Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Sissies at the Beach

Last week I took my two newest Sissies for a day of fun at the beach.  It was a holiday weekend, so the beach was very crowded and my Sissies attracted a lot of attention!

These two fell into my clutches just a few weeks ago.  They are just at the very beginning of their transformations.  Their boyish haircuts are just starting to grow into more sissyish styles -- although I already dyed their hair to a prettier, more feminine color.  They are still very confused and frightened by their captivity and forced transformations.

My newest Sissies were horrified when they saw the outfits they would be wearing.  But their protests subsided after a few whacks with my hairbrush.

And aren't they absolutely darling!?!  I just loved dressing these two up in these identical sissy bathing suits -- with the matching sissy cover-up.  The high waisted panty (with an adorable little bow!) and the training bra tops are simply devine.  And the little pink heartsare just perfect for little Sissies.

I love this photo.  The Sissy in front is about to start crying as I just ordered him to take off his cover-up and let everyone see him in his pretty Sissy bikini!


  1. i wish i was one of them, Miss.

  2. I love your blog! Your stories and the absolutely gorgeous pictures you choose to illustrate them!

  3. Yes, this sissy would love to be put into such pwetty bathing suits with pink bows and exhibited even if you my initial resistance would deserved a sound spanking too because You know what is good for us.

  4. You know just how to treat your sissies! Someday they'll thank you so much for making the sissies they will become.



  5. tiffany (femboyprettybutt9@gmail.com)September 25, 2012 at 8:41 PM

    mistress, this is huge fantasy of mine wearing a very small tight pink bikini that shows off my oretty bubble butt and pushes mt penis down underneath, hi heels, and a large pink butt plug. I would have to pose for pictures, and interested passersby would be invited home with us for a play session were they could have thier wiith me

  6. They are both very pretty.

  7. i want one though i might enjoy it more

    1. Let's go, L.D Model the " Bikini, or the one piece high cut soon " sissybitch " post it too?" "Panty- waisted sissy!"....... Your wearing panties now are you "Bitch" Jenny L