Friday, September 14, 2012

Sissy Pets -- Part 3

Sissy Timothy was forced to try on all three of the dresses selected by the saleslady and to model each of them for his Master.  Master expressed his opinions in an overly loud voice, ensuring that other shoppers would hear and take notice.

Master was very pleased with the first dress, the flowered one with the open back.  "Oh yes," he practically shouted, "He looks so cute and sissyish in that dress.  I definitely want him to have that dress."

Sissy Timothy and the saleslady retreated to the changing room where Sissy Timothy tried on the second dress.  It was very, very short, in a pale gold satin, with ruffles at the shoulders and a huge bow at the neckline.

"I like this one too," Master bellowed.  "That dress is just perfect for a sissy.  Look how feminine it makes him look."  Sissy Timothy wanted to sink into the floor as other shoppers began to take more notice and crowd around.

It was time for Sissy Timothy to try on the third and final dress.  The dress was white with generous black-trimmed ruffles running across the neck and shoulders.  It was very short and fitted in a way that made his waist look tiny.  While Sissy Timothy changed into the third dress, the saleslady slipped out of of the fitting room, returning a moment later with a pair of platform sandals.  "These will look nice with that dress," she said as she helped Timothy finish changing.  

Once again, the saleslady grabbed the Sissy by the arm and dragged him out to show his Master.  "That one is my favorite!" Master exclaimed as Timothy emerged from the dressing room.  "Why so sad, Timothy?" Master asked loudly.  "Aren't you happy that I'm helping you be such a pretty Sissy?"  Timothy was near tears as the onlookers started laughing at the spectacle.  "We'll take all three dresses for my Sissy -- and the pretty sandals, too!" Master announced.  "Don't bother changing him," Master said to the saleslady.  "He can wear that one home."


  1. Oh yes there is nothing like being shown to the world with everyone looking on in the shortest of dresses by a powerful woman as ever sissy including me knows only too well.It's the domination we need. Add some suitably fitting platforms to give your bottom a bit more lift in that dress and we're there.
    A fantastic story Mistress.

  2. Great story Linda! I can almost feel poor sissy Timothy's agonizing shame at such a public humilation!


  3. Poor Sissy Timothy, a public laughingstock. I can hear Master telling him to pull back his shoulders and raise his chin as they walk through the mall. "Posture, Sissy. Posture."

  4. A wonderful story. The third dress is adorable!

  5. Sissy Dawn
    Embaress me that way please! I'll model anything you want.

  6. I love the dresses, not crazy bout the shoes "Sweetie" Need sexy heels many colors too?" Wear sandals, or open toe paint your toes Zee!" Rebecca O.