Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Sissy for my Husband

I am a woman with a serious problem.  I have a condition that makes it very painful for me to have sex.  But I am married to a handsome man who I love very much.  To make matters worse, he has an enormous cock which makes having sex almost impossible for me.  He has tried to be patient and understanding with me, but he is a man, with a man's needs.

I was worried that my marriage would fall apart if I couldn't solve this problem.  I didn't want my husband taking up with a mistress.  I considered letting him see prostitutes but that seemed wrong on several levels.  Then a friend suggested that I consider getting a sissy to service my husband's needs.  I didn't know what she was talking about until she showed me this blog.  I had no idea that there were services, like Ms. Trainer's Academy, that are able to create -- and sell -- submissive sissies!  This seemed like a perfect solution to me.  I hated the idea of my husband being with another woman -- but it would be OK with me if he wanted to fuck a little feminized sissy.

When I first suggested this to my husband, he didn't like the idea at all.  He said that fucking a sissy would be "gay."  But then I showed him some of the pictures on this blog -- dozens of pictures of beautiful, sexy submissive sissies.  Not surprisingly, my husband gradually became more receptive to the idea.

Well, last month, the sissy I had ordered was finally delivered (the wait list is over a year!).  And our life has never been happier.  My dear husband gets to fuck his little sissy whenever and however he wants -- twice a day, sometimes three times a day.  It must be unbearable for the poor little sissy since my husband's dick is so huge. His poor little "sissy pussy" must scream with pain every time my husband attacks him.  Oh well.  I'm sure I don't care.

And here's the added bonus!  When my husband isn't fucking the little sissy whore's brains out, the little bitch is mine to do with whatever I want.  I simply love having a little sissy housemaid to do all the cleaning and cooking that I'm supposed to be doing.  I now have so much more free time to spend with my girlfriends while my husband is at work.

My husband and I have never been closer.  We are both happier knowing that his needs are being taken care of under our roof.

Thank you, Ms. Trainer, for saving our marriage.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tammy -- My Weekend Sissy

I love having a sissy husband.  He is so attentive and loving -- and completely docile and obedient. All he cares about is my happiness.  I never have to worry about what he wants or needs -- in my house, my wants and needs are all that matter.

But the best part of being married to a sissy is the weekends!  Every weekend, hubby leaves his stupid boy clothes behind and he becomes my sexy girlfriend Tammy.  He is totally convincing when dressed as a girl.  I keep him on a very strict diet so his body looks delicate and feminine.  His long legs are soft and shapely. And of course I insist that he keeps his entire body completely hair free.

Today is Friday and I have been waiting for him to get home from work so that we can get ready for our weekend adventures.  Of course I have already picked out the outfits he will wear.  He takes a quick shower and rubs a perfumed body lotion all over his soft, smooth legs.  I help him squeeze into the tight, tight girdle that I make him wear.  Then I adjust the padding for his boobs and his hips -- and voila!  Suddenly my girlfriend Tammy has curves in all the right places.   I sit him down at my vanity and do his make-up -- smoky sexy eye shadow, fun fake eyelashes, deep red lipstick.  I pin a long, wavy, auburn wig on him and spray him with a heavy dose of Chanel #5. Then I help him into the tight sweater and skirt I have picked out for him tonight and then strap on the sexy red shoes I want him to wear.

My Tammy looks so pretty, so sexy!  We grab our purses and get into the car.

"Where are we going tonight?" my Tammy asks in his soft, girlish voice.

"We're going back to Club Vibe," I reply.  "I thought you would enjoy that since we had so much fun there last Friday."

Tammy suddenly goes pale knowing that we were returning to Club Vibe.  You see, we had a pretty wild time there last weekend.

Last Friday we arrived at the club around 9:30, just as things were getting busy. Some guys started buying us drinks and flirting with us.  I know Tammy doesn't like it when I flirt with other guys.  And he hates it when men hit on him. But that's exactly what always happens when we go out together.  I love when guys stare at Tammy's big fake boobs.  Poor Tammy is so uncomfortable with all the masculine attention he attracts. But he knows that I expect him to to behave like a sexy, hot chick, and that's exactly what he does.

Anyway, last Friday, we met a couple of guys -- businessmen -- at the bar and we talked with them and let them buy us a few drinks. They we really good looking - tall and muscular.  After a while they asked us to dance. Once they were out on the dance floor, Tammy and her guy started making out!  Tammy's man was hugging him tightly while they frenched, Tammy's fake boobs pressed hard against the man's muscular chest. And his hands were all over my sissy -- especially his padded ass! I was enjoying really enjoying watching this show but I tore my gaze away so I could start making out with my guy.  I sure hoped that Tammy wasn't too busy with his stud to notice the action I was getting.

After a lot more drinks and a lot more kissing and groping, it was getting late so I asked the guys to drive us back to our hotel. They called for a limo and off we went. In the backseat of the limo, Tammy and I both went down on our new boyfriends.  I know that Tammy hates sucking cock.  And when the dick in Tammy's mouth started cumming, I thought Tammy was going to die from disgust.  But he swallowed every drop and licked his man's dick clean, just like I taught him.

We said our good-byes to our two very happy new boyfriends and went up to our hotel room.  I was so turned on by everything we did that I made Tammy go down on me for like an hour!

And that was just Friday night!  I haven't even told you about the rest of the weekend.

 I wonder if Tammy and I will see our boyfriends from last week at Club Vibe tonight?