Friday, March 1, 2013

A Simple Minded Sissy

Poor Sissy Gretchen.  His transformation had been particularly difficult.  He had resisted the process every step of the way.  He simply would not cooperate with the plans I had for him.  But I knew he would make an exceptionally pretty -- and valuable -- sissy once the transformation was complete.

Through a combination of drugs, hypnosis, electroshock and beatings, I was eventually able to break through his resistance and complete his conversion.  And I was right -- I was able to transform this young man into one of the prettiest sissies I ever made.

Aided by a daily dose of narcotics, Sissy Gretchen becomes a simple minded little sissy who no longer has any will of his own.  He will obediently follow any instruction given no matter how demeaning or disgusting.  That makes him the perfect sissy escort.  I have a long list of wealthy men who have no problem paying me thousands of dollars for a few hours with this gorgeous and completely docile sissy love doll.

At the end of every long day of sissy sex servitude, Sissy Gretchen has an unusual bedtime routine.  He strips off his pretty dress and slips into a sexy, sheer and very revealing baby doll nightgown. Then he allows me to put a ball gag in his mouth and to tie his wrists and ankles to the bedposts.  Sissy Gretchen falls asleep, content and mindless.  I leave his bedroom light on.

These bedtime preparations are required because during the hours before dawn, Sissy Gretchen will awaken as yesterday's dose of narcotics begin to wear off.  As his brain begins to refocus, he remembers who he was -- and what he has become.  I expect his mind is flooded, all at once, with images of his feminized self submitting to the disgusting demands of his many male clients.  The terror he experiences is amplified by seeing his own gorgeous sissy reflection in the mirrored ceiling above his bed, his enormous breasts barely concealed by his sheer baby doll nightie.  He writhes in mental agony on top of his bed, struggling to free himself from his lashings.  His screams muffled by the bright red ball gag in his mouth.

I allow this to continue to a couple of hours until I am ready to get out of bed and deal with poor Sissy Gretchen.  By then he is a wreck, overcome by his exhaustion and horror.  I stand above him and tease him.  "Oh, what's the matter sissy?" I might say.  "Don't you like staring at your sexy reflection in the ceiling mirror?  Aren't you happy that you are now a perfect sissy slut?  Didn't you have fun yesterday -- and everyday -- doing all those nasty things you did to all those men?"  It doesn't take much to get him to start sobbing.

Eventually I take pity on him I inject him with today's dose of narcotics.  He slips back into unconsciousness for a couple of hours.  When he awakens later, the episode he experienced just a few hours earlier will have been completely forgotten, as he begins another day of obedient sissy sex servitude.


  1. Mindless willing submissive love doll sounds just the sort of use i'd accept right down to that night time tided up revealing baby doll night gown and ball gag inserted.

  2. Poor Sissy Gretchen, sucking and fucking all those dirty men's cocks every day like a cheap slut. So pretty and yet so tortured by her own beauty! Wonderful story!


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  4. I love the sadism and relentless subjugation of sissies on your site! Kudos and keep it coming. As for me, I was recently renamed paula and am being sissified/feminized by Miss Emi: clothing (I'm now addicted to panties and stockings, and learning...), diet (oestrogen foods), behaviour modification and of course inescapable chastity and teasing.

    With your permission I hereby give you the link:

    I hope to see you there and will of course be back here often.

    sissy paula

  5. She is Valeria Lukyanova in the pic above! She is the real-living Barbie actually!

  6. Loved the story and want to be a sissy cum loving sissy bitch

  7. She is carry pretty I would love to make love to her on top of that I wish I could look as pretty as she dose I would love to be just like her the sexyest sissy out there knowing that all the men want to pay for me like I would for her

  8. I so want to look like Gretchen I'd do anything to do so

  9. Mistress linda can you do to me as you did to him

  10. Gretchen baby I have always wanted to know something now your sexy as hell so I'm sure you felt it I wanna know what it feels like to have a nice fat dick plug you up and piss all up in side

  11. Where can I sign up to be feminized and sissified like this?