Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sissy Weddings!!! Selecting the Perfect Gown for your Sissy Bride

A Si ssy wedding can be such fun!  Fun for you as the Sissy's Owner and Trainer, that is.  When done properly, a wedding should be a horrifying nightmare of fear and humiliation for your Sissy.

Selecting the right wedding gown for your Sissy is so important.  While almost all gowns are quite elegant and lovely and feminine, I work very hard to find gowns for my Sissies that are somehow special -- that have a certain something extra.  I look for a gown that emphasizes the fact that this Sissy creation is not just feminine.  No, the gown has to say that the Sissy wearing it is beyond girlish, that the Sissy has utterly surrendered himself to a doll-like existance for the entertainment and pleasure of a real man.  The Sissy should look and feel as if he is an elegantly wrapped present of subservience and daintiness being displayed for the pleasure of his new Husband/Owner and for the guests attending the ceremony.

Here are two photos from Sissy weddings I arranged last year. These were two of my favorites.  Both of these Sissies had been hard to break at first, but as you can see from the photos, in the end they were both the very essence of defeated, hopeless Sissy surrender that is just so appealing.

It is breathtaking to watch that final remnant of a Sissy's free will and sense of self evaporate as his gown is lowered over his head on his wedding day!  If your Sissy starts silently sobbing, his head bowed, as you lace him into his gown, you know you have picked the perfect dress!


  1. Best sentence ever! "When done correctly, a wedding should be a horrifying nightmare of fear and humilation for your sissy." :)

  2. oh my... sooo shamefully wonderful!

  3. Oh to be so shamed by a sissy trainer like you.

  4. They are be a sissy bride and look like these gurls is my ultimate fantasy