Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Sissy's Passage to India

Sissy Kismet was one of my bus depot runaway finds. He was young, small, alone and desperate. Just perfect for me!

I had an outstanding order from an Indian textile billionaire.  He had given me very precise specifications but I just couldn't find the right raw materials to make the Sissy wife he wanted. He also had a practically unlimited budget, so I was motivated not to disappoint this client.

Just as I was about to give up hope, I stumbled upon this perfect little sissy-to-be. It was easy to lure this frightened, exhausted little runaway back to my home where I could perform my feminization magic.

Within 24 hours, my latest acquisition was begging to be returned to his wretched life as a hungry bus depot runaway -- anything to escape the horror of his forced transformation.  I had to do a rush job.  My Indian client wanted to take delivery in just seven months so I pulled out all the stops.  Little Sissy Kismet's life became a non-stop, 24/7 exercise in extreme feminization.   I used massive dosages of hormones, some quick surgeries combined with brutal behavior modification training to perform the rapid transformation.

In preparation for my client taking delivery of his new young Sissy bride, he had purchased a traditional Indian wedding outfit -- complete with a long silk sari, veil and jewelry -- and had it shipped to me.  On the day my client came to inspect his new possession for the first time, I dressed the precious little Sissy in his wedding dress and jewels and carefully did his make-up to make him look both exotic and innocent.  I was delighted with how he looked.

Poor Sissy Kismet was in such a panic waiting for his new Husband and Master to arrive.  The pathetic little thing was literally quivering with terror.  But things really started to be fun when my client arrived.

My rich Indian client was repulsive.  He was a fat, disgusting brute.  He even smelled bad.  But when he first laid eyes on Sissy Kismet, I could tell that I had exceeded his expectations.  As he walked around his Sissy bride, inspecting his purchase, his excitement mounted.  The Sissy just stood there, motionless as he had been trained, his eyes looking down to the floor.  The disgusting businessman gave his Sissy's ass a firm squeeze.  He reached one massive hand down the front of his Sissy's sari, roughly feeling the Sissy's tiny but growing breasts.  Sissy let our an adorable little yelp when that happened.

The businessman started to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants, but I stopped him.  "Oh no!  You can't do that yet.  Not until you've paid!"

"Fine." the businessman grumbled.  "I'm late for a meeting anyway."  He re-zipped his pants and picked up the briefcase he had brought with him.  "Here," he said as he handed me the case.  I opened it.  Inside were stacks of hundred dollar bills.  My full payment in cash.

"Deliver him to my private plane in the morning," he said to me.  And to his lovely little Sissy he said, "And when we arrive in India, you and I will be married.  Won't that be wonderful!  You will be my little Sissy wife and slave for the rest of your life."

Sissy Goes Outside Part 2

I wasn't happy at all with the outfit the girls had picked out for me.  They had dressed me in a black bra, a while mini skirt and a very sheer blouse.  I felt half naked in the short skirt and sleeveless top.  I had also complained because I didn't like how everybody would be able to see my bra right through the blouse, but my sister just told me to shut up. 

The girls drove me to the corner of Church and Walnut.  I was so scared that I started to feel dizzy.  My sister told me not to cry or I would mess up my mascara.  When we arrived, the girls pushed me out of the car and handed me a black purse to carry.  They said they would be waiting for me at Parker Street, about a ten minute walk away.  The girls were laughing as they drove off.

I started my walk.  At first my heart was racing.  I had never been outside dressed like this.  The air felt cold on my bare arms and legs.  I was very aware how sheer my blouse was and that made me very nervous.  But after a couple of minutes I started to relax a bit.  There were no other people out on the sidewalk and the few cars that drove by didn't seem to notice me at all.  I was even beginning to enjoy the feeling of being out dressed like a girl.  I slowed my pace a bit, stood up a little taller and even tried to put a little wiggle into my hips as I walked.

Before long I was only about two blocks away from Parker Street, my destination.  I could see the girls in their car waiting at the corner.  They started shouting to me things like "You're almost here!"  and "Just a few more feet to go!"  I smiled.  I had survived my ordeal and my secret would be safe!

But it was at that moment that I realized that I was passing in front of the Tasker brothers' house.  Ben Tasker was a senior at my high school and was on the football team.  His older brother Dick worked at the gas station.  Both of them were big, mean and stupid.  And in the blink of an eye, Ben and Dick were standing on the sidewalk in front of me, blocking my way.  "Well look at this," said Dick.  "Looks like we caught outselves a Sissy walking around our neighborhood."

"Yup," replied Ben.  "At first, I didn't believe it when the girls called us.  But here he is, on our sidewalk, just like the girls said he would."

It had all been a big set up.  I had fallen right into my sister's trap.  At that moment I heard the girls drive off, honking their horn and laughing as they left me there with these two thugs.

"Well, let's get you inside, little Sissy," said Dick as he roughly grabbed my arm and started to drag me towards the front door.  I tried to squirm free, but then Dick slapped me hard and warned me to be "a good little Sissy, or else!"  I was too terrified to resist further.

"This is going to be fun!" shouted Ben.

"I get to go first," said Dick as he shut the door behind us.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sissy Goes Outside Part 1

I liked dressing up in my older sister's clothes and I did it whenever I was home alone.    First, I would put on one of her bras and a pair of her panties.  Next I would go to the bathroom and do my make-up and fluff up my longish hair.  Then I would go through her closet, trying on her dresses, skirts, blouses and shoes.  I even dressed up in her nightgowns and bathing suits.  I would pose in front of her full length mirror, admiring my feminine reflection.

That's exactly what I was doing when disaster struck.

I was all dolled up in my sister's make-up, underwear and a party dress.  The dress was my sister's favorite.  It had a feminine, white ruffled top, a black skirt and a wide belt that gave me a sexy shape.  I was also wearing her sexy new peep-toed pumps with really high heels.  I felt so girlish and sexy.  I was posing and admiring my reflection in her big mirror when I heard a girl's voice scream, "Oh My God!"   I spun around and saw my sister and two of her friends standing behind me. My sister's friends started laughing uncontrollably.  My sister shouted, "What the fuck are you doing in my clothes?!?"

I was too shocked to speak so one of her friends answered for me. "Your brother is a total sissy faggot!"

My sister glared at me for a minute and then said, "Don't move."  She went downstairs followed by her friends. I was so afraid and confused and ashamed that I that just stood there as she ordered.

A few minutes later the three of them returned.  "Well Sissy," she said, "I'll make you a deal.  I won't tell Mom and Dad about this -- but you have to do something for me."

"Sure," I said eagerly.  I would do anything to keep my parents from learning about this.  "What do I have to do?"

"It will be easy," my sister replied.  "All you have to do is to walk down Walnut Avenue, from Church Street to Parker Street." 

"You want me to go outside?  Dressed like this?" I exclaimed.  I had never even thought about going outside before.

"No!  Not in my favorite party dress.  We'll pick out something cute and appropriate for you to wear.  Now don't be such a Sissy," my sister said while her friends giggled.  "Walnut is a quiet street.  Now get into the bathroom so we can fix you up."

I really had no choice so I complied.  And my sister was right -- Walnut was a quiet street.  I should be able to do this.

Well, the girls teased me mercilessly as they made me  strip down to my sister's bra and panties.  They  went to work on my hair and make-up and made me look really pretty -- much better than I had ever done myself.  Then they picked an outfit for me to wear.  The girls helped me dress and then ordered me into the car.  Now I stated to get nervous and I said that I had changed my mind.

"Too late, Sissy!" my sister snarled.  "Shut up and get in the car."

I started to cry as the girls shoved me into the back seat of the car.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Sissy's Place is in the Home

Poor little Sissy Tina.  Three years ago I sold Sissy Tina to a Master who firmly believes that a Sissy's place is in the home.  So much so that Sissy Tina hasn't been allowed out of his Master's home since the day he was purchased.  In fact, Sissy Tina doesn't even own any real clothes -- just sexy lingerie to wear around the house!

And doesn't Sissy Tina look absolutely delicious in this lovely white ensemble? Sissy Tina's Master has purchased literally hundreds of exquisite lingerie sets for his Sissy.  White ones, pink ones, black ones.  Little baby doll nighties, heavily boned corsets, sweet little teddies.  And maribou slippers with four inch heels -- in colors to match every outfit. 

Sissy Tina doesn't even have any clothes to wear when his Master invites company over.  Sissy Tina has to parade around in his lacy and frilly undies while everyone ogles -- and fondles -- his very exposed and marvelously feminized body.  Poor Sissy Tina wants to die of shame.

And Sissy Tina's Master enjoys having his silky little Sissy perched on his lap.  Poor Sissy Tina has to just sit there obediently and perfectly still as his Master runs his big rough hands all over his Sissy's soft skin.  And Master also enjoys the fact that his little Sissy is also dressed for sex whenever Master is in the mood!

If you had a Sissy of your own as pretty as Sissy Tina, would you allow him to wear clothes in your house?  Of course not!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cornered Sissy

It was time for the evening fun to begin. After enjoying the dinner that his Sissy had prepared, Master Night ordered his Sissy to stand beside him.

"Strip," he ordered.  Sissy Dawn knew better than to resist his Master's instructions. But he hesitated for just a moment thinking about the "game" his Master would want to play as soon as his soft white skin was exposed.

Master Night would tolerate no such hesitation. He instantly slapped Sissy Dawn's bottom with all his strength, nearly knocking his feminized boy toy to the ground. "I said strip. NOW!"

"Yes, Master, Sir," the Sissy quickly answered, practically ripping his pretty little dress from his body. "Sorry, Sir.  I apologize for being so slow."

Sissy Dawn's frilly sundress now lay on the floor. The Sissy stood before his Master wearing only his sexy bra and panties. His enormous breasts were practically spilling from his strapless bra.  Master admired the Sissy that had been sculpted exactly to his specifications.  He enjoyed knowing how humiliating it was for his ultra feminized Sissy to be on display wearing nothing but his beautiful, lacy lingerie.

"That's more like it," Master Night said, as his hand began the rub his Sissy's pantied bottom.  "Do you like it when I do this?" Master Night asked.

"Oh yes, Master," the Sissy replied breathlessly, just as he had been taught. "I love it when you fondle me."

"That's because your such a slut," Master answered with a sneer. "You disgust me. Did you know that, Sissy?"

"Yes sir," Sissy Dawn replied. "I do not deserve the privilege of being owned by you."

Master smiled at his Sissy's total submission. Leering at his nearly naked Sissy, Master Night said, "Let's play a game of hide-and-seek." Sissy Dawn's heart started racing with fear. "Ready, set, GO!"  Master shouted.

And with that, Sissy Dawn started racing through the mansion, his big boobs bouncing as he tried to run in his high heeled sandals.

"Ready or not, here I come!" Master shouted, just a few seconds later when the Sissy had only reached the foyer. Sissy Dawn sprinted as fast as his sissified body would let him. He ran through the formal dining room and through butler's pantry. He made it to the study and was about to run up the back staircase when Master caught up with him.

"Sissy, I'm disappointed. That was too easy. I don't think you were even trying," Master said.  "Oh well, I won again!"  And with that, Master pulled the taser from his pocket.

"Please Master, no! Not the taser!" Sissy Dawn pleaded as he backed into a corner of the room, desperate to get even a few inches away from his insane Master and his taser.

"Now Sissy, you know the rules," Master replied sternly.  "If I can find you in less than ten minutes, I get to give you a stingie."

"Please Master!  NO!  It's not fair..."

Master had heard enough. He jammed the taser into his Sissy's crotch and gave his Sissy a long, nasty shock.  Sissy Dawn screamed and collapsed on the floor. And because he was now angry with his Sissy, Master gave another shock to each of Sissy Dawn's giant tits.

Sissy Dawn writhed on the floor from pain. Master took advantage of this to kick his nearly naked Sissy.  Sissy Dawn sobbed uncontrollably as he lay helplessly on the floor.

"The rules are the rules, Sissy. Dont you forget that!"  Master said as he unzipped his pants.  "Now let's have some more fun..."

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sissy Weddings!!! A Sissy Prepares to Walk Down the Aisle

Oh, I do enjoy a Sissy wedding!
It is such fun preparing a reluctant Sissy for his big day.  Ideally, a Sissy doesn't even get to meet his new Master/Husband until he is standing on the alter, repeating the vows that I've written for him.

Sissy Bethany's wedding was such a special day.  Over the past two years, relentless training, surgery and hormones had transformed an ordinary young man into an exquisite feminized Sissy.  The tranformation was difficult, but Sissy Bethany was beginning to understand that he had no hope of ever regaining either his freedom or his masculinity.  And physically, Sissy Bethany's transformation was nearly perfect.  His facial features were delicate and beautiful, his breasts were full and luscious, and his skin was silky and smooth.

It was only two weeks ago that I informed Sissy Bethany that I had arranged for him to be married.  I told him in lurid detail how he was soon to become the property of a real man.  He sobbed when I told him this.  He was terrified by the idea of becoming the Sissy Wife and Slave to a superior male that he had never met.  How he begged me not to make him marry another man!

But of course, nobody cares what a Sissy wants.  And I warned him sternly that I would tolerate no complaints or misbehavior on his wedding day.

When the big day came, I had the girls from the salon meet at us the church where there is a small room near the back where brides can get ready.  The salon girls did a lovely job -- both with his make-up and with tormenting him.  Then I dressed him in the most adorable bridal lingerie set I had ever seen.  The corset-like top showed off his big soft boobs so nicely.  He wore 4 inch white satin pumps on his stockinged feet.  I pinned the lace-trimmed veil to his hair.  He eyed with fear and curiousity the enormous white garment bag hanging in the corner, holding the gown he had never seen.

The guests were arriving.  From the room in the back, I had Sissy Bethany peak out into the church.  There were over 200 guests (all friends of the Groom, of course)  seated in the pews, all happily chatting with one another, waiting for the ceremony to begin.   That's when his fear blossomed into a full panic.  "Please Mistress, PLEASE!" the pathetic thing begged.  "Please don't make me do this!"

Well that did it.  I slapped him hard across the face and screamed at him, "Now listen here, Missy!  Stop your whining right this minute.  You are going to march up that aisle like a good sissy and surrender yourself to your new Husband and Master!  Or do I have to give you a spanking?"  My voice was loud enough to be heard by the guests in the church, who all started laughing at Sissy Bethany's humiliation.

Just then the organ started playing the Wedding March.  "Time to go, Sissy," I said.

"Alright, Mistress," Sissy managed to say through his tears.  "I'll be good.  Will you help me with my gown?" he asked, pointing to the garment bag.

"Oh no, Sissy.  No gown for you.  Because you misbehaved, you can be married dressed just as you are.  I'm sure your Husband/Master will enjoy seeing you wearing your sissy lingerie as you recite your vows to him.  And I'll bet some guests won't be able resist giving you a feel as you walk pass."

Sissy Bethany went pale with shock.  I handed the Sissy his bouquet and literally shoved him out the door.  "Start walking," I said pointing down the aisle.  And that's what Sissy Bethany did, slowly and shamefully walking down the aisle, wearing only his exquisite lingerie and veil, towards his future as a Sissy Slave Wife.  The guests hooted and laughed as the humiliated and half-naked Sissy walked by.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sissy Weddings!!! Short Gowns for your Sissy

Many of my clients, wealthy men who pay me to select, train and prepare Sissy Brides for them, are such traditionalists!  They give me strict instructions that they want their Sissy Bride presented to them in a classic, long, flowing bridal gown.

But sometimes I encourage my clients to consider another approach.  I think a Sissy Bride in a short gown can be simply adorable!   Here are a few photos of some recent Sissy Brides that I dressed in pretty, pretty short gowns.

Dressed in a short gown, a Sissy Bride can look so cute, so feminine, so dainty.  I love making my pretty little Sissies show off their long, skinny legs -- and their sky-high heels -- wearing a short gown.  A short bridal gown will make your Sissy Bride feel very exposed and defenseless -- it can serve to make the entire wedding experience even more frightening and humiliating for your sweet little Boy Bride!

And of course, there are advantages for the Husband/Masters too.  In a short gown, it is so much easier for the Husband/Master to lift up his Sissy Bride's skirt and petticoats and expose his little bottom.  The horny Husband/Masters I know don't want to waste any time before fucking their little Sissy Brides after the wedding.  Some don't even wait until they get back to the hotel room -- they fuck their little Sissy Brides right at the Reception in front of all their guests!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sissy Weddings!!! Selecting the Perfect Gown for your Sissy Bride

A Si ssy wedding can be such fun!  Fun for you as the Sissy's Owner and Trainer, that is.  When done properly, a wedding should be a horrifying nightmare of fear and humiliation for your Sissy.

Selecting the right wedding gown for your Sissy is so important.  While almost all gowns are quite elegant and lovely and feminine, I work very hard to find gowns for my Sissies that are somehow special -- that have a certain something extra.  I look for a gown that emphasizes the fact that this Sissy creation is not just feminine.  No, the gown has to say that the Sissy wearing it is beyond girlish, that the Sissy has utterly surrendered himself to a doll-like existance for the entertainment and pleasure of a real man.  The Sissy should look and feel as if he is an elegantly wrapped present of subservience and daintiness being displayed for the pleasure of his new Husband/Owner and for the guests attending the ceremony.

Here are two photos from Sissy weddings I arranged last year. These were two of my favorites.  Both of these Sissies had been hard to break at first, but as you can see from the photos, in the end they were both the very essence of defeated, hopeless Sissy surrender that is just so appealing.

It is breathtaking to watch that final remnant of a Sissy's free will and sense of self evaporate as his gown is lowered over his head on his wedding day!  If your Sissy starts silently sobbing, his head bowed, as you lace him into his gown, you know you have picked the perfect dress!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sissy Weddings!!! A Young Sissy Bride Prepares for his Big Day

I do so enjoy a Sissy wedding!  Almost nothing fills me with so much joy as seeing one of my Sissy creations forced to marry a man that I have selected for them.  As a full-time Sissy Trainer, I am paid very richly to provide Sissy brides to wealthy men looking to fulfill their fantasies.                                                                                                                                                                                 Sissy Abigail's wedding was one of my favorites.  Just look at him -- so young, so sweet, so scared!  I had such a good time preparing Sissy Abigail for his big day.  All those months of trying on gowns, learning to recite the vows I wrote for him, the dance lessons, the dildo practice...
Sissy Abigail was forced to try on hundreds of gowns before I selected the perfect one.  The girls at the bridal salon had such fun teasing and torturing my little Sissy.  They gushed about how sweet or how sexy each gown made him look.  They told Sissy Abigail how pleased and aroused each dress would make his new Husband/Master.  And of course they talked endlessly about how exciting Sissy's wedding night would be and how amazing it would feel being fucked by his new Husband/Master.
The dresses above were two of my favorites.  Sissy Abigail looked simply darling in them both.  But when he tried on the dress on the left,  I knew it was the one!  Seeing my little Sissy encased in acres of chiffon left me breathless.  And the effect on Sissy Abigail was just as profound.  He felt so helpless and hopeless -- just look at his sad and scared little face -- priceless!  He felt like a present that was beautifully wrapped for his new Husband/Master to open and enjoy.  And of course, the little Sissy was absolutely correct.  That is exactly what he had become; a possession for a superior male who would own, control and dominate him for the rest of his Sissy life!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Sissy Gets Ready to Go Home

Charlie had been nothing but trouble for his poor Stepmother.  He had gotten involved with drugs and shoplifting and had gotten expelled from high school just too many times.  And around the house he was rude and obnoxious. 

Fed up with this nonsense, Charlie's Stepmother did the right thing and delivered her rotten stepson to me for some...improvements.

It wasn't easy and it wasn't quick.  But in a little more than two years, Charlie was gone forever and in his place was -- TA DA -- Sissy Charleen!  All it took was some hard work -- and some hormones, some surgery, some sleep and food deprivation, and lots and lots of beatings.  Sissy Charleen was now a quivering, submissive and totally obedient feminized girly-boy.

I enjoyed preparing Sissy Charleen on the day his Stepmother was coming to retrieve him.  Starting very early in the morning, I had the girls from the beauty parlor come over to give Sissy Charleen "the works".  First, a total (and I mean total) body waxing -- ouchy!  Then his hair was shampooed and put up in rollers.  While he sat under the hair dryer, the girls did his make-up and gave him a mani-pedi.  His hair was then brushed out and styled, soft curls piled on top of his little Sissy head.  Adorable!

Now, up until this point, little Sissy Charleen had no idea why he was being all gussied up.  As I zipped him into the cutest little pink dress, I explained that his Stepmother had come to take him home and that she was waiting right outside.  Well the little Sissy nearly passed out when I said that!  Sissy Charleen was terrified of being under the control of his Stepmother in his new feminized condition.  Sissy Charleen started to cry and begged me not to return him to his Stepmother.  I sternly instructed him to stop crying, lest he spoil his lovely make-up.  I then reminded him that no one cares what a Sissy wants and that he had best work hard to obey and to please his Stepmother-- or there would be trouble. 

I stepped back to look Sissy Charleen over one last time and to admire my work.  His arms and legs looked so delicate and feminine.  His hair and make-up were perfect.  And the dress I had chosen was simply lovely -- so sweet and innocent.  I adjusted the pretty bow at the neckline, gave him a little hug and said good-bye.  He stood there, so prim, so feminine, so terrified, as I invited his Stepmother to enter. 

As she walked into the room and saw her transformed Sissy stepson for the first time, she screamed. "OH MY GOD!"  She nearly collapsed with laughter as she drank in her little Sissy.  Of course Sissy Charleen was dying of humiliation, but he stood there, eyes lowered, as he had been trained.  The Stepmother eyed Sissy Charleen's bust and asked aloud, "Are they real?"  She brazenly walked up to Sissy Charleen and gave his boobs a rough squeeze.  "OH MY GOD!" she screamed again.  "They are real!"  Her riotous laughter resumed.

"Come along, Sissy Charleen.  Time for us to go home.  But first we're going to go downtown so all of your old friends can get to see the new you!"

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Sissy Goes Clubbing

I love taking my Sissy "boyfriend" out clubbing on Saturday nights. 

We had been dating for several months when he admitted to me how he liked dressing up like a girl.  I was disgusted by the idea but agreed to let him dress up for me one evening.  Well, when he emerged from the bedroom dressed up as "Lydia", I was just amazed by how feminine and glamorous he was.  He wore a long black wig that looked so nice with his dark complexion.  His make-up was dramatic, theatrical even.  Long false eyelashes, shimmery eye-shadow, glossy bright pink lips.  Wow!

He was just delighted with the compliments I showered on him.  I told him about a hundred times how "beautiful" and "sexy" he was.  He shuddered with pleasure everytime I said that.  It was clear to me that I could have complete control over this Sissy faggot -- all I had to do was to pretend to be supportive of his girliness.

"Do you like me dressed like this?" he tentatively asked, his voice a sweet feminine whisper.

"Oh, I think we're going to have a lot of fun together, Lydia," I replied.  Just not the kind of fun you think, Sissy, I thought to myself.  I took a bunch of photos, while he enjoyed posing like a fashion model.

"Lydia, you look so wonderful, I think we should go out," I said. Sissy Lydia was shocked and scared by my suggestion.  You see, he had never been outside his apartment dressed as a girl.  I borrowed his make-up kit and made myself up glamourously, just like him.  Lydia showed me his extensive wardrobe of sexy outfits.  I dressed him in a clingy black mini dress, topped with a bright pink jacket, and some strappy sexy high heeled sandals -- what a Sissy!

I pushed him out the door and we took a cab to a crowded dance club downtown.  I made him dance with a bunch of guys -- while I did the same.  He kept begging me to leave -- the little Sissy was so scared and helpless!  After a couple of hours we did leave -- with two of the hot guys we had been been dancing with.  I told my little Sissy that he better behave himself, because I had his wallet, his clothes -- and photos of him that I could easily email to his family -- or his boss.  Defeated, the little Sissy got in the cab with me and our hot dates to go back to my apartment.  It was fun watching my little Sissy squirm while his "date" started putting the moves on him.  Hysterical!  And then they started making out -- I almost came watching that action.  As we arrived at my apartment I warned Sissy Lydia that he better act really girlish because if the guys figured out he was a boy, they'd kill him!  The Sissy was so scared that his secret would be discovered that he did everything I told him to do.

Well that night, Sissy Lydia gave his first blow job!  And since that night he's given dozens more to the guys we meet at the clubs every Saturday night!  She is my little pet Sissy toy that I now drag with me every time I go out!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Quarter of a Million Hits!

I just wanted to highlight that my Tormented Sissies and Extreme Forced Feminization site has now had over 250,000 hits -- with thousands of visitors from all over the world!

That's a lot of Trainers, Masters, Mistresses and Sissies and Sissy wannabes!

I'm glad that so many of you are enjoying the site.  

Please become a Follower and PLEASE leave comments.  Comments are very important to me.  Please let me know which captions and what types of stories and themes you like best.  Your comments inspire me to create new captions!

Now hurry up and finish putting on your make-up, you little Sissy bitch.  Your Master will be home any minute.  Pucker up, Sissy!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Putting your Sissy to Work

When you grow tire of having your Sissy around all the time -- or just want some extra money -- don't be afraid to put your Sissy to work!

I've had good success finding jobs for many of my Sissies as secretaries and receptionists.  But not all Sissies have the skills for this type of work.  

But the recent explosion of legalized gambling all across the country has created lots of new casinos -- and lots of new cocktail waitress jobs!

Sissy Sandi had been a stay-at-home Sissy, serving his Master and Mistress for almost five years.  Sissy Sandi had been kept very busy preparing meals, cleaning the house, washing and ironing clothes, bathing and massaging his Master and Mistress -- and performing nearly continuous oral sex on both of them.

But when Master decided that he wanted to go into semi-retirement, he agreed with Mistress that it was time for Sissy Sandi to contribute more than his talented lips and tongue to the well-being of their "family". Sissy Sandi would have to earn a paycheck.

With my help they arranged for Sissy Sandi to get a cocktail waitress job at the new casino that opened 20 minutes from their home. But first, following my advice, they had Sissy Sandi's boobs plumped up. Don't those huge tits look so sexy spilling out of his cute little outfit?

Sissy Sandi's new job has been a huge success! He now works a ten hour shift -- from 5:00 PM until 3:00 AM -- seven nights a week, 365 days a year. And the tips he earns are amazing!

Master and Mistress are so happy with the new arrangement,  But of course, it isn't so much fun for poor Sissy Sandi.  He doesn't look too happy in this picture, does he?   He is so embarrassed parading around in such a revealing and sexy costume.  He wears a tightly laced and uncomfortable corset to give him that delightful wasp-waisted look.  His pathetic little cockette is cruelly constrained to ensure not even a hint of an unsightly bulge.  His feet ache after spending so many hours fetching drink orders wearing his four inch high heels.  And worst of all is the constant pawwing and groping by drunk men that he has to endure with a smile every night.

And of course, Sissy Sandi still has to take care of his Master and Mistress at home.  So after he returns home from an exhausting night at the casino, there is always a list of chores awaiting him when he returns.  And Master and Mistress still expect breakfast in bed at 7:30 sharp every morning!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Sissy Honeymoon

For the last two years, I have been under the strict and controlling hand of Master Roman.  He has trained and transformed me into an exquisitiely feminine, obedient and docile Sissy.

At first I resisted my captivity and transformation.  But Master Roman skillfully -- and often cruelly -- destroyed my will to resist as he forced my inner femininity to blossom.  Eventually I learned to embrace my new existance as Master Roman's obedient Sissy servant.  My life now revolves around pleasing and serving my Master -- and nothing else.

I must have succeeded in pleasing Master Roman because he asked me to marry him!  We had a lovely, private ceremony where I took my vow of obedience and servitude, and then Master Roman whisked me down to Jamaica for our Honeymoon. 

As we stood under the waterfall, I could feel Master Roman's cock getting hard as he pressed against me.  He held me tightly in his big strong arms, kissing me.  His hands moved up to my soft little breasts that had developed from the hormones Master Roman had been giving me.  He untied the little bikini top that I was wearing.  I moaned softly as his fingers played with my swollen, sensitive nipples.

"Who are you?" Master Roman whispered into my ear.

"I am your obedient and loving Sissy Wife," I replied as he had trained me.  He smiled.

"And who am I?" Master asked.

"You are my Husband and my Master who I will serve and obey and for the rest of my life.  My only purpose is to please you," I said, reciting the acceptable answer. 

Master nodded and replied, "That's right.  And now to please me I want you to suck my cock."

I instantly fell to my knees and quickly pulled Master's cock into my mouth.  The water where we were standing was fairly deep so I struggled to breathe as I pulled his enormous hard rod into my mouth. 

As he started to cum, Master Roman said, "Sissy Wives don't need to breathe.  They just need to suck cock."  He then pushed my head underwater and held it there.  Even though I was practically drowning, I felt so fulfilled knowing that I was performing a service that pleased my Husband/Master so greatly.  It felt wonderful to being a good Sissy Wife, on my knees, feeling my Master/Husband's hot cum blasting into my mouth and down my throat.  Even as I started to lose consciousness, I ensured that I had thoroughly drained my Master/Husband and had swallowed every drop.

When I regained consciousness, I was on the floor of our hotel room.  These was a note jammed in my bikini bottoms that said, "Get cleaned up and put on new bikini.  Meet me in hot tub next to the big pool.  Hurry.  I need another underwater blowjob right now."

A Sissy Wife's job is never done.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sissy Behavior Modification

As a professional Sissy Trainer, I have learned how to be very strict.  And I'm not afraid to dish out severe punishment when required to get my Sissies to comply with my requirements.  I'm not shy about using my cattle prod or landing out a few dozen lashes with my riding crop when I'm dealing with a reluctant Sissy.  But as a woman who stands 5' 7" and weighs 130 pounds, sometimes I just don't have what it takes to give a Sissy the punishment he deserves.

Sissy Daisy was a real problem for me.  Even though his physical transformation had proceeded beautifully, he refused to embrace his future as a submissive Sissy pleasure toy.  He insisted that he was a man!  HA!!!  And he refused to entertain male guests that I frequently invite to my home.  For his disobedience, I tried everything:  beatings, starvation, locking him in a dark closet for days at a time.  But nothing worked.  It was time to bring in an expert.

I brought Sissy Daisy over to visit my friend, Master Steed.  Master Steed, you see, is a sadistic, brutal man who enjoys inflicting pain on bad little Sissies.  He is insanely strong and muscular.  And best of all, he is hung like a horse!  When your Sissy needs some extra encouragement, Master Steed is the one to call.

I dragged Sissy Daisy into Master Steed's home and we waited in the living room.  Sissy stood silently in the corner wearing a pretty sundress while I made myself comfortable on the sofa.  Sissy Daisy was so nervous, not having any idea where he was or what was about to happen to him.  I set up my camcorder on a little tripod because I love having a souvenir of these visits to Master Steed's home.   I was getting very excited just thinking about the show I was about to witness. 

Then Master Steed entered the room, shirtless, his huge muscles bulging.  Sissy Daisy was instantly terrified.  He tried to run from the room but Master Steed was on him immediately.  Master Steed hit the Sissy hard, once in the face and once in the stomach.  Sissy Daisy screamed in pain and his tears began to flow.  In one swift motion, Master Steed ripped the sundress off of my Sissy, leaving him completely naked and exposed.  For the next 20 minutes, Master Steed slapped, spanked, pinched, twisted and otherwise tortured my misbehaving little Sissy. 

And then the best part.  Gripping my Sissy's throat, he spun the Sissy around and rammed his massive dick into his tight little bottom.  Sissy Daisy was sobbing like a little bitch and begging for me to make his punishment stop.  I nearly came myself watching my little Sissy getting raped.

That's when I noticed Sissy Daisy's nipples were getting hard!  That little Sissy bitch was getting excited by being fucked by a real man!

I couldn't stop myself.  I jumped up from the sofa and grabbed Sissy Daisy's hard nipples.  I pinched and twisted them hard while  I shouted into the little boy bitch's face, "I can see that you are really enjoying this, aren't you Sissy?  Your nipples don't lie!  You like having a huge cock up your tight little boy pussy, don't you?"

Well, needless to say, Sissy Daisy has been a delightfully obedient Sissy ever since that day.  No more protests, no more denial.  He'll service my male guests and do whatever else I tell him to do.

And just for fun, once in a while I make Sissy Daisy watch his special video with me.  I certainly wouldn't want him to ever forget that special day. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Sissy Girlie-Boy -- Part 6

It's been six months since Mommy made me start working at Frank's Hideaway. 

I don't cry in the car on the way to the bar anymore.  I don't care.  I don't care about anything anymore.

I take a lot a Ecstasy and I let the men at that bar buy me Cosmos and shots.  I'm too young to drink, but nobody cares.  Tonight I'm wearing a sparkly red dress.  It's very short and very clingy.  The men really like me when I dress like this.  Mommy has bought me a lot of sexy new dresses recently.   Mommy is really happy.  She has a new BMW and lots of new jewelry and even a mink coat.  But she wasn't so happy when I first started at Frank's Hideaway.  I still remember my first night at the bar.
After being fucked by Manny at my "audition", Mommy was really mad at me for screaming so much while Manny raped me.  She told me that I better learn to "shut the fuck up!"  After Manny was done with me, she told me to get myself cleaned up and that she would be back before the bar opened.  I did as she told me.  I went to the ladies room and brushed my teeth and tried to clean myself up as best I could.  I fixed my make-up and returned to the bar.  A few minutes later, Mommy returned to the bar and handed a package to Frank who was already behind the bar getting ready for the first customers to arrive.

Mommy handed me a couple of Valiums and told me to take them.  She said to me, in a very threatening way, that I better not mess up tonight.  She said that we were very lucky that Frank was letting me work there.

At a few minutes before 9:00, Mommy positioned me on a stool and again told me to do everything Frank told me and to, "...for God's sake, stop your God damn screaming!"  Mommy said she would return at the end of the night and with that Mommy was gone.

The bar was very quiet.  There were two other bar girls -- real girls -- positioned on other stools at the bar.  They were talking to each other and laughing and pointing at me.  I would learn that the other bar girls would never be nice to me.

The bar opened at 9:00 and the men started pouring in.  After a few minutes,  men started to gather around me.  It wasn't long before I started to feel some hands grabbing my ass while some other hands started to brush against my shoulders, my legs....

At 10:00, I was told to escort my first "date" of the night into the back.  I was terrified but I knew I had better do my best to cooperate.  My "date" was an older man, mostly bald, sort of fat.  He smelled like cigarettes.  He threw an arm around my shoulders while we walked to the back.

Once in my cubicle, he pulled down his pants and he said, "Come on baby, let's go!"  I hesitated, not sure what he wanted me to do.  "Come on!" he shouted.  "I only get 25 minutes!  Get going!"

His face was getting red and I could tell he was sort of drunk and getting pretty angry.  I figured he wanted a blow job, so I quickly got on my knees.   He fished his cock out of his underpants and jammed it into my face.  I closed my eyes and opened my mouth...

And that scene repeated itself all night long.  Man after man, cock after cock...I worked hard to make each man cum as fast as I could.  I knew I would be in trouble if I failed to make any customers cum in the 25 minutes they paid for.  I would rush to the ladies room in between each date and try my best to clean up in the five minutes allowed.

And then my 12:30 "date" wanted something different.  He wanted to fuck my ass.

"Get over here, bitch," he said.  "Frank said you have a problem with making too much noise, so he gave me this."  He was holding the package that Mommy had handed Frank just before the bar opened.  My "date" reached into the package and pulled out a ball gag.  "Get over here and open your mouth."

I did as he ordered and he fastened the ball gag tightly around my head.  "There," he said, "now you're ready."  He grabbed my panties and yanked them down and pushed me over the arm of the couch.  With my bottom stuck up in the air, my "date" rammed his hard dick in to me hard.  I tried to scream in pain, but with the gag in my mouth all that came out was a muffled moan.  "Oh yeah," he said, "you like that, don't you baby!"  He continued to bang away at me until he came, all the while I screamed in near silence through my gag.

And the night -- and every Friday and Saturday night since -- continued like that until 3:30 in the morning. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Sissy Girlie-Boy - Part 5

"Get on your knees," Manny instructed.  I did as he said.  He stood and said, "Take off my pants."  I struggled to unbuckle his belt because my hands were shaking so much.  "Hurry up," he said.

I managed to unzip his pants and pulled his pants down.  And that's when I saw it -- the most enormous cock I had ever seen.  It must have been 10 inches long and really thick.  It sprang to life, right in front of my face, as I freed it from his pants.  I fell backwards from the shock of seeing this monster.  "Get up, you stupid Sissy!" Mommy screamed, as she kicked me.

I hurried back to my knees.  I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to do next.  But Manny made it perfectly clear.  "Suck it, bitch," he said, grabbing the back of my head and pulling me hard into his crotch.  At first I didn't open my mouth, but then Manny roared, "I SAID SUCK IT, YOU SISSY BITCH!"

Terrified I opened my mouth and put Manny's massive tool inside.  It tasted terrible.  I couldn't believe this nightmare was really happening to me.  But anyway, I must have been doing something right, because Manny started moaning as he pumped his big dick in and out of my mouth, his hands firmly holding my head in place.  "Mmmm, yeah," Manny said.  "That bitch has one sweet Sissy mouth."

"Jackie's really enjoying that, isn't he!" Mommy said with evil delight.

"Come on, Manny," Frank said impatiently.  "Let's go, I need to get back to work."

"Get up on the couch," Manny instructed, pulling his cock from my mouth.  "Get on all fours, like a Sissy doggie and stick your ass in the air."

I did as he commanded.  Manny roughly yanked my tight panties down.  I could feel him rubbing the tip of his cock inside the crack of my ass.  I knew what was coming next.  I squeezed my eyes tightly shut and prayed for this to be over.  And then I felt Manny start to push his big rod into my lubricated bottom.  As the tip of his cock started to enter me, it was painful and horrible but I thought I could tolerate it.  But then he started to push the rest of his massive dick into me.  I screamed in pain as inch after inch of his massive cock drilled deeper and deeper into me.  I was sure that his cock was going to rip me apart from the inside.

"For God's sake, Jackie, SHUT UP!" Mommy shouted over my own screams. 

"Yeah, shut up, Jackie," Manny repeated, laughingly.

The next thing that I remember, Manny wrapped his big arms around me, one around my waist and one across my chest.  With his steel rod pumping inside of me, Manny lifted me off the couch.  I was literally suspended beneath him as he banged away at me.  I continued to scream in pain and begged him to stop.  Still carrying me beneath him, Manny turned away from the couch and towards Frank and Mommy.  It was horrible being fucked by this giant -- but it was made even more horrible that I was now face-to-face with Mommy while it was happening.  And that's when Mommy slapped me -- hard -- across the face.  "Stop that awful screaming!" she shouted into my face.

And then Manny started breathing really hard.  His arms wrapped more tightly around me -- so tightly I could barely breathe.  I knew what was about to happen.  His pumping became harder, almost violent.  His big hard cock became bigger and harder.  And then he came.  I could feel his hot cum blasting into me.  I started to cry.

After a minute, he pulled out of me and literally dropped me on the couch.

"Not too bad," Manny reported to Frank as he left the cubicle, without even looking at me after dumping me on the couch.  "But he gonna have to shut the fuck up.  No one wanna listen to all that."

"Get cleaned up," instructed Frank.  "Customers will be showing up soon."  To Mommy he added, "That Sissy better not make so much noise with my customers."

Mommy just glared at me as I continued to cry.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Sissy Girlie-Boy -- part 4

Mommy helped me into the other dress.  "Yes, I think this dress will be good for your first night at the bar," Mommy said.  It was awful.  It was strapless like the other one, but this one was leather and had a shiny zipper right between my teeny little "boobs."  I thought I looked really trashy.  "Please, Mommy, PLEASE don't make me go to the bar dressed like this!"  I begged.  Mommy whacked me hard with the hairbrush she had just used to do my hair. 

I hated the idea that I was being primped and prettied to spend the evening in some bar where strange men would be staring at me and...well doing other things to me. 

"Oh, I almost forgot!"  Mommy said.  "Quick, lift up your dress and bend over."  I did what Mommy asked.  She yanked down my tight panty and jammed the tip of a tube of lubricant up my bottom and squeezed the tube.  I shrieked as the icy cold gel was blasted into me.  "You'll thank me for that later,"  Mommy said. 

Mommy handed me a small purse that had my make-up and the rest of the lubricating gel.  "We're late,"  Momy said.  "Get in the car."
I continued to plead with Mommy to change her mind.  I said I would do anything -- anything -- if she would change her mind.  But she just ignored me and pushed me into the car.

When we arrived at Frank's Hideaway, it was about 7:00 -- two hours before opening time.  Frank was there and he told Mommy that I looked perfect.  He seemed really happy.  "OK," Frank said, "Let's try her -- I mean him -- out."  Then Frank shouted into the back, "Hey Manny, come out here."  Manny was a giant of a man -- huge like a football player.  He had a thick neck, huge hands and a dark complexion.  "Manny's our bouncer here.  He also helps me audition all the new girls.  Manny meet Jackie."
I just stood there until Mommy poked me.  "Nice to meet you, sir," I whispered nervously.

"Manny, take Jackie into the back and let's see what's he got," Frank said.

"Never done it with no Sissy before," Manny rumbled in his deep bass voice.  "Come on, Jackie, let's go."  Manny grabbed my hand and pulled me into the back.  I was very scared but I was completely out of control of the situation, so I tried to just endure what was happening to me.  To my horror, Frank and Mommy followed Manny and me into the first of the little rooms in the back.

Manny sat down on the couch and said, "OK Jackie, let's go."  I had no idea what that meant or what I was supposed to do. 

"Don't just stand there!  Go over to him," Mommy snarled as she shoved me hard, nearly making me topple off my high heels.  As I stumbled over to where Manny sat, he grabbed my arm and pulled me onto his lap.  He wrapped his huge arms around me and started kissing me.  Hard.   I tried to pull away as he jammed his huge tongue into my mouth, but his arms were wrapped tightly around me like a steel cage and I was completely immobilized.  "OK, Jackie, enough kissy-kissy fun.  Let's see what else you can do," Mommy commanded.

"Get on your knees," Manny instructed.  I did as he said.  He stood and said, "Take off my pants."  I struggled to unbuckled his belt because my hands were shaking so much.  "Hurry up," he said.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Sissy Girlie-Boy -- part 3

Ten weeks ago, Mommy made me start working at "Frank's Hideaway" as one of the bar girls.  Only, I'm not a girl.  I'm really a boy.  But I dress like a girl and the men who come to the bar like to have sex with me.  You see, there are a lot of men who get really turned on abusing and fucking Sissy Girlie-boys like me.

But I hate going to the bar and I hate being used as a Sissy whore by lots of strange men.  But Mommy makes me do it.  At first it was only on Saturday nights.  But now I have to work on Friday nights too.

Giving blow jobs is really disgusting.  And getting fucked in the ass really hurts.  But Mommy gets so angry whenever I complain.  I try to be brave when I'm at the bar.  But I usually cry in the car -- both on the way to the bar thinking about what I'm going to have to do when I get there -- and on the way home as I try to forget the awful things I had to do all night.

Even though it's really horrible, I've gotten very good at making men cum.  You see, I only have 25 minutes with each "date."  That's not much time and if the man doesn't cum, they get really angry and complain to Frank.  And when customers complain, Frank doesn't pay me -- I mean doesn't pay Mommy -- my share.   

But at first I wasn't good at pleasuring men.  I still remember my first night at the bar.  Mommy started getting me ready at about 3:00 in the afternoon.  Mommy bathed me and powdered me.  She fluffed up my hair and covered it with hairspray.  Then she did my make-up:  just some light foundation, eye liner and mascara, and pale lip gloss.  Then she handed me my new underwear:  a black strapless bra -- 34AA -- and an incredibly tight and uncomfortable pair of black panties.  Mommy hooked the bra behind my back and helped me squiggle into my confining panties.  "We can't have any unsightly bulges!"  Mommy chirped.  

And then she showed me the dress.  It was a tight strapless mini dress with black and grey and white stripes.  My bra made it look like I had tiny little breasts.  Mommy helped me into the dress and fussed until she was satisfied.  I felt practically naked and was very aware of the cool air on my exposed arms and shoulders.  She had me slip on a pair of shiny black high heels.  And then she let me look in the mirror.  "Mommy, oh no!" I shrieked when I saw my reflection.  "I can go out looking like this.  I look so, so, so..."

"Slutty?" Mommy unhelpfully finished my sentence.  "Yes, you're right.  You do look like a little slut!  OK, you win.  You don't have to wear this dress tonight.  You can wear it next week.  Here, put this one on."  Mommy said as she handed me another dress.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Sissy Girlie-Boy - part 2

It's been six weeks since Mommy first dragged me to Frank's Hideaway.  Since then, I've been coming to the bar every Saturday night.

Tonight is just like every other Saturday night.  Following Frank's instructions, Mommy delivered me to the bar at 8:30, half an hour before the bar opened.  I take my position on the stool that Frank assigned me at the far end of the bar.  There are three other girls parked at the bar tonight -- real girls, not girlie-boys like me.  They never talk to me.  Tonight I'm wearing one of the new dresses that Mommy bought for me.  It is a tight black dress with sheer mesh sleeves.  The dress is so short that it doesn't even properly cover me when I sit on my stool.  I'm also wearing some strappy black platform shoes with very high heels.  Frank tells me that I look perfect and that, dressed like this, that he's sure that I will be very busy tonight.
And just like every Saturday, I look like a total Sissy faggot.  With just a hint of make-up, no wig, no fake boobs, I am obviously not a real girl.  I am a Sissy boy in a dress. 
At 9:00, the bar opens and the men start to pour in.  By 9:15, I have a crowd of about 5 or 6 men hovering around me, trying to buy me drinks, brushing up against me trying to get a feel.  I do my best to smile and seem interested in all the attention.   By 9:30, one of the men has paid Frank to take me into "the back room".   I get up from my stool and let me first "date" of the evening lead me into the back.

And so begins another horrifying Saturday night for me at Frank's Hideaway.

Six weeks ago, when Mommy first brought me here, Frank explained to me how things work in his bar.  Men -- dozens and dozens of men -- come to Frank's Hideaway for the chance to spend some "private time" with one of the bar girls.  Frank's customers pay him $100 to take a girl into "the back room" for 25 minutes.  The back room used to be a dining room.  Now it's set up with four small cubicles, each with a couch, a small table and curtain for a door.

Frank explained that I would be his newest bar girl.

I shouted, "You're both crazy!  You can't make me do that!"  And I ran for the door.  But in my high heels, I couldn't run fast and Frank caught me before I was even half way to the exit.  Mommy slapped me hard and started screaming in my face that I had better cooperate or I would be sorry.  Mommy told Frank to beat me if I ever misbehaved.  Mommy ordered me sit sit on a bar stool and to listen carefully to Frank's instruction. 

For the next ten minutes, Frank told me everything I needed to know.  I was crying the  whole time.  Mommy slapped me twice more telling me to stop balling like a little Sissy.  Frank explained that after a man pays the bartender $100, I have to take him back to one of the cubicles and "entertain" him.  Frank pointed out that 25 minutes isn't very long, so that I need to work fast because the customers get very angry if they don't get to cum before the 25 minute bell goes off.

"Please no," I whimpered.  "please don't make me do this." 

"Shut up and behave, Sissy!"  Mommy shouted, slapping me again, this time harder than before.

Frank continued by explaining that once the 25 minute bell goes off, I only have 5 minutes to get myself cleaned up before it's the next man's turn.  And any time I'm not with a customer in the back room, I need to be at the bar on my stool.  Most men want blow jobs, Frank explained, but some would want to fuck my ass.  Therefore, Frank advised, I better arrive well lubricated.  That's when I fainted and fell off my stool.

That was six weeks ago.  But right now it is 9:30 and I am being led by my first "date" of the evening back to one of curtained rooms.  He looks a little familiar, maybe he's been a customer before.  He has a hand squeezes my ass hard as we walk together.

Once in the cubicle, I draw the curtain closed.  He is already seated on the couch and he tells me to come sit on his lap.  I do and he starts feeling me up and kissing me.  I start moaning and panting because I know that makes the men excited.  He sticks his tongue deep into my mouth and I suck on it.  I start rubbing the bulge in his pants.  I can tell that he enjoys that.

"Do you want to suck my cock?"  he asks.  "Oh, yes please," I reply breathily, doing my best to get him excited.  He smiles.

I slide off his lap and position myself on my knees between his legs.  I help him take off his pants.  His big cock is already starting to get erect.  I stuff his cock into my mouth and get to work.  I frantically attack his rod with my lips, my tongue, my teeth.  With my hands, I play with his balls.  I moan while I suck on him.  In just a few minutes, I feel his muscles tense.  He is going to cum any minute.   I relax slightly knowing that he will finish before my 25 minute deadline.  He grabs my head hard and pushes my face into his crotch.  His cock is down my throat and I want to gag, but I fight it.  He explodes in my mouth and it feels like a gallon of hot cum is pouring into my mouth.

"Swallow it, Sissy," he says.  "Swallow it all!" 

I work hard to swallow and lick up every drop.  And just as I finish giving his cock a thorough tongue bath, the 25 minute bell goes off.  The man stands up and roughly pushes me away, knocking me to the floor.  He pulls up his pants and pushes through the curtains to return to the bar.  I hear him mutter, "Disgusting Sissy whore," as he leaves.

I race to the ladies' bathroom to brush my teeth and to put on some fresh lip gloss.  I have only a couple of minutes before my next "date."  Two of the other bar girls are also in the restroom, cleaning themselves up.  One of them snarls, "Get out of here.  This room is for 'ladies', not Sissy faggots!"  The other girl laughs and says, "I hear the Sissy doesn't get paid for blow jobs -- he pays to give blow jobs!"  They both howl with laughter.  I try to ignore their abuse as I frantically scrub the taste of cum out of my mouth. 

I race back to  my stool just as the 10:00 bell sounds.  My next "date" is waiting to walk me to my cubicle in the back room. 

And so my nightmare continued until the bar closed at 3:00 in the morning, I was pretty much in the back room all evening -- I think I had 9 or 10 dates tonight!  I had men cumming in my mouth and in my bottom all night long. 

Mommy picked me up at around 3:15 and got an envelope of cash from Frank for my share.  I handed her my tips for the night and she was very angry that I hadn't collected more.

"Well, Jackie," Mommy said on the drive home, "I have great news for you!  Starting next week, Frank wants you to work at the bar on Friday nights too!  Isn't that wonderful!"

I cried all the way home.