Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Sissy's Permanent Reminders to be Obedient

When I get a custom order for a Sissy, the buyers often specify that they want really huge boobs on their new Sissy.  Well, the customer is always right and if that's what they want, then that's what they get.

But unless I'm working on such a custom order, I typically go for a more subtle, slimmer look.  I think a smaller bust can make the Sissy appear younger and more delicate.

But sometimes I get a Sissy that is really hard for me to break.   And nothing makes me angrier than an uncooperative Sissy who insists on fighting his transformation.  Well, when I get one of these, I always get the last laugh.

For these little bitches. I sometimes make an exception and "reward" them with simply rediculously huge tits!

Sissy Lacey was a particularly difficult case.  Throughout his captivity, he kept insisting that he was a boy and that he would never let me transform him into a sexy little Sissy sex toy.  Wrong!

It took a while, but after enough beatings and massive doses of hormones, Sissy Lacey eventually succumbed to his fate as a feminized Sissy faggot.  But first, I had the doctors give him a pair of simply massive boobs. 

You should have seen the little Sissy bitch's face when he awoke from surgery and saw what I had done to him.  Priceless!

So now, this bad little Sissy has a permanent and very visible (and very uncomfortable!) reminder that Sissies MUST obey their superiors at all times. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mother's Sissy Creation

Ever since Mother caught me dressing in her undies, she has been forcing me to dress up and act girlish every day after school -- and all through the weekends.  I am no longer permitted to spend time with my friends -- all of my time is spent with Mother.  She has been training me to act and move and talk like a girl.  She is making me grow my hair and my finger nails very long and she had my ears pierced.  She even plucked my eye brows to look pretty.  Even though I dress like a boy at school, I am mercilessly teased and bullied by the other kids who can see how girlish I am becoming.  The other boys call names like "Sissy" and "Faggot."

Yesterday, Mother announced that I was ready to "go public."  I didn't know what that meant -- but I soon found out.  After school, Mother worked on my hair and make-up for a couple of hours until she was satisfied that it was perfect.  Then she zipped me into bright blue halter dress that she had bought for me.  The dress was very silky and slinky and sexy.  She doused me with perfume and put some of her fancy jewelry on me.  Once I was all dolled up, Mother handed me a little clutch purse and ordered me into the car.  We drove downtown to a fancy French restaurant where we ate dinner.  I was so nervous.  I could tell people were staring at me -- especially the men in the restaurant.  Mother ordered a Cosmopolitan for me to drink to help me calm down.  Throughout the evening, Mother whispered instructions whenever I did something that was less than lady-like perfection.  I survived the experience and we drove home.

Today, when I got home from school, Mother told me that we were going back to the same restaurant.  The whole process of getting me ready started over again. Hours were spent on my hair and make-up.  Then she squeezed me into strapless black cocktail dress.  It was so tight I could barely breathe.  Worst of all, I felt practically naked.  Dressed like this I was certain to attract even more unwanted stares from the men at the restaurant. 

As we pulled up to the restaurant, Mother said, "Oh, and one more thing.  Tonight you'll be having dinner with a man named Mike Carson.  He's a 45 year-old businessman who is really into 18 year-old girls -- like you, or so he thinks!  That's right, Sissy -- tonight you're going on your first date with a MAN!  I'll be at the next table watching everything, so you had better behave perfectly.  And don't forget, Sissy, after paying for an expensive dinner, a man expects a little action from his date -- and you had better not disappoint!' 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sissy Gets Ready for his Master

The Sissy heard his Master open the front door and enter the home.  "Oh dear," the Sissy thought to himself.  "My Master is home early and I'm not at all prepared for him."

The Sissy quickly ripped the flowery dress he had been wearing off his delicate frame.  He ran to the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of "Feminine Lubricant" and leapt into the bed.  He tore off his little lacy panties and rammed the tube of lubricant into his "Sissy Pussy."  He gave the tube a hard squeeze and he gasped as he forced half of the tube's icy cold lube up his "pussy."

Lubricated, the obedient Sissy positioned himself as instructed on the bed just as his Master entered the bedroom.

"Well, look at you," the Master said with great satisfaction.  It looks like you've been waiting for me and my cock all day.  Is that true?"

"Oh yes, Master, yes," the Sissy panted in reply, as he was trained.  The Sissy felt a wave of relief, having narrowly avoided a severe beating for not being ready for Master's return home.

The Master approached the bed.  He rubbed his sexy Sissy's soft bottom, and then gave it a stinging slap.  He laughed at the pain he inflicted on his Sissy.  He unzipped and lowered his pants.  His huge cock sprang out and he mounted his defenseless little Sissy love doll...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sissy's Night Out

I am a life-long crossdresser.  I had thought that I was so lucky to have a supportive and understanding wife.  Every Saturday night, my wife and I go out to restaurants and dance clubs as two girls.  After years of practice and lots of help from my wife, I have become completely passable as a woman.  It is so exciting being out in public as "girlfirends" with my wife. 

But tonight, as I was finishing my make-up for our "ladies" night on the town, my wife announced a change of plans.  Tonight we weren't just going out as two girlfriends, as usual.  Tonight, we were going out on a DOUBLE DATE! 

At first I just laughed, but then, to my horror, I realized that she was completely serious.  She had everything all arranged.  Her date was a handsome and successful plastic surgeon that she knew -- it was the same doctor that did her boob job last year!  For me, my wife informed me, she had found (on the internet, of course) a "big and muscular" truck driver that was totally into Sissies like me.  We were first going to have dinner at the French restaurant by the river, and then dancing at the club at the Hyatt. 

Then my wife dangled two Hyatt hotel keys in front of me.  Oh my God!  She had reserved two hotel rooms.  "That's right, Sissy," my wife sneered.  "Tonight we are both going to spend the night with our 'boyfriends.'  Since it's a first date for you, that makes you a slut!" she said with a big laugh.  "Of course, I've been sleeping with my boyfriend for months -- but I guess you didn't know that."

I was in shock and I was terrified.  Tears started to well up in my eyes -- both from the news that my wife had been sleeping with another man and from the fact that I was being forced into a weird sexual encounter with another man.

"Oh don't look so sad!  We'll have a great time.  You'll just LOVE being out with a big strong man.  Now put a smile back on your face and finish doing your make-up right this minute!" she commanded.  "Mmmm, yes that's nice.  Use lots of lip gloss.  That pretty mouth of yours is going to get a lot of use tonight!"

"Now hurry up and grab your purse.  Our boyfriends are waiting for us downstairs.  Let's go, Sissy!"

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sissy Trainer Answers Your Questions #3

Here is a problem that another Sissy Trainer recently asked me about:

"I am not ready to let my Sissy go full-time.  I want him to continue working at his job because I still want to get his pay checks.  But if I let his hair grow long and sexy, I'm afraid that he'll lose his job.  What should I do?"

Well, obviously wigs are always an option.  And the newest wigs can look very pretty and very natural.  But I try to avoid wigs whenever possible.

In many cases, your Sissy can look sweet and femme, even with short hair.  Here's a photo of a Sissy with short hair that I feminized a couple of years ago.  Isn't he darling!  In fact, this little Sissy wanted desparately to grow his hair out long, but I wouldn't let him.  I told this little Sissy that he wouldn't be allowed to grow his hair long until he learned to Deep Throat my boyfriend's enormous cock without gagging.  Remember Sissy Trainers -- you can always find new and fun ways to punish your little Sissy bitch!

Keep trying, little Sissy Faggot.  Maybe someday you will learn to give a blow job properly and I'll let you grow your hair out long and pretty.  Practice makes perfect, Sissy!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Sweet Sissy Nest

While some Sissy Trainers I know prefer to work with just one Sissy at a time, I prefer to train mine in groups of two or three.

I find that in groups, forcibly transformed Sissies form an odd and powerful dependence on one another.  A weird bond is forged among Sissies as their masculinity and ability to think for themselves is stripped away, replaced with fear, uncertainty, obedience and confusion.  My Sissies cling to each other like sweet little Sissy Sisters.

I force my Sissies-in-Training to do everything together -- eat, dress, bathe, accept punishment -- everything.  Here is a photo of my latest crop of Sissies-in-Training snuggled up close for their afternoon nap.  The twin bed that the three of them share becomes a cozy Sissy nest.  Isn't that sweet!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sissy Dream becomes a Nightmare

I had thought that my wildest dreams had come true. But in reality, my life had become a horrible nightmare.

At first my lovely wife had been so supportive and accepting of my crossdressing. She encouraged me to dress often and helped me to perfect my feminine appearance. She pushed me to take my crossdressing "to the next level." It was so exciting! I let my blonde hair grow long and even started on hormones. Eventually, I quit my job and start living as my dark and exotic wife's fulltime "girlfriend."

For my birthday, my wife gave me the most incredible gift ever -- she arranged for me to get breast implants and facial surgery. Wow! She said that loved me so much and that she wanted me to become sexy and beautiful for her. I scheduled the surgery as quickly as I could. And I was delighted with the results -- the doctors carved me into a pretty little blonde sex kitten. I was so excited about returning home to be my wife's perfectly feminized Sissy girlfriend.

But when I returned home, I discovered that Matt Johnson, my wife's old boyfriend, had moved into our house!  My wife declared that from now on, she and I were no longer married to each other -- now we were both "married" to Matt.  My wife explained the new rules that would govern the rest of my life:  I was to be completely obedient to Matt (who I had to call "Sir" or "Master Johnson"), and serve him in any and all ways.  Matt was a powerfully built man, with an insatiable sex drive and an enormous cock.  Every night and every morning, Master Johnson brutally fucks my ass or my face, while my wife torments and gropes me.  And then I have endure watching in silence as he fucks my wife. 

I am trapped in a never ending Sissy nightmare.