Friday, December 10, 2010

Sissy's Night Out

I am a life-long crossdresser.  I had thought that I was so lucky to have a supportive and understanding wife.  Every Saturday night, my wife and I go out to restaurants and dance clubs as two girls.  After years of practice and lots of help from my wife, I have become completely passable as a woman.  It is so exciting being out in public as "girlfirends" with my wife. 

But tonight, as I was finishing my make-up for our "ladies" night on the town, my wife announced a change of plans.  Tonight we weren't just going out as two girlfriends, as usual.  Tonight, we were going out on a DOUBLE DATE! 

At first I just laughed, but then, to my horror, I realized that she was completely serious.  She had everything all arranged.  Her date was a handsome and successful plastic surgeon that she knew -- it was the same doctor that did her boob job last year!  For me, my wife informed me, she had found (on the internet, of course) a "big and muscular" truck driver that was totally into Sissies like me.  We were first going to have dinner at the French restaurant by the river, and then dancing at the club at the Hyatt. 

Then my wife dangled two Hyatt hotel keys in front of me.  Oh my God!  She had reserved two hotel rooms.  "That's right, Sissy," my wife sneered.  "Tonight we are both going to spend the night with our 'boyfriends.'  Since it's a first date for you, that makes you a slut!" she said with a big laugh.  "Of course, I've been sleeping with my boyfriend for months -- but I guess you didn't know that."

I was in shock and I was terrified.  Tears started to well up in my eyes -- both from the news that my wife had been sleeping with another man and from the fact that I was being forced into a weird sexual encounter with another man.

"Oh don't look so sad!  We'll have a great time.  You'll just LOVE being out with a big strong man.  Now put a smile back on your face and finish doing your make-up right this minute!" she commanded.  "Mmmm, yes that's nice.  Use lots of lip gloss.  That pretty mouth of yours is going to get a lot of use tonight!"

"Now hurry up and grab your purse.  Our boyfriends are waiting for us downstairs.  Let's go, Sissy!"


  1. a fortunate sissy, no doubt about it

  2. oh to date with my wife or girlfriend would be wounderful

  3. What an understanding wife, and she seems to know what her sissy husband needs better than the sissy does.

  4. that is awesome, i would love to go out dressed as a girl on a girls night out to pull a guy, but i dont have anyone to do it with :/

    1. My girlfriends and I would love too take the young miss out: We expecting you too really start " Sucking" at this!.....Hee Hee, No mouthing off?" till we find you "Mister right : Haa, Haa, Julie!"

    2. That sounds amazing... I'm from Yorkshire, what area are you and your friends situated? I'm eager to please :)

    3. because you and your friends can go on a shopping trip with me then doll me up however you like, and i can't wait to start 'sucking' at this