Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Sissy Accepts his Fate

After nearly a year of intense training, massive doses of hormones and severe psychological abuse, poor little Sissy Jenny finally surrendered himself to his new reality.  He abandoned any remaining sense of the high school drop-out he was.  He also abandoned any remaining hope that he might someday be able to escape from the captivity of his Master.  Sissy Jenny accepted his fate -- that he was now the fully feminized, sissified love toy for a strong, masculine and demanding Master.  Sissy Jenny gently wrapped his soft, manicured fingers around his Master's swelling cock and whispered, "How my serve you, my Master."


  1. "How may i serve You master" indeed for i'd serve him as he wished to be.

  2. any kind of escaping you Sissy Jenny might get tortured?" Behave Bitch or pay the conquestences Pamela A.