Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mother's Sissy Creation

Ever since Mother caught me dressing in her undies, she has been forcing me to dress up and act girlish every day after school -- and all through the weekends.  I am no longer permitted to spend time with my friends -- all of my time is spent with Mother.  She has been training me to act and move and talk like a girl.  She is making me grow my hair and my finger nails very long and she had my ears pierced.  She even plucked my eye brows to look pretty.  Even though I dress like a boy at school, I am mercilessly teased and bullied by the other kids who can see how girlish I am becoming.  The other boys call names like "Sissy" and "Faggot."

Yesterday, Mother announced that I was ready to "go public."  I didn't know what that meant -- but I soon found out.  After school, Mother worked on my hair and make-up for a couple of hours until she was satisfied that it was perfect.  Then she zipped me into bright blue halter dress that she had bought for me.  The dress was very silky and slinky and sexy.  She doused me with perfume and put some of her fancy jewelry on me.  Once I was all dolled up, Mother handed me a little clutch purse and ordered me into the car.  We drove downtown to a fancy French restaurant where we ate dinner.  I was so nervous.  I could tell people were staring at me -- especially the men in the restaurant.  Mother ordered a Cosmopolitan for me to drink to help me calm down.  Throughout the evening, Mother whispered instructions whenever I did something that was less than lady-like perfection.  I survived the experience and we drove home.

Today, when I got home from school, Mother told me that we were going back to the same restaurant.  The whole process of getting me ready started over again. Hours were spent on my hair and make-up.  Then she squeezed me into strapless black cocktail dress.  It was so tight I could barely breathe.  Worst of all, I felt practically naked.  Dressed like this I was certain to attract even more unwanted stares from the men at the restaurant. 

As we pulled up to the restaurant, Mother said, "Oh, and one more thing.  Tonight you'll be having dinner with a man named Mike Carson.  He's a 45 year-old businessman who is really into 18 year-old girls -- like you, or so he thinks!  That's right, Sissy -- tonight you're going on your first date with a MAN!  I'll be at the next table watching everything, so you had better behave perfectly.  And don't forget, Sissy, after paying for an expensive dinner, a man expects a little action from his date -- and you had better not disappoint!' 


  1. What a lucky sissy! His mother has found a man for him!

  2. I wish my Mom did this for me years ago. She helped but the times were not very accepting of girls like me.

  3. They say Mother knows best and I would say that is definitely true in this instance.

  4. It would be nice if all mothers would take the time to show their sons just what we women have to go through. Perhaps if boys had to suck a cock every once in a while, they wouldn't be quite so anxious to force one down our throats.

  5. i would do love a mom like that. great story xx