Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sissy Attends a Tea Party

"Now don't look so glum, sweetie," Mistress said.  "You are going to have a wonderful time at the tea party. And you look so pretty in your new dress.  I'm sure all the other sissies will be jealous of you."  She patted me on the cheek as if I were a little child.  "Now hurry and get my coat and get in the car."

I did as I was instructed.  I felt ridiculous in my new dress.  It was pink, covered with ruffles and had a wide satin sash around the waist.  Mistress made me wear pink anklets and open toes burgandy platform shoes to complete the ultimate sissy look.

I dread going to sissy tea parties.  Every Wednesday afternoon, my Mistress dresses me up in some frilly, lacy dress and drags me to the weekly sissy tea party.  The tea parties are held at a huge mansion outside of town that is owned by one of her friends.

We arrive at the mansion right on time at 3:00.  I follow my Mistress inside in silence.  She greets her friends, who are all sissy owners just like her.  I curtsey to each of the other Mistresses in silence.  The Mistresses make a fuss over my new pink outfit.  I greet the other sissies with a small kiss.  Today there are four Mistresses each with her own sissy.

The sissies move into the kitchen where we prepare the tea and plates of food for our Mistresses.  We serve our Mistresses in silence while they chat among themselves, treating us sissies as if we were invisible.  While the Mistresses eat and chat, the sissies stand in silence at the edges of the room, quickly attending to any needs of our Mistresses.

At 5:00, the Mistresses have finished their tea and conversation and the sissies have cleared the table and washed all the dishes.  Now is the part that I hate the most.  The sissies stand in a line in front of the Mistresses who pair each us off with another sissy.  We then have to make out with our sissy partner in front of the Mistresses.  The sissies have learned that it is important to put on a good show for the Mistresses, so we really get into it, running our hands over each other's boobs and bottoms, grinding our hips into each other, moaning and gasping as we deeply french kiss each other.  The Mistresses love the show.  They shout demeaning and filthy things at us.  

"Time for some sucky-sucky fun!" one of the Mistresses shouts.  Two sissies are instructed to remain standing, while two are sent to their knees to administer a sissy blow job.  Today I am told to stand while Sissy Annabel is told to kneel.  I gather up the full, frilly skirt of my dress while Sissy Annabel lowers my panties and puts my tiny little cock in her mouth.  Now the Mistresses go completely wild.  They are shouting at us, laughing at our tiny penises and joking about how much sissies love to swallow cum.  Some ever start touching themselves as the excitement of the show becomes too much for them to handle.  I close my eyes as I begin to cum in Sissy Annabel's mouth.

The party ends and we begin the drive home.  I know that I will be up late tonight licking my Mistress's pussy for hours as I help her to relieve her excitement from the afternoon.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Sissy Begs for Forgiveness

"Oh, please, Stepmother," I begged.  "It won't happen again.  I am so sorry.  I promise.  Please don't punish me.  PLEASE!"  I stood in the middle of the room, perched in my towering high heels, my manicured hands clasped together as I repented for my failings.

"SILENCE!" Stepmother shouted.  "You are NEVER to speak unless spoken to!"

I lowered my eyes to the floor, now terrified that I had made my terrible situation much worse.

"Look at you, you pathetic sissy.  I can see right through that ridiculus outfit you are wearing.  Only a real sissy slut would dress like that.  Aren't I right?"  she asked.

"Yes Ma'am," I replied softly, even though we both knew that she picked out all the outfits I was allowed to wear.

"You broke a very expensive teacup when you were washing the dishes today and that sort of misbehavior must be punished.  So what will it be, sissy?  The paddle or the dildo?"

Oh no, I thought.  This was going to be bad.  Even though my bottom was still raw from my last spanking, I really hated being punished with Stepmother's strap-on.  "The paddle," I said.  "Please," I quickly added.

I pulled down my panties, lifted my billowy skirt over my waist, and lay across Stepmother's lap.  But before she started paddling my bottom, she called out loudly, "Tiffany, please come in here!"

And in walked Tiffany, my stepsister.  Oh God!  What was Tiffany doing here?  It was so humiliating having my much younger stepsister seeing me like this, laying across Stepmother's lap, with my skirt hiked up and my bare bottom sticking up in the air. I started to try to squirm away, but Stepmother is so much stronger than me and she held me firmly in place.  "Be still, Sissy!"  Stepmother growled.  Tiffany roared with laughter seeing me like this.

"You see, Sissy," she explained, "I decided that it was time to show Tiffany how to discipline you.  That way we can ensure that you will always be as obidient to her as you are to me.  Now go ahead, Tiffany.  Do it just the way I explained."

Tiffany picked up my punishment paddle and waved it in front of my face.  "Kiss it, Sissy," she said with an evil grin.  I did just as instructed, knowing that to protest would be very unwise.

And with that Tiffany began to administer 20 stinging blows to my bare bottom, while her mother held me firmly in place on her lap.  After the first ten, Stepmother said to Tiffany, "Now dear, if you don't spank him harder than that, how will he ever learn his lesson?"

Tiffany put all her strength into the next ten blows.  I could hear her laughing as she abused my bottom.  Tears were pouring down my face as the pain and humiliation were unbearable.

When Tiffany was done with my beating, Stepmother started rubbing my burning bottom.  "Have you learned your lesson, Sissy?"

"Yes Ma'am," I whimpered.  "I'm very sorry. I learned my lesson."  I started to get up from Stepmother's lap.

"Not so fast, Sissy," she said with a sneer as she kept me pinned to her lap with her strong arms.  "You didn't thank Tiffany for teaching you a lesson and helping you to become a better Sissy."

I choked back my tears and forced myself to say, "Thank you Tiffany for teaching me a lesson and helping me to become a better Sissy."

Stepmother administered a sharp bare-handed slap to my bright red bottom and snarled, "From now on you will refer to her as Mistress Tiffany, do you understand?"

"Yes, Stepmother.  I understand.  I am sorry for my inpertinence, Mistress Tiffany."

"That's more like it," Stepmother said with a satisfied smile.  "Now get yourself cleaned up and get started on making dinner."

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mr. Lane's Sissy

Last month, I told Mr. Lane, the counselor at my school, that sometimes I like dressing up in girl's clothing.  I thought that maybe I was crazy and that he would be able to help me.

Mr. Lane was really nice.  He said I wasn't crazy at all and that there was nothing wrong with having "girlish feelings."  He asked me a lot of embarrassing and personal questions. He asked me things like if wearing satin panties made me excited and if I ever thought about kissing boys.  I guess I answered the questions well because he was smiling a lot and kept saying, "That's good, very good."

He said that he would help me but that for my own good it would have to be "our little secret."  He told me that I should meet him at his house every day after school.

The first time I visited his house, he showed me a whole closet full of girl's clothing and shoes and wigs and stuff.  He said that it was important for me to "embrace my feminine feelings" and "explore and experience girlish things."  He showed me how to do my make-up and stuff.  He let me wear a dress and took some photos of me before I had to change back into my boy clothes and go home.

It's been four weeks since that first visit.  Everyday I rush to Mr. Lane's house as soon as school is out.  I do my make-up and put on girl's undies and whatever dress Mr. Lane left out for me to wear.  I hurry so that I can be all ready and look very pretty by the time Mr. Lane gets home.

Mr. Lane said that today would be very special.  I put on the pretty flowered dress and matching hair bow that he had left out for me.  I met him at the door when he got home and he handed me a big bouquet of flowers.  Then he hugged me and gave me a big kiss.  I didn't really like that but he said it was part of the process of understanding my girlish feelings.  Then he told me how beautiful I looked and that made me feel happy.

We then moved to the couch where he told me to sit on his lap.  I had never done that before and it made me sort of nervous but I did it anyway.  Then he started kissing me some more and running his hands all over my body.  I could feel that he was getting an erection.

"Today, I'm going to teach you to be a real girl," he said as he unzipped his pants.  "Now get on your knees."