Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sissy Goes Outside Part 3

It's been two months since my sister and her friends set me up to be caught by the Tasker brothers when I walked in front of their house wearing my sister's clothes.  My life has been a total nightmare ever since.  The boys make me come over to their house every day after school.  My sister thinks it's funny and that I'm getting what I deserve for being such a Sissy.

On that first day, after the boys had dragged me inside, they told me that I was now their "little Sissy sex toy."  They said that I had to do everything they told me to do or they would kill me!  Well if you had ever met either of the Tasker brothers, you would believe their threats.  And for the next two hours they took turns raping me.  One would hold me down while the other would have sex with me.  It felt like they pumped a gallon of cum in my bottom.  When they used my mouth, they forced me to swallow their hot, sticky cum.   It was horrible -- but there was nothing I could do about it. They were both so much bigger and stronger than me.  I was trapped and completely helpless.  I was crying the whole time, begging them to stop -- but they ignored me and just kept fucking me, over and over, like a pair of wild animals.

After a couple of hours they started to get tired and bored, so they told me to get out.  But first they told that I had to come back every afternoon.  They told me to be at their front door at 4:00 sharp and to "look real sexy."  And they also told me that next time I better not be such a "Sissy crybaby."

So everyday, as soon as I get home from school, my sister helps me with my make-up and clothes before driving me over to the Taskers' house.  She teases me saying things like, "What a lucky Sissy you are to have two boyfriends," and "You are such a Sissy slut!"  She's given me some of her old dresses and underwear -- and her friends have contributed some old clothes to my new wardrobe as well.  I try very hard to look pretty, because I'm worried that the boys will get angry with me if I don't look nice.  My hair is now a bit longer and I think I am getting better at looking like a real girl.

Now when I go to the Taskers' house, I arrive by 4:00, as instructed.  I stand on the porch until one of them, usually Ben, the younger one, opens the door.  If the weather is nice, Ben makes me pose for photos before he lets me inside.  This is a picture that Ben took of me today on the same sidewalk where they first caught me two months ago.   I'm wearing a dress that my sister bought at Goodwill for me and a pair of shoes from one of her friends.

Recently, they've started making me do chores around their house before they start having sex with me.  Today I had to wash all dishes in the sink and do some laundry before the brothers decided it was "play time" and started taking off their pants.  I've become their sex slave and maid, all in one!