Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sissy Drugged for Party Night

Sissy Maria was just starting to regain consciousness, having been heavily drugged earlier in the day -- as always happened before the weekly "party nights" that the Master arranged.  As Sissy Maria re-awakened, he could see that he had been dressed in a very sexy and revealing belly dancer's outfit.  In the mirrored ceiling he could see that his hair and make-up had done -- he had been primped and painted and dressed as a super sexy harem girl.  The room was still spinning as he started to become aware that he was surrounded by a dozen men, all of whom were starting to remove their pants.  He tried to move but the drugs left her with no control of his body.  He couldn't even scream.  He was stuck, on display on the table in the middle of the room full of his Master's horny and perverted friends.  Poor Sissy Maria, the drugs had now worn off enough that he was fully aware of the gang rape he was about to endure -- but was unable to defend himself in any way.  He squeezed her eyes tightly shut and began to silently sob at his fate. 


  1. Maria is so lovely is it any wonder all those men want her.

  2. When is my turn i need to end up like this. I promise to fight you a little to end up like this. If anyone would like to do this to me contact me at jafox88@comcast.net

  3. If I had my way sissy Maria , would be taken to a slave auction in a Foreign country Debra W. Act like a lady?" Or they will turn you into a real one Bitch!"

    1. You can have your way with me I want to be a real woman so that I can please more men