Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Sissy Behind the Curtain

"Martin!" my wife shouted, "Get out here.  NOW!"

My wife had caught me dressing up in her clothes a few weeks ago -- and she didn't like that one little bit.

"Don't be shy, Martin!" she continued.  "We all want to see how pretty you are."  My wife and her lover were waiting for me in the Master bedroom.  They both started giggling when she said that.

I had been dreading this moment.  During the afternoon, my wife had spent hours getting me ready.  First she did my make-up and pinned a curly brunette wig on my head.  Then she dressed me in a sexy red outfit including some strappy high heel sandals that she had picked out for me to wear tonight.  She even put some of her jewelry on me.

"WE"RE WAITING!" she yelled.

I reluctantly stuck my head through the curtain that separated the Master bedroom from the dressing area.  I saw my wife and her lover, both half naked, wrapped in each other's arms sitting on the bed.

"Come on now," my wife called.  "Come all the way out here.  Don't keep us waiting any more."

I tentatively pulled back the maroon curtain and stepped fully into the Master bedroom.

"OH MY GOD!" her lover shouted.  "I can't believe this!  What a Sissy!  He really does look like a girl!"

"Can you believe I actually married a Sissy faggot like that?" my wife asked.

"Now do that sexy dance I taught you," my wife commanded.  And with that, I began to sway and rock, wiggling my hips in a sort of burlesque dance.   "Oh yes!  That's soooo sexy!"  my wife yelled.  And with that, the couple on the bed broke down into fits of laughter.

After a few minutes my wife told me to stop dancing and to come stand next to the bed.  "Now you just stand there and watch while a real man fucks me."  As she said that, the two lovers stripped off the rest of their clothes.  My wife's lover was a big, muscular man with a huge cock.  I just stood there, wearing my sexy red lingerie, while he climbed on top of my naked wife and started fucking her.  I couldn't fight back the tears as my wife started screaming with pleasure, being fucked by such a masculine man. 

After they were done fucking, my wife sat up and looked at me with disgust.  "Aw, is the widdle sissy sad because he's feeling left out?  Well don't cry, sissy.  We have something very important for you to do.  Now get on your knees and clean my man's cock with that pretty sissy mouth of yours."

I did exactly as I was ordered.  As I wrapped my painted lips around this giant cock I realized my life would never be the same again.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Sissies at the Beach

Last week I took my two newest Sissies for a day of fun at the beach.  It was a holiday weekend, so the beach was very crowded and my Sissies attracted a lot of attention!

These two fell into my clutches just a few weeks ago.  They are just at the very beginning of their transformations.  Their boyish haircuts are just starting to grow into more sissyish styles -- although I already dyed their hair to a prettier, more feminine color.  They are still very confused and frightened by their captivity and forced transformations.

My newest Sissies were horrified when they saw the outfits they would be wearing.  But their protests subsided after a few whacks with my hairbrush.

And aren't they absolutely darling!?!  I just loved dressing these two up in these identical sissy bathing suits -- with the matching sissy cover-up.  The high waisted panty (with an adorable little bow!) and the training bra tops are simply devine.  And the little pink heartsare just perfect for little Sissies.

I love this photo.  The Sissy in front is about to start crying as I just ordered him to take off his cover-up and let everyone see him in his pretty Sissy bikini!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sissy Pets -- Part 3

Sissy Timothy was forced to try on all three of the dresses selected by the saleslady and to model each of them for his Master.  Master expressed his opinions in an overly loud voice, ensuring that other shoppers would hear and take notice.

Master was very pleased with the first dress, the flowered one with the open back.  "Oh yes," he practically shouted, "He looks so cute and sissyish in that dress.  I definitely want him to have that dress."

Sissy Timothy and the saleslady retreated to the changing room where Sissy Timothy tried on the second dress.  It was very, very short, in a pale gold satin, with ruffles at the shoulders and a huge bow at the neckline.

"I like this one too," Master bellowed.  "That dress is just perfect for a sissy.  Look how feminine it makes him look."  Sissy Timothy wanted to sink into the floor as other shoppers began to take more notice and crowd around.

It was time for Sissy Timothy to try on the third and final dress.  The dress was white with generous black-trimmed ruffles running across the neck and shoulders.  It was very short and fitted in a way that made his waist look tiny.  While Sissy Timothy changed into the third dress, the saleslady slipped out of of the fitting room, returning a moment later with a pair of platform sandals.  "These will look nice with that dress," she said as she helped Timothy finish changing.  

Once again, the saleslady grabbed the Sissy by the arm and dragged him out to show his Master.  "That one is my favorite!" Master exclaimed as Timothy emerged from the dressing room.  "Why so sad, Timothy?" Master asked loudly.  "Aren't you happy that I'm helping you be such a pretty Sissy?"  Timothy was near tears as the onlookers started laughing at the spectacle.  "We'll take all three dresses for my Sissy -- and the pretty sandals, too!" Master announced.  "Don't bother changing him," Master said to the saleslady.  "He can wear that one home."