Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Sissies for the Harem - Part 1

As one of the wealthiest oil barons in Saudi Arabia, the Prince had unlimited funds with which to build his Sissy Harem.  Frail and effeminate boys were lured from ghettos in Europe and Asia with promises of jobs in the Prince's palace.  What actually awaited these unsuspecting boys was a lifetime of captivity and a 24/7 program of feminization.  After a year of hormones, surgery and intensive training, the thoroughly feminized boys "graduate" to become part of the Prince's Sissy Harem where their lives are focused solely on attaining sissified perfection and pleasing their Prince and Master in every way.  Here we see two of the Prince's favorite Sissies about to engage in some hot Sissy passion for the Prince's entertainment.


  1. Oh to be young enough to be in the princes harem.

  2. Yes, where are the applications ?