Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Sweet Sissy Nest

While some Sissy Trainers I know prefer to work with just one Sissy at a time, I prefer to train mine in groups of two or three.

I find that in groups, forcibly transformed Sissies form an odd and powerful dependence on one another.  A weird bond is forged among Sissies as their masculinity and ability to think for themselves is stripped away, replaced with fear, uncertainty, obedience and confusion.  My Sissies cling to each other like sweet little Sissy Sisters.

I force my Sissies-in-Training to do everything together -- eat, dress, bathe, accept punishment -- everything.  Here is a photo of my latest crop of Sissies-in-Training snuggled up close for their afternoon nap.  The twin bed that the three of them share becomes a cozy Sissy nest.  Isn't that sweet!


  1. love this one and great to see captioning

    thanks as always

  2. They are so sweet! And they sleep with pleasure of being sissies

  3. Wow - how cute!

    Is it possible to get the address of the Trainer to become a trainee myself? i for sure would love to be one of His gurls...!

    sissy moan

  4. ooo they are so so sweet - is there room for one more?

  5. Now that would be an ideal training program to join. Would this trainer be interested in another trainee?