Saturday, December 22, 2012

Blonde Sissy for Black Master

When the world middleweight boxing champ wanted to get his very own sissy, he came to me. He was a black man, amazingly strong and fabulously wealthy.

I transformed a young man into a perfect sissy sex toy for him.  Sissy Tammy's body had been forcibly feminized to perfection.  Sissy Tammy was petite, blonde and completely terrified of his new owner, who has made Sissy Tammy's life a nonstop nightmare.

Master enjoys using Sissy Tammy as his own living sex doll, forcing himself on his defenseless little sissy whenever and where ever he wants.  Master likes to pick his sissy up in his big strong arms and fuck him in mid air, roughly bouncing his sissy up and down, again and again, on his rock hard cock.  Poor little Sissy Tammy feels like he is going to be split in two every time Master rams his huge cock into his tight little Sissy pussy.  Sissy screams in pain with each thrust, but the sissy's sceams just get Master more excited.

After Master is done filling Sissy Tammy's ass with gallons of his hot cum, Sissy Tammy crawls between his Master's legs and carefully licks his Master's massive dick clean.  If Master gets hard again, then Sissy Tammy gets to swallow another load of his black Master's seed.  And when Master tires of having his enormous dick sucked, he lies down on his king sized bed for his nightly massage.  Sissy Tammy has been trained to expertly massage his Master's strong, muscular body.

Oh dear, it looks like the massage is making Master's dick hard again.  Get ready for another fucking, Sissy!