Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Sissy Behind the Curtain

"Martin!" my wife shouted, "Get out here.  NOW!"

My wife had caught me dressing up in her clothes a few weeks ago -- and she didn't like that one little bit.

"Don't be shy, Martin!" she continued.  "We all want to see how pretty you are."  My wife and her lover were waiting for me in the Master bedroom.  They both started giggling when she said that.

I had been dreading this moment.  During the afternoon, my wife had spent hours getting me ready.  First she did my make-up and pinned a curly brunette wig on my head.  Then she dressed me in a sexy red outfit including some strappy high heel sandals that she had picked out for me to wear tonight.  She even put some of her jewelry on me.

"WE"RE WAITING!" she yelled.

I reluctantly stuck my head through the curtain that separated the Master bedroom from the dressing area.  I saw my wife and her lover, both half naked, wrapped in each other's arms sitting on the bed.

"Come on now," my wife called.  "Come all the way out here.  Don't keep us waiting any more."

I tentatively pulled back the maroon curtain and stepped fully into the Master bedroom.

"OH MY GOD!" her lover shouted.  "I can't believe this!  What a Sissy!  He really does look like a girl!"

"Can you believe I actually married a Sissy faggot like that?" my wife asked.

"Now do that sexy dance I taught you," my wife commanded.  And with that, I began to sway and rock, wiggling my hips in a sort of burlesque dance.   "Oh yes!  That's soooo sexy!"  my wife yelled.  And with that, the couple on the bed broke down into fits of laughter.

After a few minutes my wife told me to stop dancing and to come stand next to the bed.  "Now you just stand there and watch while a real man fucks me."  As she said that, the two lovers stripped off the rest of their clothes.  My wife's lover was a big, muscular man with a huge cock.  I just stood there, wearing my sexy red lingerie, while he climbed on top of my naked wife and started fucking her.  I couldn't fight back the tears as my wife started screaming with pleasure, being fucked by such a masculine man. 

After they were done fucking, my wife sat up and looked at me with disgust.  "Aw, is the widdle sissy sad because he's feeling left out?  Well don't cry, sissy.  We have something very important for you to do.  Now get on your knees and clean my man's cock with that pretty sissy mouth of yours."

I did exactly as I was ordered.  As I wrapped my painted lips around this giant cock I realized my life would never be the same again.


  1. What a powerful story.
    i am a sissy and as per Your order, here are my Public Expressions of the sissy feelings i had reading you blog
    A humiliation fantasy of mine would of been to had dressed and having made myself up, perform the most sexiest of dancing routines and then be made to suck cock in front of close friends.

  2. Great cuckolding story. I especially liked the wife's taunting, condescending tone when she talked to her sissy after she had sex.

  3. I am a sissy and love the story! I especially like the end when the sissy must suck cock; can you do a story where the wife s lover makes the husband dress up to show the wife what a sissy she married? Maybe have him whip the sissy with his pant belt until he admits he is a sissy

  4. I am slowly accepting my sissy nature. This is a wonderful story. I would love to be able to dress up and clean up after a real man takes my wife.

  5. Do a little dance, make a little love get down tonight you sissy whore bitch!"} Like your sexy nightie?" "you sissy, nylon stockings panty- ass bitch!" Have I got plans for you?" Mistress Pamela {#}

  6. i so love being a sissy treated like this