Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sissy Drugged for Party Night

Sissy Maria was just starting to regain consciousness, having been heavily drugged earlier in the day -- as always happened before the weekly "party nights" that the Master arranged.  As Sissy Maria re-awakened, he could see that he had been dressed in a very sexy and revealing belly dancer's outfit.  In the mirrored ceiling he could see that his hair and make-up had done -- he had been primped and painted and dressed as a super sexy harem girl.  The room was still spinning as he started to become aware that he was surrounded by a dozen men, all of whom were starting to remove their pants.  He tried to move but the drugs left her with no control of his body.  He couldn't even scream.  He was stuck, on display on the table in the middle of the room full of his Master's horny and perverted friends.  Poor Sissy Maria, the drugs had now worn off enough that he was fully aware of the gang rape he was about to endure -- but was unable to defend himself in any way.  He squeezed her eyes tightly shut and began to silently sob at his fate. 

Elegant Sissy at Bedtime

Knowing that his Master demanded absolute Sissy perfection, Sissy Lisa spent hours each evening preparing himself for bedtime to ensure that his Master was pleased.  Sissy Lisa made sure that his hair and make-up were sexy and elegant.  He donned the luxurious night gown and robe that had been an "anniversary" gift from his Master.  Tonight they were celebrating the 6 month anniversary of Sissy Lisa's enslavement to his Master.
"Oh baby, you are so hot!"said his Master as Sissy Lisa made his grand entrance into the Master bedroom.  "Now get over here and wrap those pretty Sissy lips around my big fat cock." 

Sissy's First Date

Little Sissy Wendy had spent most of the aftenoon at the salon being prettified to sissy perfection for his big night.

Sissy Wendy's Mistress had posted ads on the Internet to find a boyfriend for her exquisitely feminized Sissy.  Poor little Sissy Wendy is disgusted and terrified about having a male lover.  But this is what Mistress wants and she doesn't care about Sissy Wendy's silly feelings.

As the door bell rings, Mistress reminds Sissy Wendy that he is to be charming, obedient and submissive on his first date with a man.

A Sissy Housewife Welcomes her Man Home

"Honey, I'm home!" my Master/Husband called as he walked in the door.

I quickly removed my apron and raced to meet him at the door for his welcome home kiss.  My Master/Husband hugged me hard, giving my bottom a squeeze.

"Your dinner is ready," I said proudly, knowing that I had fulfilled one of my important Sissy Housewife duties.

"Dinner can wait.  I'm horny!" he announced as he unzipped his pants.

I dutifully dropped to my knees as I had been trained and eagerly started kissing, licking and sucking his big, hard cock, just as a good Sissy Housewife should.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sexy Sissy Escort

Feminized to absolute perfection, Sissy Annette was ready for another night as a high-priced sissy escort for visiting businessmen.  It had been a very busy week as there was a convention in town.  Sissy Annette was going on 3 or 4 dates every day!

How did poor little Sissy Annette end up in this position?  Three years ago, as a young crossdresser, he responded to an ad on Craig's List offering "transformation" make-up services from a woman named Vanessa.  Vanessa was an expert and made Sissy Annette look and feel completely feminine -- for a heavy price.  Sissy Annette was soon having make-over sessions with Vanessa several times a week and was soon deeply in debt.  Sissy Annette was addicted to Vanessa's tranformations and was completely ensnared in Vanessa's web.  

Sissy Annette soon moved into a spare room in the basement in Vanessa's house and Vanessa began keeping Sissy Annette in dresses and make-up 24/7.  Heavy doses of hormones were slipped into Sissy's food and Vanessa used mind control techniques to strip away the Sissy's independence.  Vanessa became Sissy Annette's pimp and she was determined to make this a "profitable" relationship.

Starved and brutally corsetted, Sissy Annette's body became slender and sexy.  Her swelling breasts filled out her tight dresses.  Men were highly aroused by the sight of her and enjoyed running their rough hands all over her delicious curves.

Sissy Annette sees her next "date" from across the hotel bar.  It is time to be flirty and charming and docile.  She will soon find herself on her knees in a hotel room upstairs... 

The Busy Life of a Sissy Servant

Sissy Daniela feels completely fulfilled by his/her role as the submissive, obedient servant of the Mistress that he/she adores. He happily gave up everything he once had as a man -- his job, his family, his life savings, and most of all his free will -- in order to be able to serve his beloved Mistress 24 hours a day. Sissy Daniela works tirelessly as the Mistress's sissy maid, her sissy secretary and when necessary, her sissy lover. In return for his/her devotion and service, Sissy Daniela receives the Mistress's firm and expert guidance in being transformed physically and mentally into a beautiful, docile sissy servant.

It is not easy being a sissy servant to a demanding and strong Mistress. It is only 5:30 in the morning, but our pretty little Sissy is already awake, bathed, and his/her hair and make-up are done to perfection. Still dressed in only his/her pretty bra and exquisitely tight girdle, Sissy Daniela checks the list of chores for the day. Soon he/she will don the morning service uniform and apron and prepare the Mistress's breakfast, beginning another day of servitude.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sissy in a Bikini Pleases his Master

Although Sissy Lydia fought against his captivity and forced femininity training at first, he had now embraced his new life and his new body.  The hormones, the beatings, the forced sex, the hours of beautification procedures had stripped him of his old male persona.  Instead, his Master and Trainer had created a sexy and beautiful love doll with beautiful, full breasts, a luscious round ass, long auburn hair and soft, silky skin.  Now, Sissy Lydia's entire sense of self and purpose was to serve and please his Master 24 hours a day.  Sissy Lydia was so happy to pose seductively in his skimpy bikini while his Master played with himself, enjoying Sissy Lydia's show.

A Sissy Accepts his Fate

After nearly a year of intense training, massive doses of hormones and severe psychological abuse, poor little Sissy Jenny finally surrendered himself to his new reality.  He abandoned any remaining sense of the high school drop-out he was.  He also abandoned any remaining hope that he might someday be able to escape from the captivity of his Master.  Sissy Jenny accepted his fate -- that he was now the fully feminized, sissified love toy for a strong, masculine and demanding Master.  Sissy Jenny gently wrapped his soft, manicured fingers around his Master's swelling cock and whispered, "How my serve you, my Master."

Reminding your Sissy Who's in Charge

Even after the feminization process is complete and your Sissy is completely docile and properly trained, it is important to periodically remind your little Sissy that he/she is merely an object to serve and amuse you.   Poor little Sissy Mindy has been a fully feminized, beautified Sissy servant to his domineering Wife/Mistress for more than three years.  But several times each month, the Wife/Mistress surprises her little Sissy plaything with a few hours of cruel torture, humiliation and fear.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sissy Double Date

Poor little Sissy.  At first he thought the crossdressing games he played
with his wife were fun.  But now, 18 months later, he is living as the full-
time maid to his Wife/Mistress and her lover. 

Recently, his Wife/Mistress has been saying that her Sissy is simply too pretty, too sexy to keep locked up in the house.  So tonight, Sissy is going on a double date with his Wife/Mistress, her lover and another man!  Poor Sissy!  He is so nervous and so frightened.  He knows nothing about the man that his Wife/
Mistress has selected for his date.  All Sissy does know is that he will
be beaten severely if he doesn't look pretty or if he doesn't behave
himself tonight... 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Swimsuit Sissies

The poor little sissies had never been displayed before in swimsuits. But here they were, nervously descending the stairs to the crowded pool area of the fancy resort.

Their Masters looked on approvingly at the sweet
sissies in their skin tight swimsuits and high heeled sandals.

In a few minutes, the sissies will be rubbing suntan lotion onto their Masters' muscular shoulders, fetching them drinks, and doing all the things that a pair of totally feminized boys should do for their owners.

Sissy Bait

Powdered sissy

Knowing that his Master would be home soon, Sissy Michelle checked
 his make-up and applied a bit more powder.  After six months of strict
 corset training, his waist was down to a dainty 19 inches.  Poor Sissy
 Michelle could barely remember his life before he was lured into being
 tranformed into the docile, servile housewife to a rich and powerful man.

Sissy prepared for master

After nearly six hours in the beauty salon chair, Sissy Crissy was 
finally ready to be presented to his Master.  Tonight was going to be
the most important night of Crissy's life; tonight Crissy would pledge
 himself to his Master for all time in a Sissy Enslavement ceremony.
All of the Master's friends would be in attendance tonight and
Crissy wanted to make the Master feel proud.  Months of severe
training, beatings and brainwashing had transformed this teenage runaway
boy into the most exquisite sissy love toy ever.

Sissy Party Preparations

Sissies prepare for their dates

Bedtime Sissy