Monday, December 20, 2010

Sissy Gets Ready for his Master

The Sissy heard his Master open the front door and enter the home.  "Oh dear," the Sissy thought to himself.  "My Master is home early and I'm not at all prepared for him."

The Sissy quickly ripped the flowery dress he had been wearing off his delicate frame.  He ran to the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of "Feminine Lubricant" and leapt into the bed.  He tore off his little lacy panties and rammed the tube of lubricant into his "Sissy Pussy."  He gave the tube a hard squeeze and he gasped as he forced half of the tube's icy cold lube up his "pussy."

Lubricated, the obedient Sissy positioned himself as instructed on the bed just as his Master entered the bedroom.

"Well, look at you," the Master said with great satisfaction.  It looks like you've been waiting for me and my cock all day.  Is that true?"

"Oh yes, Master, yes," the Sissy panted in reply, as he was trained.  The Sissy felt a wave of relief, having narrowly avoided a severe beating for not being ready for Master's return home.

The Master approached the bed.  He rubbed his sexy Sissy's soft bottom, and then gave it a stinging slap.  He laughed at the pain he inflicted on his Sissy.  He unzipped and lowered his pants.  His huge cock sprang out and he mounted his defenseless little Sissy love doll...


  1. i'm sure the poor thing will be happy doing pleausre his master.

  2. Master gave sissy the swat as he knew she wasn't quite truthful.

  3. Such a sweet little act of satisfying your master. I too would lay cross the bed telling him how much i was awaiting him and his cock as then mounted me for a good fucking.