Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sissy's Night Out

Every Saturday night was "date night."  Tonight I would be going out with my Wife/Mistress and her boyfriend for dinner at a fancy restaurant, then to a night club for more cocktails and dancing.  My Wife/Mistress went to great lengths to give me the look she liked best.  After spending hours helping me with my hair and make-up, my Wife/Mistress painfully laced me into my corset, giving me the narrow-waisted look she enjoyed.  Sky-high heels and a fancy, tailored and attention grabbing dress completed my look.

I would be instructed to sit and eat in silence while my Wife/Mistress and her lover flirted and laughed and groped each other during dinner.  At the dance club, I would be perched on a stool, on display, positioned where I would have to watch my Wife/Mistress and her man dance and make-out on the dance floor.  I was only allowed to speak if some unsuspecting man approached to buy me a drink or ask me to dance -- and if that happened, I was not permitted to decline. 


  1. Being what mistress wants and doing what your told is a sissy's greatest desire.

  2. I assume that at dinner the wife orders for her sissy and counts his calories to keep his waist slim. Imagine him sitting there watching his wife and lover, knowing that her body is forever denied to himself and anticpating what will happen when they return home. Making him dance with strange men (with roving hands) is an excellent idea.