Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sissy Behavior Modification

As a professional Sissy Trainer, I have learned how to be very strict.  And I'm not afraid to dish out severe punishment when required to get my Sissies to comply with my requirements.  I'm not shy about using my cattle prod or landing out a few dozen lashes with my riding crop when I'm dealing with a reluctant Sissy.  But as a woman who stands 5' 7" and weighs 130 pounds, sometimes I just don't have what it takes to give a Sissy the punishment he deserves.

Sissy Daisy was a real problem for me.  Even though his physical transformation had proceeded beautifully, he refused to embrace his future as a submissive Sissy pleasure toy.  He insisted that he was a man!  HA!!!  And he refused to entertain male guests that I frequently invite to my home.  For his disobedience, I tried everything:  beatings, starvation, locking him in a dark closet for days at a time.  But nothing worked.  It was time to bring in an expert.

I brought Sissy Daisy over to visit my friend, Master Steed.  Master Steed, you see, is a sadistic, brutal man who enjoys inflicting pain on bad little Sissies.  He is insanely strong and muscular.  And best of all, he is hung like a horse!  When your Sissy needs some extra encouragement, Master Steed is the one to call.

I dragged Sissy Daisy into Master Steed's home and we waited in the living room.  Sissy stood silently in the corner wearing a pretty sundress while I made myself comfortable on the sofa.  Sissy Daisy was so nervous, not having any idea where he was or what was about to happen to him.  I set up my camcorder on a little tripod because I love having a souvenir of these visits to Master Steed's home.   I was getting very excited just thinking about the show I was about to witness. 

Then Master Steed entered the room, shirtless, his huge muscles bulging.  Sissy Daisy was instantly terrified.  He tried to run from the room but Master Steed was on him immediately.  Master Steed hit the Sissy hard, once in the face and once in the stomach.  Sissy Daisy screamed in pain and his tears began to flow.  In one swift motion, Master Steed ripped the sundress off of my Sissy, leaving him completely naked and exposed.  For the next 20 minutes, Master Steed slapped, spanked, pinched, twisted and otherwise tortured my misbehaving little Sissy. 

And then the best part.  Gripping my Sissy's throat, he spun the Sissy around and rammed his massive dick into his tight little bottom.  Sissy Daisy was sobbing like a little bitch and begging for me to make his punishment stop.  I nearly came myself watching my little Sissy getting raped.

That's when I noticed Sissy Daisy's nipples were getting hard!  That little Sissy bitch was getting excited by being fucked by a real man!

I couldn't stop myself.  I jumped up from the sofa and grabbed Sissy Daisy's hard nipples.  I pinched and twisted them hard while  I shouted into the little boy bitch's face, "I can see that you are really enjoying this, aren't you Sissy?  Your nipples don't lie!  You like having a huge cock up your tight little boy pussy, don't you?"

Well, needless to say, Sissy Daisy has been a delightfully obedient Sissy ever since that day.  No more protests, no more denial.  He'll service my male guests and do whatever else I tell him to do.

And just for fun, once in a while I make Sissy Daisy watch his special video with me.  I certainly wouldn't want him to ever forget that special day. 


  1. It's always nice to find the exact tool to break a reluctant sissy in the right mood.

  2. I like a happy ending and it sounds like Daisy is content with being a sissy, I know I just luv being a lil prancing pansy myself oh tra lala

  3. Quite. After years of denial this sissy bitch likes to be fucked like the slut doll she is so i'm forced to acknowledge i like a real mans cock up my tight boy pussy, Mistress Linda confessing it publicly here.

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  5. Us sissy girls need to be punished we can try to fight it all we want but our Mistress will always sent us to a big guy to put us in our place once we are put in our place there is no going back we are sissy sluts