Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Sissy Neighbor -- part 10: Anita's Evolution

Anita was now living and working full-time as a woman.  His name was legally "Anita", and socially he was becoming more female every day.  Because he is so beautiful and charming, men are always asking him out for dates.  Anita sometimes accepts, but has to limit the intimacy because he is not at all what his suitors think he is.  But all of that is beginning to change!  Anita told my mom that he wants to become Anita permanently and physically, meaning that he decided to start hormone treatments and to start planning for surgery to become a real woman!  Isn't that exciting!
These are some photos mom took of Anita before going out on one of his recent dates.  In these photos, Anita has been on hormones for just a couple of months.  But doesn't he look different already?  I mean, he was already beautiful, but somehow the hormones are having some kind of effect on him in ways I can't explain.  I think he is incredibly beautiful.

Tonight, Anita is going to a charity ball on the arm of a handsome young (and successful!) banker who has taken quite an interest in our Anita.  Anita's gown is long and sparkly.  It clings to his every curve.  And soon enough, those curves are going to be Anita's own body, not carefully placed silicone pads.  Every eye at the ball will be on Anita, I'm sure.

Anita hasn't yet had surgery, but he has become a real woman as far as I'm concerned. "He" is really now a "she."

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