Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Sissy Honeymoon

For the last two years, I have been under the strict and controlling hand of Master Roman.  He has trained and transformed me into an exquisitiely feminine, obedient and docile Sissy.

At first I resisted my captivity and transformation.  But Master Roman skillfully -- and often cruelly -- destroyed my will to resist as he forced my inner femininity to blossom.  Eventually I learned to embrace my new existance as Master Roman's obedient Sissy servant.  My life now revolves around pleasing and serving my Master -- and nothing else.

I must have succeeded in pleasing Master Roman because he asked me to marry him!  We had a lovely, private ceremony where I took my vow of obedience and servitude, and then Master Roman whisked me down to Jamaica for our Honeymoon. 

As we stood under the waterfall, I could feel Master Roman's cock getting hard as he pressed against me.  He held me tightly in his big strong arms, kissing me.  His hands moved up to my soft little breasts that had developed from the hormones Master Roman had been giving me.  He untied the little bikini top that I was wearing.  I moaned softly as his fingers played with my swollen, sensitive nipples.

"Who are you?" Master Roman whispered into my ear.

"I am your obedient and loving Sissy Wife," I replied as he had trained me.  He smiled.

"And who am I?" Master asked.

"You are my Husband and my Master who I will serve and obey and for the rest of my life.  My only purpose is to please you," I said, reciting the acceptable answer. 

Master nodded and replied, "That's right.  And now to please me I want you to suck my cock."

I instantly fell to my knees and quickly pulled Master's cock into my mouth.  The water where we were standing was fairly deep so I struggled to breathe as I pulled his enormous hard rod into my mouth. 

As he started to cum, Master Roman said, "Sissy Wives don't need to breathe.  They just need to suck cock."  He then pushed my head underwater and held it there.  Even though I was practically drowning, I felt so fulfilled knowing that I was performing a service that pleased my Husband/Master so greatly.  It felt wonderful to being a good Sissy Wife, on my knees, feeling my Master/Husband's hot cum blasting into my mouth and down my throat.  Even as I started to lose consciousness, I ensured that I had thoroughly drained my Master/Husband and had swallowed every drop.

When I regained consciousness, I was on the floor of our hotel room.  These was a note jammed in my bikini bottoms that said, "Get cleaned up and put on new bikini.  Meet me in hot tub next to the big pool.  Hurry.  I need another underwater blowjob right now."

A Sissy Wife's job is never done.


  1. It may not ever be done, but it definitely is enjoyable.

  2. If I married a sissy bitch, I be wearing the pants,!" He or she" Will be wearing the Skirt, Dress,Nylons, panties, pantyhose, Garter belt Bra's Corsets, Leotards n tights Spike heels, Makeup, Hair rollers, Baby doll nighty ETC. "Sissy Bitch" Laura D.