Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sissy Goes Outside Part 1

I liked dressing up in my older sister's clothes and I did it whenever I was home alone.    First, I would put on one of her bras and a pair of her panties.  Next I would go to the bathroom and do my make-up and fluff up my longish hair.  Then I would go through her closet, trying on her dresses, skirts, blouses and shoes.  I even dressed up in her nightgowns and bathing suits.  I would pose in front of her full length mirror, admiring my feminine reflection.

That's exactly what I was doing when disaster struck.

I was all dolled up in my sister's make-up, underwear and a party dress.  The dress was my sister's favorite.  It had a feminine, white ruffled top, a black skirt and a wide belt that gave me a sexy shape.  I was also wearing her sexy new peep-toed pumps with really high heels.  I felt so girlish and sexy.  I was posing and admiring my reflection in her big mirror when I heard a girl's voice scream, "Oh My God!"   I spun around and saw my sister and two of her friends standing behind me. My sister's friends started laughing uncontrollably.  My sister shouted, "What the fuck are you doing in my clothes?!?"

I was too shocked to speak so one of her friends answered for me. "Your brother is a total sissy faggot!"

My sister glared at me for a minute and then said, "Don't move."  She went downstairs followed by her friends. I was so afraid and confused and ashamed that I that just stood there as she ordered.

A few minutes later the three of them returned.  "Well Sissy," she said, "I'll make you a deal.  I won't tell Mom and Dad about this -- but you have to do something for me."

"Sure," I said eagerly.  I would do anything to keep my parents from learning about this.  "What do I have to do?"

"It will be easy," my sister replied.  "All you have to do is to walk down Walnut Avenue, from Church Street to Parker Street." 

"You want me to go outside?  Dressed like this?" I exclaimed.  I had never even thought about going outside before.

"No!  Not in my favorite party dress.  We'll pick out something cute and appropriate for you to wear.  Now don't be such a Sissy," my sister said while her friends giggled.  "Walnut is a quiet street.  Now get into the bathroom so we can fix you up."

I really had no choice so I complied.  And my sister was right -- Walnut was a quiet street.  I should be able to do this.

Well, the girls teased me mercilessly as they made me  strip down to my sister's bra and panties.  They  went to work on my hair and make-up and made me look really pretty -- much better than I had ever done myself.  Then they picked an outfit for me to wear.  The girls helped me dress and then ordered me into the car.  Now I stated to get nervous and I said that I had changed my mind.

"Too late, Sissy!" my sister snarled.  "Shut up and get in the car."

I started to cry as the girls shoved me into the back seat of the car.


  1. Ooh! Please tell me this is to be continued! Love it!!!

  2. What a perfect little dress!

  3. wow i'd love for that to happen to me

  4. Well when caught in sis's clothes without asking what should he expect.

  5. I would love it if my sis does this with me but I hope rather than quite street it should be crowded so that she can humiliate me much more