Monday, October 10, 2011

Cornered Sissy

It was time for the evening fun to begin. After enjoying the dinner that his Sissy had prepared, Master Night ordered his Sissy to stand beside him.

"Strip," he ordered.  Sissy Dawn knew better than to resist his Master's instructions. But he hesitated for just a moment thinking about the "game" his Master would want to play as soon as his soft white skin was exposed.

Master Night would tolerate no such hesitation. He instantly slapped Sissy Dawn's bottom with all his strength, nearly knocking his feminized boy toy to the ground. "I said strip. NOW!"

"Yes, Master, Sir," the Sissy quickly answered, practically ripping his pretty little dress from his body. "Sorry, Sir.  I apologize for being so slow."

Sissy Dawn's frilly sundress now lay on the floor. The Sissy stood before his Master wearing only his sexy bra and panties. His enormous breasts were practically spilling from his strapless bra.  Master admired the Sissy that had been sculpted exactly to his specifications.  He enjoyed knowing how humiliating it was for his ultra feminized Sissy to be on display wearing nothing but his beautiful, lacy lingerie.

"That's more like it," Master Night said, as his hand began the rub his Sissy's pantied bottom.  "Do you like it when I do this?" Master Night asked.

"Oh yes, Master," the Sissy replied breathlessly, just as he had been taught. "I love it when you fondle me."

"That's because your such a slut," Master answered with a sneer. "You disgust me. Did you know that, Sissy?"

"Yes sir," Sissy Dawn replied. "I do not deserve the privilege of being owned by you."

Master smiled at his Sissy's total submission. Leering at his nearly naked Sissy, Master Night said, "Let's play a game of hide-and-seek." Sissy Dawn's heart started racing with fear. "Ready, set, GO!"  Master shouted.

And with that, Sissy Dawn started racing through the mansion, his big boobs bouncing as he tried to run in his high heeled sandals.

"Ready or not, here I come!" Master shouted, just a few seconds later when the Sissy had only reached the foyer. Sissy Dawn sprinted as fast as his sissified body would let him. He ran through the formal dining room and through butler's pantry. He made it to the study and was about to run up the back staircase when Master caught up with him.

"Sissy, I'm disappointed. That was too easy. I don't think you were even trying," Master said.  "Oh well, I won again!"  And with that, Master pulled the taser from his pocket.

"Please Master, no! Not the taser!" Sissy Dawn pleaded as he backed into a corner of the room, desperate to get even a few inches away from his insane Master and his taser.

"Now Sissy, you know the rules," Master replied sternly.  "If I can find you in less than ten minutes, I get to give you a stingie."

"Please Master!  NO!  It's not fair..."

Master had heard enough. He jammed the taser into his Sissy's crotch and gave his Sissy a long, nasty shock.  Sissy Dawn screamed and collapsed on the floor. And because he was now angry with his Sissy, Master gave another shock to each of Sissy Dawn's giant tits.

Sissy Dawn writhed on the floor from pain. Master took advantage of this to kick his nearly naked Sissy.  Sissy Dawn sobbed uncontrollably as he lay helplessly on the floor.

"The rules are the rules, Sissy. Dont you forget that!"  Master said as he unzipped his pants.  "Now let's have some more fun..."


  1. How much for that sissy in the corner??

  2. Like master said rules are rules and sissy should know that already.

  3. I'd just love to be sissy in that story being forced to strip to my panties having to play hide and seek with a master