Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sissy Dream becomes a Nightmare

I had thought that my wildest dreams had come true. But in reality, my life had become a horrible nightmare.

At first my lovely wife had been so supportive and accepting of my crossdressing. She encouraged me to dress often and helped me to perfect my feminine appearance. She pushed me to take my crossdressing "to the next level." It was so exciting! I let my blonde hair grow long and even started on hormones. Eventually, I quit my job and start living as my dark and exotic wife's fulltime "girlfriend."

For my birthday, my wife gave me the most incredible gift ever -- she arranged for me to get breast implants and facial surgery. Wow! She said that loved me so much and that she wanted me to become sexy and beautiful for her. I scheduled the surgery as quickly as I could. And I was delighted with the results -- the doctors carved me into a pretty little blonde sex kitten. I was so excited about returning home to be my wife's perfectly feminized Sissy girlfriend.

But when I returned home, I discovered that Matt Johnson, my wife's old boyfriend, had moved into our house!  My wife declared that from now on, she and I were no longer married to each other -- now we were both "married" to Matt.  My wife explained the new rules that would govern the rest of my life:  I was to be completely obedient to Matt (who I had to call "Sir" or "Master Johnson"), and serve him in any and all ways.  Matt was a powerfully built man, with an insatiable sex drive and an enormous cock.  Every night and every morning, Master Johnson brutally fucks my ass or my face, while my wife torments and gropes me.  And then I have endure watching in silence as he fucks my wife. 

I am trapped in a never ending Sissy nightmare.


  1. Oh, yes, a sissy deepest fantasy and unmentionable dream, nevertheless.

  2. Oh! a sissy must learn " her" place in the house.

  3. Be careful what you wish for you just might get it. Sissy is getting it big time.

  4. After the wife has sex with Matt, her sissy should have to clean her up orally. While he does that, the boyfriend might be tempted to take him from behind. Double duty.

  5. Hormones, big cocks, and plenty of fresh, hot cum? Sounds like sissy heaven!

  6. The deep impression of the nightmare only reveals the inner secrets of this sissy for it is what she really craves witha man they'll make it all happen when He wants it.