Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Sissy Goes Clubbing

I love taking my Sissy "boyfriend" out clubbing on Saturday nights. 

We had been dating for several months when he admitted to me how he liked dressing up like a girl.  I was disgusted by the idea but agreed to let him dress up for me one evening.  Well, when he emerged from the bedroom dressed up as "Lydia", I was just amazed by how feminine and glamorous he was.  He wore a long black wig that looked so nice with his dark complexion.  His make-up was dramatic, theatrical even.  Long false eyelashes, shimmery eye-shadow, glossy bright pink lips.  Wow!

He was just delighted with the compliments I showered on him.  I told him about a hundred times how "beautiful" and "sexy" he was.  He shuddered with pleasure everytime I said that.  It was clear to me that I could have complete control over this Sissy faggot -- all I had to do was to pretend to be supportive of his girliness.

"Do you like me dressed like this?" he tentatively asked, his voice a sweet feminine whisper.

"Oh, I think we're going to have a lot of fun together, Lydia," I replied.  Just not the kind of fun you think, Sissy, I thought to myself.  I took a bunch of photos, while he enjoyed posing like a fashion model.

"Lydia, you look so wonderful, I think we should go out," I said. Sissy Lydia was shocked and scared by my suggestion.  You see, he had never been outside his apartment dressed as a girl.  I borrowed his make-up kit and made myself up glamourously, just like him.  Lydia showed me his extensive wardrobe of sexy outfits.  I dressed him in a clingy black mini dress, topped with a bright pink jacket, and some strappy sexy high heeled sandals -- what a Sissy!

I pushed him out the door and we took a cab to a crowded dance club downtown.  I made him dance with a bunch of guys -- while I did the same.  He kept begging me to leave -- the little Sissy was so scared and helpless!  After a couple of hours we did leave -- with two of the hot guys we had been been dancing with.  I told my little Sissy that he better behave himself, because I had his wallet, his clothes -- and photos of him that I could easily email to his family -- or his boss.  Defeated, the little Sissy got in the cab with me and our hot dates to go back to my apartment.  It was fun watching my little Sissy squirm while his "date" started putting the moves on him.  Hysterical!  And then they started making out -- I almost came watching that action.  As we arrived at my apartment I warned Sissy Lydia that he better act really girlish because if the guys figured out he was a boy, they'd kill him!  The Sissy was so scared that his secret would be discovered that he did everything I told him to do.

Well that night, Sissy Lydia gave his first blow job!  And since that night he's given dozens more to the guys we meet at the clubs every Saturday night!  She is my little pet Sissy toy that I now drag with me every time I go out!


  1. Very exciting, I wish I could look like such a pretty sissy!
    Thank you for the great stories :)

  2. So, does the little sissy like giving blow jobs yet? Or you just don't care what he likes? You should get some guy to try the other hole while you watch....

    (OMG - the captcha for this comment was "kystory" - how fitting! )

  3. I would so love to be able to dress and look good like this sissy. To have a girlfriend push me to go out and do what she tells me would be ideal.

  4. wow i so much would love to go and do that. and be treated like a lady and suck cock like that

  5. OOOhhh....yes.....What a very very lucky little slut......

  6. Great story!!!!!!!!
    I love it i wish i can be like this sissy slut

  7. I can only dream of looking like that.

  8. Poor sissy. Pushed beyond his limits and stuck in that situation. Imagine his dread of what she might think up next for him to do.

  9. Remember when your sissy is out at a dance club, make sure she's having Cosmopolitans, or my favorite , " Sex on the beach" Katherine¥