Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sissy Trainer Answers Your Questions #3

Here is a problem that another Sissy Trainer recently asked me about:

"I am not ready to let my Sissy go full-time.  I want him to continue working at his job because I still want to get his pay checks.  But if I let his hair grow long and sexy, I'm afraid that he'll lose his job.  What should I do?"

Well, obviously wigs are always an option.  And the newest wigs can look very pretty and very natural.  But I try to avoid wigs whenever possible.

In many cases, your Sissy can look sweet and femme, even with short hair.  Here's a photo of a Sissy with short hair that I feminized a couple of years ago.  Isn't he darling!  In fact, this little Sissy wanted desparately to grow his hair out long, but I wouldn't let him.  I told this little Sissy that he wouldn't be allowed to grow his hair long until he learned to Deep Throat my boyfriend's enormous cock without gagging.  Remember Sissy Trainers -- you can always find new and fun ways to punish your little Sissy bitch!

Keep trying, little Sissy Faggot.  Maybe someday you will learn to give a blow job properly and I'll let you grow your hair out long and pretty.  Practice makes perfect, Sissy!


  1. this sissy questions are great more of these anytime!

  2. i think is a great idea punish a sissy before giving "her" is reward. First a good cocsucker and then long hair.

  3. The sissy must earn the right to have hair more like a normal woman. Although she does look cute.