Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Sissy's Place is in the Home

Poor little Sissy Tina.  Three years ago I sold Sissy Tina to a Master who firmly believes that a Sissy's place is in the home.  So much so that Sissy Tina hasn't been allowed out of his Master's home since the day he was purchased.  In fact, Sissy Tina doesn't even own any real clothes -- just sexy lingerie to wear around the house!

And doesn't Sissy Tina look absolutely delicious in this lovely white ensemble? Sissy Tina's Master has purchased literally hundreds of exquisite lingerie sets for his Sissy.  White ones, pink ones, black ones.  Little baby doll nighties, heavily boned corsets, sweet little teddies.  And maribou slippers with four inch heels -- in colors to match every outfit. 

Sissy Tina doesn't even have any clothes to wear when his Master invites company over.  Sissy Tina has to parade around in his lacy and frilly undies while everyone ogles -- and fondles -- his very exposed and marvelously feminized body.  Poor Sissy Tina wants to die of shame.

And Sissy Tina's Master enjoys having his silky little Sissy perched on his lap.  Poor Sissy Tina has to just sit there obediently and perfectly still as his Master runs his big rough hands all over his Sissy's soft skin.  And Master also enjoys the fact that his little Sissy is also dressed for sex whenever Master is in the mood!

If you had a Sissy of your own as pretty as Sissy Tina, would you allow him to wear clothes in your house?  Of course not!


  1. What a perfect life and you always seem to have the most beautiful pictures!

  2. I would have different outfits for my wonderful sissy and train her to act according to the outfit I want her to wear. However, having a shy, embarrassed sissy in silky, frilly lingerie is certainly a turn on for me.

  3. I totally agree that such a cute sissy should not have outer clothes to cover up her loveliness.

  4. Dear friends
    I am a new cross-dressing boy, I would like wear panty and corset, but my girlfriend cannot accept me in this role,
    If it is possible tell me about your cross-dressing experience
    Many thanks

  5. Great story. Femininity, trapped, and a powerful Master make it all come together.

  6. Oooo how i would love to be a kept home sissy! Being a closet bi-sexual crossdresser i must rely on the internet to keep my fantasiy alive, as my Wife does not get into any type of "kink"

  7. I'd be oh so obedient to him if he was my Master.

  8. I'd so love to made to where just frilly lingerie by a Master in front all his guests being fondled and be perched on his lap as he caresses me in total obedience.

    Miss trainer, You've stripped this sissy right down