Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mr. Lane's Sissy

Last month, I told Mr. Lane, the counselor at my school, that sometimes I like dressing up in girl's clothing.  I thought that maybe I was crazy and that he would be able to help me.

Mr. Lane was really nice.  He said I wasn't crazy at all and that there was nothing wrong with having "girlish feelings."  He asked me a lot of embarrassing and personal questions. He asked me things like if wearing satin panties made me excited and if I ever thought about kissing boys.  I guess I answered the questions well because he was smiling a lot and kept saying, "That's good, very good."

He said that he would help me but that for my own good it would have to be "our little secret."  He told me that I should meet him at his house every day after school.

The first time I visited his house, he showed me a whole closet full of girl's clothing and shoes and wigs and stuff.  He said that it was important for me to "embrace my feminine feelings" and "explore and experience girlish things."  He showed me how to do my make-up and stuff.  He let me wear a dress and took some photos of me before I had to change back into my boy clothes and go home.

It's been four weeks since that first visit.  Everyday I rush to Mr. Lane's house as soon as school is out.  I do my make-up and put on girl's undies and whatever dress Mr. Lane left out for me to wear.  I hurry so that I can be all ready and look very pretty by the time Mr. Lane gets home.

Mr. Lane said that today would be very special.  I put on the pretty flowered dress and matching hair bow that he had left out for me.  I met him at the door when he got home and he handed me a big bouquet of flowers.  Then he hugged me and gave me a big kiss.  I didn't really like that but he said it was part of the process of understanding my girlish feelings.  Then he told me how beautiful I looked and that made me feel happy.

We then moved to the couch where he told me to sit on his lap.  I had never done that before and it made me sort of nervous but I did it anyway.  Then he started kissing me some more and running his hands all over my body.  I could feel that he was getting an erection.

"Today, I'm going to teach you to be a real girl," he said as he unzipped his pants.  "Now get on your knees."


  1. i must confess this was very much a school fantasy I had putting on the clothes left to me, having my most intimate secrets revealed as if he were really caressing me mentally.And that would lead to be on his lap being fondled before being commanded to be on me knees with his erect cock at the ready, to be taken, like the sissy i am, for his pleasure.

  2. Excellent story Linda! What sissy wouldn't fantasize about being in that situation?!


  3. I started dressing and wanting to make the body match long before I was being dropped at my uncles, for something similar to this.

    I should be the last one to comment on this, as the reality wasn't like the fantasy. But, in all essences , I think the happiest thing I remembered as a child, was the day, that sex change was possible.

    Wasn't long after that at age 19, I was on a few purple pills a day(Premarin-2.5mg) / doctor was Richard Murray and he wanted to make me his last surgery, as they were getting ready to take his license. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Didn't let him, as his history for surgery and statistics were so bad, that often the girls would squat to pee and the stream was headed skywards. With countless corrective surgeries, to correct his. Even though I went thru a medical board of I believe it was either 11-13 doctors and lived full time for a year prior.
    He had a heart of gold, as well as a wonderful human being and quite compassionate indeed.

    I look back on that day and kick the crap out of myself, for not letting it happen, even knowing there would be 4-5 surgeries to correct, by other doctors. It would have stopped the process of male, as Premarin isn't like the newer spiro and estradiol. Wonder drugs of today. And the surgery is so much better. Young and dumb, as I called myself looking back.
    I now lean towards facial feminization surgery and wait, but have B-cup and flowing into C's. I'd of stopped other things as well as would be nice to be happy with me first, before helping other's out.
    Sometimes I often find myself doing it just to feel better. Don't get me wrong, I love doing things for other's. but, just as I'd love to find a partner in life, someone, for whom truly knows me, as other's would I'm guessing.

    Better stop there, as I'm going in a different direction here. Lol. I so love people, for whom make an effort in life, as well as take the time to show their beauty to the world. Hugs to you, as well as your blog.
    Sincerely; staci

  4. so wish this happened to me.. great story xx