Monday, June 27, 2011

Putting your Sissy to Work

When you grow tire of having your Sissy around all the time -- or just want some extra money -- don't be afraid to put your Sissy to work!

I've had good success finding jobs for many of my Sissies as secretaries and receptionists.  But not all Sissies have the skills for this type of work.  

But the recent explosion of legalized gambling all across the country has created lots of new casinos -- and lots of new cocktail waitress jobs!

Sissy Sandi had been a stay-at-home Sissy, serving his Master and Mistress for almost five years.  Sissy Sandi had been kept very busy preparing meals, cleaning the house, washing and ironing clothes, bathing and massaging his Master and Mistress -- and performing nearly continuous oral sex on both of them.

But when Master decided that he wanted to go into semi-retirement, he agreed with Mistress that it was time for Sissy Sandi to contribute more than his talented lips and tongue to the well-being of their "family". Sissy Sandi would have to earn a paycheck.

With my help they arranged for Sissy Sandi to get a cocktail waitress job at the new casino that opened 20 minutes from their home. But first, following my advice, they had Sissy Sandi's boobs plumped up. Don't those huge tits look so sexy spilling out of his cute little outfit?

Sissy Sandi's new job has been a huge success! He now works a ten hour shift -- from 5:00 PM until 3:00 AM -- seven nights a week, 365 days a year. And the tips he earns are amazing!

Master and Mistress are so happy with the new arrangement,  But of course, it isn't so much fun for poor Sissy Sandi.  He doesn't look too happy in this picture, does he?   He is so embarrassed parading around in such a revealing and sexy costume.  He wears a tightly laced and uncomfortable corset to give him that delightful wasp-waisted look.  His pathetic little cockette is cruelly constrained to ensure not even a hint of an unsightly bulge.  His feet ache after spending so many hours fetching drink orders wearing his four inch high heels.  And worst of all is the constant pawwing and groping by drunk men that he has to endure with a smile every night.

And of course, Sissy Sandi still has to take care of his Master and Mistress at home.  So after he returns home from an exhausting night at the casino, there is always a list of chores awaiting him when he returns.  And Master and Mistress still expect breakfast in bed at 7:30 sharp every morning!


  1. what happen with sissies earnings

  2. I think it is good to see a sissy with a job. In public, with his long hair falling onto his breasts, corsetted and heeled. Very nice. I would like to visit his casino and have him wait on me.

  3. Reneuves were Mr. and Mrs. remain his.

  4. see a queer way with her ​​tits and long hair is very cute and something sexy or something I'd like to see or taste, of course also the tits, smiles

  5. Sissy should be happy looking so good and contributing to masters retirement.

  6. ". But first, following my advice, they had Sissy Sandi's boobs plumped up. Don't those huge tits look so sexy spilling out of his cute little outfit?

    Love it! Love the posts about getting massive boobs (forced, of course). Nothing could be more feminizing to a man!

  7. When is my turn i need to end up like this. I promise to fight you a little to end up like this. If anyone would like to do this to me contact me at

  8. So jealous </3

  9. I love that outfit, Men should be forced to wear at our pleasure!" What women have to go though!" Put him or her too work?" Wax or shave legs, n armpits n eyebrows also you sexy slut!" Cindy L.

  10. i feel girlish ...sometimes a tingling nervous exciting feeling ,,,
    i sometimes wonder if i really am a sissy.

  11. Lucky sissy with an income, and when she gets home she just has to stay in her corset and heels and change into her maid uniform and start breakfast