Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Sissy's Passage to India

Sissy Kismet was one of my bus depot runaway finds. He was young, small, alone and desperate. Just perfect for me!

I had an outstanding order from an Indian textile billionaire.  He had given me very precise specifications but I just couldn't find the right raw materials to make the Sissy wife he wanted. He also had a practically unlimited budget, so I was motivated not to disappoint this client.

Just as I was about to give up hope, I stumbled upon this perfect little sissy-to-be. It was easy to lure this frightened, exhausted little runaway back to my home where I could perform my feminization magic.

Within 24 hours, my latest acquisition was begging to be returned to his wretched life as a hungry bus depot runaway -- anything to escape the horror of his forced transformation.  I had to do a rush job.  My Indian client wanted to take delivery in just seven months so I pulled out all the stops.  Little Sissy Kismet's life became a non-stop, 24/7 exercise in extreme feminization.   I used massive dosages of hormones, some quick surgeries combined with brutal behavior modification training to perform the rapid transformation.

In preparation for my client taking delivery of his new young Sissy bride, he had purchased a traditional Indian wedding outfit -- complete with a long silk sari, veil and jewelry -- and had it shipped to me.  On the day my client came to inspect his new possession for the first time, I dressed the precious little Sissy in his wedding dress and jewels and carefully did his make-up to make him look both exotic and innocent.  I was delighted with how he looked.

Poor Sissy Kismet was in such a panic waiting for his new Husband and Master to arrive.  The pathetic little thing was literally quivering with terror.  But things really started to be fun when my client arrived.

My rich Indian client was repulsive.  He was a fat, disgusting brute.  He even smelled bad.  But when he first laid eyes on Sissy Kismet, I could tell that I had exceeded his expectations.  As he walked around his Sissy bride, inspecting his purchase, his excitement mounted.  The Sissy just stood there, motionless as he had been trained, his eyes looking down to the floor.  The disgusting businessman gave his Sissy's ass a firm squeeze.  He reached one massive hand down the front of his Sissy's sari, roughly feeling the Sissy's tiny but growing breasts.  Sissy let our an adorable little yelp when that happened.

The businessman started to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants, but I stopped him.  "Oh no!  You can't do that yet.  Not until you've paid!"

"Fine." the businessman grumbled.  "I'm late for a meeting anyway."  He re-zipped his pants and picked up the briefcase he had brought with him.  "Here," he said as he handed me the case.  I opened it.  Inside were stacks of hundred dollar bills.  My full payment in cash.

"Deliver him to my private plane in the morning," he said to me.  And to his lovely little Sissy he said, "And when we arrive in India, you and I will be married.  Won't that be wonderful!  You will be my little Sissy wife and slave for the rest of your life."

Sissy Goes Outside Part 2

I wasn't happy at all with the outfit the girls had picked out for me.  They had dressed me in a black bra, a while mini skirt and a very sheer blouse.  I felt half naked in the short skirt and sleeveless top.  I had also complained because I didn't like how everybody would be able to see my bra right through the blouse, but my sister just told me to shut up. 

The girls drove me to the corner of Church and Walnut.  I was so scared that I started to feel dizzy.  My sister told me not to cry or I would mess up my mascara.  When we arrived, the girls pushed me out of the car and handed me a black purse to carry.  They said they would be waiting for me at Parker Street, about a ten minute walk away.  The girls were laughing as they drove off.

I started my walk.  At first my heart was racing.  I had never been outside dressed like this.  The air felt cold on my bare arms and legs.  I was very aware how sheer my blouse was and that made me very nervous.  But after a couple of minutes I started to relax a bit.  There were no other people out on the sidewalk and the few cars that drove by didn't seem to notice me at all.  I was even beginning to enjoy the feeling of being out dressed like a girl.  I slowed my pace a bit, stood up a little taller and even tried to put a little wiggle into my hips as I walked.

Before long I was only about two blocks away from Parker Street, my destination.  I could see the girls in their car waiting at the corner.  They started shouting to me things like "You're almost here!"  and "Just a few more feet to go!"  I smiled.  I had survived my ordeal and my secret would be safe!

But it was at that moment that I realized that I was passing in front of the Tasker brothers' house.  Ben Tasker was a senior at my high school and was on the football team.  His older brother Dick worked at the gas station.  Both of them were big, mean and stupid.  And in the blink of an eye, Ben and Dick were standing on the sidewalk in front of me, blocking my way.  "Well look at this," said Dick.  "Looks like we caught outselves a Sissy walking around our neighborhood."

"Yup," replied Ben.  "At first, I didn't believe it when the girls called us.  But here he is, on our sidewalk, just like the girls said he would."

It had all been a big set up.  I had fallen right into my sister's trap.  At that moment I heard the girls drive off, honking their horn and laughing as they left me there with these two thugs.

"Well, let's get you inside, little Sissy," said Dick as he roughly grabbed my arm and started to drag me towards the front door.  I tried to squirm free, but then Dick slapped me hard and warned me to be "a good little Sissy, or else!"  I was too terrified to resist further.

"This is going to be fun!" shouted Ben.

"I get to go first," said Dick as he shut the door behind us.