Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sissy Birthday Surprise

My Mistress seemed to go to extra effort when she dressed me this afternoon. She had me try one several dresses until she decided that she liked how this one looked best. My Mistress seemed so happy and excited as she did my hair and my make-up. She absolutely giggled with delight as she pinned the big pink hat to my tresses. My Mistress had told me that she was planning a fun outing today to celebrate my birthday.

She was in such a good mood that I worked up the courage to ask her a question. "Mistress," I asked softly, "where are we going today?"

"Oh, you are a curious little Sissy, aren't you?" she replied, "Why don't you try to guess where we're going."

"Well," I replied tentatively, "based on how I'm dressed, maybe we are going to the Smithtown Garden Show, or maybe we are going out for tea, or to a matinee..."

"Oh my goodness, no!" exclaimed my Mistress. "There's a double header scheduled today and you're going to spend the afternoon at the baseball stadium. The stadium will be packed with rowdy, drunk fans. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

I nearly fainted. "Oh please, PLEASE, don't make me sit in the stands dressed like this. I'll look rediculous. Everyone will stare and laugh at me."

"Oh don't be silly. You look lovely. The men in the stadium will enjoy looking at you. But I didn't tell you the best part -- during the seventh inning stretch, the Jumbotron cameras will focus on you while the announcer leads the crowd in singing, "Happy Birthday, Sissy Tiffany!"


  1. last 2 captions have been inspired

  2. Oh my what a special birthday that would be.

  3. My birthday surprise, besides the spankings, let's see?" ......... Oh, I know?................ My sissy never had a girly childhood, Until now?" Taken out in public, dressed up as a sweet, precious little girl!" Like a " Shirley temple" outfit so, so, pretty!" Can't wait?" Priscilla P.