Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Sissy in the Tub

I have always loved my husband very much.  He has always been kind and gentle and generous with me. 

But after his second heart attack, I insisted that he quit his high pressure job and make changes. 

That was three years ago.   Now, with my guidance, my husband who was once a powerful executive has been transformed into the most delightful and feminine Sissy gurlfriend. 

Here we are in the tub enjoying our time together.  His pale skin is soft and smooth and so beautiful.  His hair has grown long and is now a lovely shade of red.  And his breasts!  They are magnificent!  I simply can not resist playing with them. 

And our love life has never been better.  Of course his little tiny cock can't even get hard anymore.  But my husband can spend hours with his face between my legs bringing me orgasm after orgasm with his talented little tongue.  When that isn't enough for me, I let him fuck me with a strap-on.

And when it's his turn for a little pleasure, I wear the strap-on, sometimes still wet with my juices, and fuck his little sissy pussy.


  1. As a sissy i leave my comments publicly expressing my sissy thoughts on reading this blog:
    What an honor for a sissy like me to have your breasts fondled and sissy pussy fucked while having to serve You using my tongue to bring You to orgasm. It is what we crave, domination.

  2. Well, I guess I'm not a sissy but that doesn't preclude me from seeing the stark contrast between dominatixes and this woman. Others insinuate into the story domination where it is not specifically notated. For me... I'm just reading what is there. I see concern dedication and committment. Of course there is a touch of selfishness; but, after two heart attacks you can afford to be selfish rather than widowed. I'm glad she honored the guy enough not to lose respect for him.

  3. If only my wife would do this for me. I have always dreamed of having a woman dominate me to the point of feminization! Oh to have a nice set of boobs to be passionately sucked and fondled i's a wet dream waiting to happen. Then to have her mount me and insert a giant strap-on into my awaiting man hole i's an exquisite thought!!

  4. I got my boyfriend real good for going to a strip club when he was not too?" Lap dances too? I got him so, so drunk I put him in a perfume scented, Bubble bath washed him, shaved everything off!" chest, arms, legs , pits and his ass! " ha " ha smooth as a baby!" Made him wear panties, nylons, etc. For a month or more for punishment not obeying me!" Michelle C.

    1. I would GLADLY wear whatever you wanted me to wear Michelle

    2. i want u to punish me like that!!!

    3. Come on guys, where are you? U2 pantyhose bitch LOL Kaley I'm still not giving my last name?