Monday, August 29, 2016

My Sissy Neighbor -- Part 11: Some BIG Changes

As you know, Anita decided that it was time to become a woman for real.  Anita had been living an working as a female for some time very successfully.  But he made up his mind; he wanted his body to finally match the woman he was inside.  One important motivator was his love life.  Anita was attracting the attention of lots of very desirable men -- but Anita could never let a relationship develop because "he" was not really a "she".  Yet.

The process took some time.  Anita had consultations with several doctors.  He started hormones.  And several months ago he took the plunge and had the complete operating -- top and bottom, if you know what I'm talking about.  There was a tiny amount of facial surgery, but since he was so pretty already, this part was very minor.

Anyway, I was somewhat surprised -- and delighted -- when I realized some of choices Anita made.  Most obvious was his chest!  He opted for really big boobs!  And they looked great on him.  And now that he has these killer tits, he just loves showing them off.  Just look at some of these photos!  These are just two of the dresses he bought recently that put his tits on full display for everyone to see.

I was so impressed with Anita's new boobs that I decided to have a boob job too!

And Anita's dick is long gone too.  No more late night hand jobs for my sissy neighbor.  But we still see each other a lot and usually sleep together in the same bed when we're together.  But now we're not secret lovers.  We're sisters.  Although I will admit that when we are alone together getting ready for bed, I can't take my eyes off of her amazing body as she gets undressed.  I think she knows I enjoy looking at her; she always takes her time and ensures that I have a good view as she gets dressed and undressed.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Sissy Neighbor -- part 10: Anita's Evolution

Anita was now living and working full-time as a woman.  His name was legally "Anita", and socially he was becoming more female every day.  Because he is so beautiful and charming, men are always asking him out for dates.  Anita sometimes accepts, but has to limit the intimacy because he is not at all what his suitors think he is.  But all of that is beginning to change!  Anita told my mom that he wants to become Anita permanently and physically, meaning that he decided to start hormone treatments and to start planning for surgery to become a real woman!  Isn't that exciting!
These are some photos mom took of Anita before going out on one of his recent dates.  In these photos, Anita has been on hormones for just a couple of months.  But doesn't he look different already?  I mean, he was already beautiful, but somehow the hormones are having some kind of effect on him in ways I can't explain.  I think he is incredibly beautiful.

Tonight, Anita is going to a charity ball on the arm of a handsome young (and successful!) banker who has taken quite an interest in our Anita.  Anita's gown is long and sparkly.  It clings to his every curve.  And soon enough, those curves are going to be Anita's own body, not carefully placed silicone pads.  Every eye at the ball will be on Anita, I'm sure.

Anita hasn't yet had surgery, but he has become a real woman as far as I'm concerned. "He" is really now a "she."

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Sissy Neighbor -- Part 9: The Real Anita

Over the next several months, Anita became more than just a pretty and competent assistant to my mom in her real estate business.  Anita was proving to be a valued partner to my mom.  Together they increased mom's book of business by 100%!                                                                                             Anita was living and working full-time now as Anita, a very attractive, young professional woman.  Here are some photos of Anita in full realtor-mode.  Look how poised and confident and relaxed he looks.  He was meant for this life and this career!

As for the matter of his real estate license, well obviously he aced the exam with no issue.  But there was still the matter of his name.  His realtor's license had to be in his legal name.  So mom took Anita down to the court house and helped him with the paper work necessary to officially change his name from Andrew to Anita.  While they were at the court house, Anita asked mom, "Is it OK if I change my last name too?"  Mom replied that he could do that if he wanted to.  "I want to have the last name 'Campbell'", Anita said.  Mom was shocked.  Campbell was our last name.  "You are my real family," Anita explained to mom.  "And besides, since I'm supposed to be your niece, wouldn't it make sense that we might have the same last name?"  Mom was so happy and so proud, that she started crying in the court house.                                                                                                                                                      "I'm so happy," mom said.  "And I don't think of you as my niece.  I think of you as my second daughter."  That made Anita cry when she said that.

Of course, by now I was away at college, so I missed mom and Anita a lot.  But I was able to come home every few weeks.  They were both always happy to see me.  When I would come home, Anita and I would typically sleep together in my bedroom -- slumber party!  I don't know if mom knew we were having sex, but I didn't care.  I needed to spend every possible minute with my beautiful Anita.

Anita was also getting a lot of romantic attention when I was away.  As I said, male -- and sometimes female -- clients were always hitting on him at work.  Mom had a strict rule about not socializing with "active clients."  But after a deal was done, mom said that Anita could socialize or date anybody he wanted.  Well I know Anita went on a lot of first and second dates.  But he had to avoid letting anything get to serious because...well it's obvious why.