Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Sissy Girlie-Boy -- Part 6

It's been six months since Mommy made me start working at Frank's Hideaway. 

I don't cry in the car on the way to the bar anymore.  I don't care.  I don't care about anything anymore.

I take a lot a Ecstasy and I let the men at that bar buy me Cosmos and shots.  I'm too young to drink, but nobody cares.  Tonight I'm wearing a sparkly red dress.  It's very short and very clingy.  The men really like me when I dress like this.  Mommy has bought me a lot of sexy new dresses recently.   Mommy is really happy.  She has a new BMW and lots of new jewelry and even a mink coat.  But she wasn't so happy when I first started at Frank's Hideaway.  I still remember my first night at the bar.
After being fucked by Manny at my "audition", Mommy was really mad at me for screaming so much while Manny raped me.  She told me that I better learn to "shut the fuck up!"  After Manny was done with me, she told me to get myself cleaned up and that she would be back before the bar opened.  I did as she told me.  I went to the ladies room and brushed my teeth and tried to clean myself up as best I could.  I fixed my make-up and returned to the bar.  A few minutes later, Mommy returned to the bar and handed a package to Frank who was already behind the bar getting ready for the first customers to arrive.

Mommy handed me a couple of Valiums and told me to take them.  She said to me, in a very threatening way, that I better not mess up tonight.  She said that we were very lucky that Frank was letting me work there.

At a few minutes before 9:00, Mommy positioned me on a stool and again told me to do everything Frank told me and to, "...for God's sake, stop your God damn screaming!"  Mommy said she would return at the end of the night and with that Mommy was gone.

The bar was very quiet.  There were two other bar girls -- real girls -- positioned on other stools at the bar.  They were talking to each other and laughing and pointing at me.  I would learn that the other bar girls would never be nice to me.

The bar opened at 9:00 and the men started pouring in.  After a few minutes,  men started to gather around me.  It wasn't long before I started to feel some hands grabbing my ass while some other hands started to brush against my shoulders, my legs....

At 10:00, I was told to escort my first "date" of the night into the back.  I was terrified but I knew I had better do my best to cooperate.  My "date" was an older man, mostly bald, sort of fat.  He smelled like cigarettes.  He threw an arm around my shoulders while we walked to the back.

Once in my cubicle, he pulled down his pants and he said, "Come on baby, let's go!"  I hesitated, not sure what he wanted me to do.  "Come on!" he shouted.  "I only get 25 minutes!  Get going!"

His face was getting red and I could tell he was sort of drunk and getting pretty angry.  I figured he wanted a blow job, so I quickly got on my knees.   He fished his cock out of his underpants and jammed it into my face.  I closed my eyes and opened my mouth...

And that scene repeated itself all night long.  Man after man, cock after cock...I worked hard to make each man cum as fast as I could.  I knew I would be in trouble if I failed to make any customers cum in the 25 minutes they paid for.  I would rush to the ladies room in between each date and try my best to clean up in the five minutes allowed.

And then my 12:30 "date" wanted something different.  He wanted to fuck my ass.

"Get over here, bitch," he said.  "Frank said you have a problem with making too much noise, so he gave me this."  He was holding the package that Mommy had handed Frank just before the bar opened.  My "date" reached into the package and pulled out a ball gag.  "Get over here and open your mouth."

I did as he ordered and he fastened the ball gag tightly around my head.  "There," he said, "now you're ready."  He grabbed my panties and yanked them down and pushed me over the arm of the couch.  With my bottom stuck up in the air, my "date" rammed his hard dick in to me hard.  I tried to scream in pain, but with the gag in my mouth all that came out was a muffled moan.  "Oh yeah," he said, "you like that, don't you baby!"  He continued to bang away at me until he came, all the while I screamed in near silence through my gag.

And the night -- and every Friday and Saturday night since -- continued like that until 3:30 in the morning.