Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sissy Attitude Adjustment

Poor Sissy Millie just couldn't seem to accept what was happening to him. 

Physically, Sissy Millie was a huge success -- his forced transformation from occasional crossdresser to chemically and surgically feminized sissy was nearly perfect.  His face was smooth and beautiful, his body was soft and slender.  His hair was long and full.  And his boobs were...well...incredible.  Just look at them!  I can't resist squeezing them and playing with them!

Everything was perfect except for his attitude.

You see, Sissy Millie continued to insist that he was "a man."  He kept shouting that his name was Simon and he would never be another man's full-time, live-in sissy slave.

This was a real problem for me.  Sissy Millie's new owner was scheduled to take possession of his sissy in just three weeks.  But Sissy Millie's attitude -- his entire mental state -- needed a major adjustment.  And quickly!

I've been through this many times before and I have never failed to break a sissy. Sissy Millie is going to wish he had cooperated with his transformation and succumbed to his new life before it came to this.  He is going to endure punishment beyond his wildest imagination.  Once it begins, he is going to start begging me to stop the torture -- begging to be allowed to embrace his new life as a sissy maid and sex slave.  But I am not going to stop until I know that Simon is gone and only Sissy Millie remains. And if that takes three weeks, well that's OK with me. 

Sissy Millie has been tightly corseted, bound and perched on that little stool all night long, a 12 inch dildo vibrating and pulsing wildly in his sissy pussy.  Morning has finally arrived after a long, painful and sleepless night.  He is terrified and exhausted. But his worst fears about what are about to happen to him are nothing -- NOTHING -- compared to what this final stage of his transformation will be like. We will completely break his will and his soul.

I feel no guilt about the suffering Sissy Millie will soon endure.  This is all his own damn fault.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Sissy Nanny -- part 4

In addition to being little Greggie's sissy wet nurse, we decided that Sissy Susie should pump fresh milk for Greg Sr.'s morning coffee.  That's right!  Now every morning when Sissy Susie brings Greg and me our breakfast in bed, there is a little little pitcher of Sissy Susie's warm, creamy sissy milk on the tray.  I'll admit it's an acquired taste, but now my Greg won't drink coffee without it!

Whenever Greg sees Sissy Susie nursing or pumping -- or sometimes both -- Greg can't resist going up to Sissy Susie's face and saying "Mooooooo!"  Tears start to well up in Susie's eyes every time, realizing that he has been reduced to little more than a bizarre combination of a slave and dairy cow.  Little Greggie giggles every time he hears his daddy go, "Mooooooo!"

Last night Greg and I were making love.  As always, Sissy Susie stood silently in the corner, ready to fetch us a drink or some lube or a towel.  The front of his satin blouse was covered with milk stains, which happens every time he watches Greg and me fuck. When we were done, Greg said to me, "Say, after the twins come, how is the Sissy going to feed all the babies? Maybe we need to get him an extra boob!"  We both burst out laughing at that idea.  "Just like in that movie, Total Recall!" I added, barely able to breathe because I was laughing so hard.

Poor little Sissy Susie definitely wasn't laughing.  Tears started to stream down his pretty, made-up face.  Greg looked over at the totally humiliated Sissy Susie, tears and milk spilling uncontrollably out of his feminized body.  "It's like having a fountain in our bedroom," he said.  We collapsed in laughter again.

"You're right," I said.  "It's so romantic having a fountain in our bedroom!  Fuck me again!"  And he did while my sissy husband silently watched.