said.  I have never met anyone more stupid or more gullible in my entire life.
By the way, I took you purse and your phone.  And I took back the diamond heart necklace.  I will give that to someone I actually care about.
Good luck checking out of the hotel -- the front desk is expecting you to pay.  The room cost $950. I'm not sure how you will handle that without your purse, but I don't really care.
I am sure that you will never forget me.  But I want you to know that I have already forgotten everything about you.

Danielle had to read the entire letter twice to begin to comprehend what it was saying. And when it sank it, he began to cry.  And cry. His feelings were crushed. He collapsed to the floor, sobbing so hard that he struggled to breathe. His heart was broken and he felt like such a fool and such a failure. Martin's letter was right -- he was just a worthless sissy bitch.

The crying continued for some minutes but as his thoughts cleared, Danielle began to focus on some practical problems he had like getting home and paying for the hotel.  There was no choice but to call his wife and have her come rescue him. So that's what he did.
"Where the fuck are you?" I screamed into the phone when he called.  "You said you would be home at 6:00 and now it's nearly 10:00!  Where are you?"  I was really enjoying this.

Danielle confessed that he wasn't really downtown but instead at the Inn on the Pier and I responded with well rehearsed surprise.  Danielle had to spill everything -- his lying to me, the diamond necklace, having sex with Martin -- everything.  My anger in response was volcanic and Danielle had no defense.

I took my time driving down to the lake and picking him up.  He looked absolutely awful!  His hair was a tangled, gooey mess and his make-up was smeared. Mascara was running down his cheeks from all the crying. The girls at the reception desk couldn't help but giggle when they saw Danielle, a total train wreck, walk through the lobby. I paid the room charge which gave me yet one more stick to beat Danielle with. I had purposely parked my car several blocks away so Danielle could enjoy a nice long "walk of shame" down sidewalks crowded with people out for Saturday night.

Danielle cried and cried the whole way home.  The poor little sissy must have been near total emotional collapse with the combined effect of his extreme heartbreak and his total humiliation.  He repeatedly blubbered about how sorry he was. I remained shocked and furious -- even though he had done everything exactly the way I had hoped he would.

Danielle's waterworks had mostly subsided by the time I pulled the car in the garage.  I turned off the engine but before getting out of the car, I said to him, "You know, Danielle, you have truly disappointed me in so many ways.  Your little "affair" -- and especially your lies to me -- have changed everything. I have made a decision. From now on, you may continue to live here, serving as my maid, keeping the house spotless, making my meals, doing my laundry -- everything -- but I do not want to have to see or hear you.  Ever!  You will do your chores when I am asleep or out of the house or in our -- I mean, my -- room. Otherwise, when I am home, you are to become invisible. You will stay in the storage room in the basement, as quiet as a church mouse. That is where you will live starting immediately. And this is how things will be until -- and if -- I decide that things will change. Do you have any questions?"

The totally defeated little sissy just shook his head. "I can't hear your head shaking. I asked you if you have any questions?" I said with anger welling up in my voice.

"No, Ma'am.  No questions." my sissy whispered meekly.

Then I exploded on him, slapping him violently across the face until my hands hurt. "I told you that I don't want to hear you! What part of that didn't you understand!?!" I was screaming out loud but laughing inside.

The poor confused sissy just bowed his head in total subservience demonstrating that he understood.

"I'm going to bed now. After I'm upstairs you can get out of the car. In the morning after I leave for the day, you can move your things out of the master bedroom and into the basement."

And then for the coup de grace. "Since you were unfaithful to me, I have decided that I am going to have an affair of my own."  Whatever color was left in Danielle's face drained away immediately.  He was devastated. I had succeeded in completely breaking him!  I had restored the proper balance to our dominant wife/submissive sissy husband relationship.

I smiled as I thought about Danielle's diamond heart pendant, hidden from view, hanging between my breasts.  Just imagine how Danielle will feel when he learns that I am going out with Martin next Saturday night!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Boyfriend for my Sissy Husband -- part 4

Martin had ordered some champagne from room service which was a very good idea because even though Danielle was excited by everything that was happening to him, he was also very frightened.  The champagne helped to settle his nerves.

"Martin," Danielle said softly, "I need you to know that I've never done this before."

"That's OK," Martin replied coolly, "I've done it lots."

Danielle wasn't exactly sure how this was going to work. If he took off all his clothes, he wouldn't look like a girl anymore and that would spoil the effect for Danielle -- and maybe for Martin too. So while Martin was in the bathroom, Danielle pulled out a sexy nightgown that he managed to stuff in his purse before leaving.  He slipped his nightgown on over his well-padded bra and panties. Danielle freshened his lipstick, put on a bit more perfume and checked himself out in the mirror.  He was very satisfied that he looked pretty and sexy in his nightgown. And with his bra and pads in place, he had all the right curves.  His fantasy was intact; he was a beautiful woman about to have sex with a handsome man.  He slipped on the hotel robe and waited.

Martin emerged from the bathroom looking very sexy. He was also wearing a hotel robe. They made out for a few heavenly minutes. Then Danielle dropped his robe to the floor, revealing his sexy nightgown. Martin looked admiringly at Danielle and gave him a little wolf whistle. "Let's get under the covers," he said.  And so they did. And then the action began.
Martin took control and directed Danielle every step of the way.  And Danielle did everything -- everything -- Martin told him to do.  It started with Danielle stroking and massaging Martin's cock, which made it get stiff.  Danielle was amazed by how big Martin's cock was! It seemed to keep growing and growing the more Danielle played with it. It was at least ten times as big as Danielle's tiny penis.
Then Danielle was instructed to kiss and suck on Martin's cock.  Martin started pumping slowly back and forth in Danielle's mouth. Danielle struggled to fit much of Martin's giant dick in his mouth but he tried his best.  Then Martin's rocking started to get faster and stronger.  After a few minutes, Martin was forcing powerful, deep thrusts into Danielle's mouth, forcefully holding Danielle's head in place so his cock was snaking into Danielle's virgin throat.  And that is when Martin started cumming for the first time.  It seemed to Danielle that a gallon of hot semen was flooding into his mouth.  "Swallow it!  Swallow, bitch!" Martin growled.  Danielle never heard him talk like that but figured it was what real men say when they're excited.

Danielle's ass was next and Martin was ready to do again after just a few minutes rest.  Martin smeared lube on his dick and on Danielle's ass. He positioned Danielle on all fours and then he went to town.  For Danielle, it was very painful at first, having a giant cock rammed up his butt for the very first time. But after a few minutes it started to feel good and Danielle enjoyed the feeling of giving his man such pleasure. Just like before the thrusting start slowly but picked up speed and power as Martin's excitement built. He fucked Danielle hard.  With one arm wrapped around Danielle's waist, he used his free arm to spank Danielle's ass -- hard -- in time with his thrusts. "Say you love me, bitch!  Say it!  Say it now and say it loud!" he yelled at Danielle. Danielle didn't like being called "bitch" but he did as he was told.  "I love you, Martin.  I love you!" he said as loud as he could. As Martin came inside Danielle's ass, Danielle's little dick exploded too, spilling his cum all over the sheets.

Martin wasn't done.  He had taken three Viagra pills as soon as they had checked in.  He shoved his filthy dick back into Danielle's mouth and Danielle didn't protest. After several minutes of more rough thrusting, Danielle could tell Martin was about ready to cum again. Danielle prepared himself to swallow another flood of semen.  But Martin didn't cum in Danielle's mouth. Instead, Martin pulled out of his mouth just before cumming, shooting wads of hot cum into Danielle's face and hair.
Martin climbed out of bed and let out a little chuckle as he looked at the cum soaked sissy mess lying there. "Here," Martin said, handing Danielle his champagne glass, "have a drink."

 "Are you coming back to bed?" Danielle purred.  "I want to snuggle."

"Sure, I'll be there in just a minute," Martin said.  Danielle pulled the sheets up to his chin and promptly fell asleep.