Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sissy on the Beach

Master Rick brought his captive Sissy Shelley to the beach for the first time. Sissy Shelley rarely left the mansion; he had been Master Rick's captive and sissy love slave for three years.

Today, Master Rick wanted to show off his little sissy on the beach. Sissy Shelley's body was totally hot! The hormones and surgery he had forced on his sissy had transformed him from a skinny young man into the ultimate in sissified beauty and perfection.

Master Rick dressed poor little Sissy Shelley in a skimpy bikini. His big, soft boobs were shamelessly on display for everyone on the crowded beach to see. His tight bikini bottom barely hid his tiny useless sissy cocklet.

Master Rick walked down to the water and dove into the surf, leaving Sissy Shelley alone on the blanket. Sensing an opportunity to escape, Sissy Shelley leapt up from the blanket and started sprinting down the beach, his huge tits bouncing madly as he ran. Master Rick saw his prized sissy captive making a run for freedom. Master Rick raced after his sissy and tackled him to the sand.

Master Rick pinned his sissy to the sand. Sissy Shelley knew better than to try to fight his powerful, muscular Master. With his hard body on top of the little sissy's lithe little frame, Master Rick whispered into Sissy Shelley's ear, "That was a very very stupid thing to do. You should know better than to escape. You are my sissy sex doll, now and forever. Trying to escape was a very bad thing to do. Tonight you are going to be punished -- severely -- for your misbehavior.

Sissy Shelley felt Master Rick's cock getting hard in his swim trunks.

Oh look at that," said Master Rick with a smile. "Thinking about beating you tonight is making me hard. Tonight is going to be lots of fun -- for me."

Master Rick pressed his lips onto his sissy's pretty mouth and kissed him very very hard, plunging his tongue deep into the sissy's mouth.

"Time to go home, you bad little sissy."


  1. I think this is so special I attract well in this saw sexy seen at beach. Sissy Shelley felt Master Rick's cock getting hard in his swim trunks. Thanks share this important great first time in beach in this couple.

  2. Sissy Shelly is in for it tonight for the stupid escape attempt.

  3. My sissy bitch will have embarrassing sexy girl tan lines?" " Ha Ha" have fun bitch!" Jennifer A.