Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sissy Attends a Tea Party

"Now don't look so glum, sweetie," Mistress said.  "You are going to have a wonderful time at the tea party. And you look so pretty in your new dress.  I'm sure all the other sissies will be jealous of you."  She patted me on the cheek as if I were a little child.  "Now hurry and get my coat and get in the car."

I did as I was instructed.  I felt ridiculous in my new dress.  It was pink, covered with ruffles and had a wide satin sash around the waist.  Mistress made me wear pink anklets and open toes burgandy platform shoes to complete the ultimate sissy look.

I dread going to sissy tea parties.  Every Wednesday afternoon, my Mistress dresses me up in some frilly, lacy dress and drags me to the weekly sissy tea party.  The tea parties are held at a huge mansion outside of town that is owned by one of her friends.

We arrive at the mansion right on time at 3:00.  I follow my Mistress inside in silence.  She greets her friends, who are all sissy owners just like her.  I curtsey to each of the other Mistresses in silence.  The Mistresses make a fuss over my new pink outfit.  I greet the other sissies with a small kiss.  Today there are four Mistresses each with her own sissy.

The sissies move into the kitchen where we prepare the tea and plates of food for our Mistresses.  We serve our Mistresses in silence while they chat among themselves, treating us sissies as if we were invisible.  While the Mistresses eat and chat, the sissies stand in silence at the edges of the room, quickly attending to any needs of our Mistresses.

At 5:00, the Mistresses have finished their tea and conversation and the sissies have cleared the table and washed all the dishes.  Now is the part that I hate the most.  The sissies stand in a line in front of the Mistresses who pair each us off with another sissy.  We then have to make out with our sissy partner in front of the Mistresses.  The sissies have learned that it is important to put on a good show for the Mistresses, so we really get into it, running our hands over each other's boobs and bottoms, grinding our hips into each other, moaning and gasping as we deeply french kiss each other.  The Mistresses love the show.  They shout demeaning and filthy things at us.  

"Time for some sucky-sucky fun!" one of the Mistresses shouts.  Two sissies are instructed to remain standing, while two are sent to their knees to administer a sissy blow job.  Today I am told to stand while Sissy Annabel is told to kneel.  I gather up the full, frilly skirt of my dress while Sissy Annabel lowers my panties and puts my tiny little cock in her mouth.  Now the Mistresses go completely wild.  They are shouting at us, laughing at our tiny penises and joking about how much sissies love to swallow cum.  Some ever start touching themselves as the excitement of the show becomes too much for them to handle.  I close my eyes as I begin to cum in Sissy Annabel's mouth.

The party ends and we begin the drive home.  I know that I will be up late tonight licking my Mistress's pussy for hours as I help her to relieve her excitement from the afternoon.


  1. Oh my! Hot!
    CD Sara

  2. Poor sissy, how humiliating! I'm sure Sissy Annabel swallowed all that cum like a good gurl!


  3. The ultimate in humilation Forced to be used and use while goaded for good measure and yes Linda Sissy Trainer, i'd love it.

  4. I would be so thrilled to ..

  5. That was wonderful. I would love to be one of the sissies at these parties. xxoo

  6. At my party " bitch" You will be dressed up in a sexy French Maid Uniform and put too work!" Kimberly

  7. I need a girl to put me in a bra and a pink prom dress and put makeup all over me