Sunday, January 11, 2015

3 Million Page Views! Time to Celebrate with a Sissy Party!

"Now, Sissy," I said very sternly, "I want you to smile.  I know you are nervous about tonight, but I promise, you look lovely!  Everyone will be so impressed by what a pretty sissy you have become."

"But, Mistress, PLEASE!  Please don't make me go in there!" Sissy Sally begged.  I slapped him hard across the face and warned him that he better behave -- OR ELSE.

Sissy Sally had been coming to me for the past two years.  Sally -- or Steve has he was usually called -- would give excuses to his wife about "business trips" and "working late" to make time to visit me every two or three weeks.  Sally was totally addicted to my abilities -- not only my ability to transform his appearance to become a lovely sissy lady but also my ability to discipline and instruct him.  He was a true sissy, in desperate need of a strong Mistress like me to feminize and completely control him.

"You were so excited about getting all prettied up and going out to a fancy party with me tonight.  You lied to your wife about being away on business overnight.  You spent hours in my salon chair letting me get your hair and make-up just right.  You were shaking with excitement when I laced you into your tight corset and gave you this pretty pink dress to wear.  So why don't you want to go through with it Sally?  What's the matter, little Sissy?

"Because...because," he stammered.  "Because this is MY HOUSE!"  Tears started to well up in his eyes.

"Of course it is, Sissy," I replied.  "Oh, did I forget to tell you that the big sissy party we were going to tonight was at your house?" I taunted him with feigned surprise.  "Did I forget to tell you that your wife has known for the past year that you've been lying to her about all those business trips and that you've really been coming to my 'salon'?  Did I forget to tell you that she knows all about what a sissy you are and how much it disgusts her?"

"NO! NO! NO!" the Sissy screamed.  "This can't be happening!  This can't be true!"

I slapped the Sissy again, much harder this time.  I hated to mess his make-up but this behavior was unacceptable.

"Just stop it!" I commanded through gritted teeth.  "You are not going to ruin this party.  Your wife and I have gone to a lot of trouble to make tonight very, very special.  All your friends are here, your colleagues from work, your neighbors."  I checked my watch.  "Right about now your wife is finishing explaining to everyone what you are a sissy you are.  A slide show of all those photos I've taken of you in little sissy outfits is playing on your big screen TV.  It is already too late.  Everyone already knows that you are a pathetic, feminized, weak-willed little sissy fairy and everybody is looking forward to seeing you in all your sissy glory -- in person -- tonight."

"Oh, and best of all," I continued, "Your wife's boyfriend is inside."  Sissy Sally looked stunned.  "Oh yes.  Your wife has been keeping secrets from you too, it appears.  You already know him.  His name is Mr. Jensen."

"Bruce Jensen!?!" Sissy Sally asked with horror. "My boss!?!"

That earned Sissy Sally another slap across the face.  "It will be MISTER Jensen to you, from now on."

"I am commanding you to get your shit together right now, stop your blubbering and start smiling. You are going to march through the front door.  You are going to greet each and every guest with a dainty curtsey and you will refer to yourself only as Sissy Sally."

I continued, "And when you have finished greeting everyone, you will march into the kitchen, tie on the frilly apron your wife has put out for you and you will get busy serving cocktails and passing around the hors d'oeurvres.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

Defeated and bracing himself for what lay ahead of him, Sissy Sally meekly nodded 'yes' and walked up the steps to the front door.